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  2. This is COOL!!!! Shocked and proud to see I made the list. Thanks for the time you put into this.
  3. I admit to not reading the entire thread, so don't slay me if this was brought up already . While i would be first to buy a "mario like" colecovision game, All you need to do is search the PRINCESS RESCUE thread to see how an AWSOME game or idea can be smushed. Make it a totally unMario character, and change the music. Just my 2 cents. Look forward to see if it pans out. I just got into the colecovision myself and love it.
  4. Hope to play again this season, Liking the split season or halftime idea. Time is whats been keeping me out, and if i can't go 100% i just can't get into it. Keep me in the loop, ill try to check in more often.
  5. The overall standings are UNREAL!!! You old skoolers are wreakin the CX40's this season!!! Ill def have to practice before next season.
  6. Checkin in when I can. Busy as at home and at work . Sweet game picks so far, and lots of new names on the board...... COOL!! Hope to jump in for fun when I get caught up. GAME ON OLD SKOOLERS /I\
  7. HSC does it again!! Another game I would have never thought to try, and now three nights of past 1 a.m. playing………. It's like a long Dragster, all the resets, for a 1/10 of a sec. -2380- Now i'm gonna give in, and check out the vids. Gotta see how you's are doin this.
  8. Well, I'll throw this one on the board, and hope for lots of game time over the long weekend to improve. -2510-, pic is on dead phone, will post if I don't top.
  9. I give my bonus point to scrabble15, as a thanks for being the first to reply, and invite me into the HSC when I first found it and inquired. Also his backstory with Atari high score playing is cool!! GAME-ON!!!
  10. -11160- Once I hit 10000 I had to stick with it to 11xxx!! Hope I can pick up were I left off after work tomorrow and grab some of those bonus points. By then the number will be "3" and the bar raised higher. KILLER SCORES!!!!
  11. -9970-Fffff!!! So close, but its early yet. Hoping to twitch out 10000 tonight yet.
  12. -6590- slight improvement, and pic. Totally agree on this being a "twitch" game. I love the "twitch" screen, always spend to much time out of the ship on the "save the idiots screen". I say "F" em if they want to run away and die on the bad planet!! GAME-ON!!!……….We are saving the idiots right? Or are we capturing them for twisted experiments and eminent death? Either way they are IDIOTS!! IMO anyway.
  13. 5210 to get on the board. And to be honest I just stepped back and let it end because I really had no idea how I was scoring anything? Off to read the manual now, hopefully a much better score and pic will follow??? If not I got a shot of this score and will post if I don't improve on beginners luck. Never played this before.
  14. So i got some time in on the budgecade, this would be a great paddle game. imo. anyway score pics will post later.
  15. 5330 to get on the board, hit fire, no pic. Will get something better by the end!! GAME ON
  16. The budgacade is hot tonight!!! Third run -94350- I'm not going to sleep till I hit 100000+, or when the Nattys run dry, whichever comes first!! GAME-ON -----------
  17. Yup, it's the 72-4545. Works well, I think anyway. Its fun if nothing else?
  18. Up to 18750 on the "Budgacade" using the trac-ball, havin a blast!! Hope to top this till the end, if not i'll post a pic later. Wouldn't have given this game five min if not for HSC, now after a good few tries, on my top ten list for sure!! Just real "arcade" challenge feel.?? Maybe it's time to slow up on the Natty lights??? Either way it's FUN!!
  19. This is my "Budget Basement" stand up arcade. I plan to build a cabinet this winter to play Atari and PS1 games like a stand-up coin-op. The more I play this game the more it feels like an "ARCADE" game. Anyway, my first rip using the "advantage" joystick got me to 15000 even. Then I gave the "command control" a spin and ended up with 15850 my best so far. Either set-up, arcade type joystick, or trac-ball may not triple your score but they added a ton of FUN to the game for me.-
  20. As far as the game over scene, it flashes, makes noise, and you can no longer move your crosshairs. Mine will reset with the fire button, so whenever I see the flash/noise, I glance at the score board. If it's game over, you see your final score. If its a level advancement, you see NEXAR-## whatever level your going to now.
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