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  1. Looks like someone is digging around at Mendelsons in Dayton besides myself....
  2. That's a good point, I forgot about the sega cd not powering on. It still could be a bad trace somewhere, just not necessarily associated with the cart connector. BTW, I have several extra genesis model 2 consoles, and I could sell you a working replacement motherboard or entire unit pretty cheap. I'd be curious to see the top of the motherboard, I can usually spot bad areas because the traces will often have discoloration. I've seen this exact scenario on another genesis I have using black wires. It's a redundant jumper, but as mentioned above, you have power so you should be good.
  3. I assume the power light is coming on? That rules out power, and considering you're getting black screen, as opposed to no video probably rules out vid-out issues. I've repaired several genesis consoles in the past, and usually in these cases I was able to find a bad trace, or broken solder joint at/around the pin connector. Most corrosion or problems happen around the pin connector since it's the only "access" for dirt, crumbs, liquids etc, to get in. I actually have a few genesis consoles that I was never able to solve. Anyway, check under the board where the cart slot connects, and make sure there is no broken solder joints. Also, on the top of the board, look at the cart slot pins as they go into the PCB... ive seen some with corroded legs at that area. Otherwise, bad traces, which you can usually jumper/bypass. If it's not one of those issues, it's probably not worth the repair/diagnosis.
  4. Are you needing just the small metal spring contacts? There are two of them shown in the image.... I would typically just replace the entire switch, or clean the ones you have. Sometimes you can bend them open a little bit so they'll make better contact. If those suggestions don't work, let me know via PM and i can probably get a set to you off a broken unit.
  5. I agree with everything posted here, but I highly recommend listing "Buy-It-Now" auctions. Many times, people will pay more for an item if they can have it faster. Most people don't want to wait 7 days for an auction to end just to find out they lost it. Just be careful and do your research before you price it. I've seen some amazing auctions where they seller was unaware and sold a $200 game for $50 and so on. Auctions can be great if you truly don't know the value, and you want the market to decide. This can be good or bad depending on interest, timing and recent activity.
  6. These plug and play consoles have all been tested and cleaned and work. They all have battery covers and clean battery compartments (no batteries included). I would like to get $3 each plus actual shipping costs. Please add $1 per transaction for paypal fees, or disregard if you use the friends/family option. I prefer to sell several at a time, but I am willing to sell just one. There is one Atari joystick and one Namco plug/play in the center of the first image that are $1 each with purchase. Both work, but the atari one is missing the battery cover and has a crack around the joystick ring, and the namco joystick makes lots of clicking/clunky noises. Contact me for shipping costs, it will ship from zipcode 45005 USPS. RED X INDICATES IT HAS SOLD
  7. Jeremy Popp


    Replacement Antenna for Atari 2600 Wireless joysicks transmitter.
  8. Yes, you need a cartridge to display anything. Keep in mind, most game gears that you will find have bad capacitors, and will have display and/or audio problems. They can usually be repaired with a $7-$10 capacitor replacement kit, but you won't know if it works until you get a game to test.
  9. I might be able to help you out. I have several broken controllers, however there are a few revisions for the shell. They all look the same on the outside, but the back/internal part of the front shell can be different. If you send/post a picture of the inside/underside of the front shell I can see if I have one. I'll send it free except cost of shipping if I have one.
  10. That's an amazing score, i'm a sega guy and this stuff is classic - especially considering I have a sega cd model one. If you want to trade the genesis or sega cd box let me know. I have a lot of spare gaming consoles (spanning all generations) and 2600/inty loose carts as trade bait. Shipping might be a hassle, but i am in southwest ohio.
  11. Well that was way easier than I thought, I guess I came to the right message board. I probably spent 30 minutes searching the net for it and I've never heard of the Aquarius. That makes perfect sense, thanks.
  12. Hey group, I recently bought a lot of miscellaneous Intellivision and Atari stuff. Included was this very odd controller that looks very similar to an intellivision model 2 controller. I took it apart, and even the internals are very similar with the membrane circuit board. It has no right/left fire buttons, which leads me to believe it's not for the intellivision at all. I only have a model one, so I cannot even test it. Unfortunately, I did test continuity on the traces and some appear to be bad where the flex circuit flexes (there are 2 abrupt bends). Anyway, thoughts? Ever seen this before? There are no manufacturer markings that I can find.
  13. FYI, here is a good overall troubleshooting thread for Sega CDs: http://www.sega-16.com/forum/showthread.php?22027-Sega-CD-systems-repair-thread The solder blob or bridge looks similar to the following: For some reason I cannot find a picture of the sony laser, sometimes they don't have a bridge so I cannot say for sure.
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