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  1. These plug and play consoles have all been tested and cleaned and work. They all have battery covers and clean battery compartments (no batteries included). I would like to get $3 each plus actual shipping costs. Please add $1 per transaction for paypal fees, or disregard if you use the friends/family option. I prefer to sell several at a time, but I am willing to sell just one if I don't get any bulk interest. There is one Atari joystick and one Namco plug/play in the center of the first image that are $1 each with purchase. Both work, but the atari one is missing the battery cover and has a crack around the joystick ring, and the namco joystick makes lots of clicking/clunky noises. The activision plug/play in the package has been opened and used. The packaging is large, so I can discard to save on shipping. It does include the manual. That weird blue Lexibook one is a bootleg system with motorcycle games including a generic road rash. It's really odd. Contact me for shipping costs, it will ship from zipcode 45005 USPS.
  2. Jeremy Popp


    Replacement Antenna for Atari 2600 Wireless joysicks transmitter.
  3. Yes, you need a cartridge to display anything. Keep in mind, most game gears that you will find have bad capacitors, and will have display and/or audio problems. They can usually be repaired with a $7-$10 capacitor replacement kit, but you won't know if it works until you get a game to test.
  4. I might be able to help you out. I have several broken controllers, however there are a few revisions for the shell. They all look the same on the outside, but the back/internal part of the front shell can be different. If you send/post a picture of the inside/underside of the front shell I can see if I have one. I'll send it free except cost of shipping if I have one.
  5. That's an amazing score, i'm a sega guy and this stuff is classic - especially considering I have a sega cd model one. If you want to trade the genesis or sega cd box let me know. I have a lot of spare gaming consoles (spanning all generations) and 2600/inty loose carts as trade bait. Shipping might be a hassle, but i am in southwest ohio.
  6. Well that was way easier than I thought, I guess I came to the right message board. I probably spent 30 minutes searching the net for it and I've never heard of the Aquarius. That makes perfect sense, thanks.
  7. Hey group, I recently bought a lot of miscellaneous Intellivision and Atari stuff. Included was this very odd controller that looks very similar to an intellivision model 2 controller. I took it apart, and even the internals are very similar with the membrane circuit board. It has no right/left fire buttons, which leads me to believe it's not for the intellivision at all. I only have a model one, so I cannot even test it. Unfortunately, I did test continuity on the traces and some appear to be bad where the flex circuit flexes (there are 2 abrupt bends). Anyway, thoughts? Ever seen this before? There are no manufacturer markings that I can find.
  8. FYI, here is a good overall troubleshooting thread for Sega CDs: http://www.sega-16.com/forum/showthread.php?22027-Sega-CD-systems-repair-thread The solder blob or bridge looks similar to the following: For some reason I cannot find a picture of the sony laser, sometimes they don't have a bridge so I cannot say for sure.
  9. There might be an anti-static solder blob you need to remove on the Chinese laser, did you perform this step? I've had mixed results with cheap china lasers, but usually it will at least spin the disc.
  10. Sorry to say, but I don't have one. I have 12 broken fat PS3s, and they all have the wide fat cable. I wouldn't give up though, i'm sure one will pop up on ebay eventually. I restore and repair stuff all the time, and sometimes I just have to put it aside and wait for the part to come along. One ebayer i've delt with before has the user name squeept: https://www.ebay.com/usr/squeept?_trksid=p2047675.l2559 You may be able to send him a message because I know he has a large parts inventory.
  11. I'll see what I have tonight (I'm at work right now) and get back with you. That does look familiar, and I know what you mean about the endless minor variations. If I have one, it'll be really cheap. Presumably, you kept the daughter board from your old disc drive right? That laser assembly daughter board is "married" to the primary motherboard, so you always want to keep it when swapping the rest of the drive/laser.
  12. Hey, I have a junkyard of fat PS3, but none of them are 80GB versions. Do you know if they used that drive/ribbon cable on any of the 60gb or later revisions Is it a flat ribbon cable?
  13. Best Electronics is a good source, however I think they have a $20 min purchase, plus shipping on top of that would probably be in the $30 range again. If you're adventurous enough to desolder and replace the old one, I'd say try and take the one you have apart and clean it. You can actually leave it soldered in place. Just pry the little metal tabs out that wrap around the bottom of the switch. Once you get enough wiggle room, the top half will come off. Then you can clean all the gunk with rubbing alcohol and a q-tip. It can be a pain to put it back together, and some people use dielectric grease during re-assembly. The only time I've ever had to replace the entire switch is when the little handle/stub is broken off. If you still have issues, let me know and I might have a spare switch... I'm not local though.
  14. Let me know if you have better luck. They look absolutely brand new, so I'm obviously disappointed but knew it was a risk. As for that Arcade Shop link, it looks like they're just using a generic image since it doesn't even have enough pins.
  15. FYI, THESE ARE NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THE ATARI VCS 2600. They only produce a black screen, so it must be a slight variation used for a different purpose. If anyone wants one or two for experimentation, PM me. Thanks. Jeremy
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