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  1. I came across a very odd Sony Discman today at a Goodwill. It's a Sony Discman, Model D-11, which has a sticker on the bottom that reads: PROPERTY OF APPLE COMPUTER, INC EXPENSED EQUIPMENT It was manufactured in 1991. I realize this may not be the best place to post this, but I'm a member of this community, and not a member of any Mac/Apple communities. Is there any significance to this item? Any monetary or historical value to it?
  2. SOLD $30 + Shipping. $30 is what I invested to build this about 5 years ago, but I never use it. As you can see, it uses an original functioning Colecovision keypad, and a straight colecovision 5' cord. The white border is just a sticker, and it's starting to peel a little bit in one corner, so I would not trust it to last forever. The box is ABS plastic, and the joystick is a $10 unknown brand I bought online back in the day. Includes 8 way octagonal joystick gate. It also works on the Atari 2600. Price does not include shipping from 45005, box is 2 lb 11 oz, 7" x 10" x 11".
  3. GONE, THIS HAS BEEN PICKED UP. Free Local pickup for an enthusiast, and not someone who wants to flip and sell parts. If you only need a few parts, I wouldn't be mad if you got what you need, and sold the rest. I just don't want a deliberate flipper. I buy broken stuff, and I came across this Atari 400 in really bad shape. The top shell is busted, and the cartridge lid also has a broken tab. After installing the missing power LED, it works, and loads up the memo screen. Cartridge software works, controller port player one works (at least), audio works, video works fine. The keyboard, however, doesn't work. I'm not sure if it's an IC chip gone bad, or the flex membrane cable/connector. FREE PICKUP in Centerville, OH. I don't want to ship this thing because it's heavy, and I don't want to part it out. If I go to the hassle of a part out, I might as well make a buck and sell on ebay. Thanks.
  4. In my experience, you would have to de-solder and replace the entire pin connector. I had one of the short motherboard model variants come into my hands recently with the same problem. I fought with it for about 1 hour, trying to clean and realign the pins, and I never could get it right. So, I replaced the cart connector, which is a PITA with my cheap de-soldering tools.
  5. You could take some pliers and pinch the outer curved metal parts of the RF cable together slightly, and this should make for a tighter fit.
  6. It sounds like you've really done some serious diagnostics. The only suggestion I can come up with is to try a different Genesis console. Do you have a spare system to test, either model 1 or 2? I know I once found a strange combination of genesis1/CD1/32x that wouldn't output RGB video for some reason, but when I swapped the genesis, it worked. I can't pretend I know why, but maybe the 32x is routing power through the genesis to the CD, and the genesis alone is having an issue supplying power. You could also check the connectors between the genesis/CD to makes sure you're getting a clean connection.
  7. Does JP mean it's a Japanese version? If so, do you know if it's compatible with NTSC? I actually have SEVERAL genesis consoles including a model one with no TMSS, and one with HD graphics and TMSS, and then several later models. I basically have every revision you can think of, and that goes for model 2 as well. They're in various states of condition, but they all work 100% and are all clean. If you're interested, PM me and we can work on the details.
  8. FOUND ONE, THANKS. As the title states, looking for the 2nd player light gun, primarily used for Lethal Enforcers on Sega Genesis/CD and SNES consoles. The connector for the gun looks like a phone jack, and i believe they work for either Genesis or SNES. I would prefer to trade, and have consoles and controllers as follows: NES SNES GENESIS MODEL 1/2 SATURN DREAMCAST ATARI 2600 4/6 SWITCH + JR XBOX 360 XBOX ONE PS2 PS3 COLECO GEMINI SEVERAL COMMON 2600 CARTS, SOME 7800 I can put together bundles for most of the systems, but not all.
  9. Looks like someone is digging around at Mendelsons in Dayton besides myself....
  10. That's a good point, I forgot about the sega cd not powering on. It still could be a bad trace somewhere, just not necessarily associated with the cart connector. BTW, I have several extra genesis model 2 consoles, and I could sell you a working replacement motherboard or entire unit pretty cheap. I'd be curious to see the top of the motherboard, I can usually spot bad areas because the traces will often have discoloration. I've seen this exact scenario on another genesis I have using black wires. It's a redundant jumper, but as mentioned above, you have power so you should be good.
  11. I assume the power light is coming on? That rules out power, and considering you're getting black screen, as opposed to no video probably rules out vid-out issues. I've repaired several genesis consoles in the past, and usually in these cases I was able to find a bad trace, or broken solder joint at/around the pin connector. Most corrosion or problems happen around the pin connector since it's the only "access" for dirt, crumbs, liquids etc, to get in. I actually have a few genesis consoles that I was never able to solve. Anyway, check under the board where the cart slot connects, and make sure there is no broken solder joints. Also, on the top of the board, look at the cart slot pins as they go into the PCB... ive seen some with corroded legs at that area. Otherwise, bad traces, which you can usually jumper/bypass. If it's not one of those issues, it's probably not worth the repair/diagnosis.
  12. Are you needing just the small metal spring contacts? There are two of them shown in the image.... I would typically just replace the entire switch, or clean the ones you have. Sometimes you can bend them open a little bit so they'll make better contact. If those suggestions don't work, let me know via PM and i can probably get a set to you off a broken unit.
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