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  1. Hey, thanks for the help. I just assumed (bad habit) they were recent builds knowing it was on backorder, and it recently shipped. Yeah it still does pattern one, until I press the reset FG button, with V1.3 installed.. Fresh formatted SanDisk. Not a big deal to press reset.. Thanks!
  2. I have this problem, but I doubt I need the update, as I just received mine from AracadeShopper. Any tips?
  3. Welcome to WI. Winters will come in handy for TI stuff.
  4. Yea, I forgot about the sides of the 2x5. What about something like this, but of course a 2x20 instead of 2x25. People could even make their own shorten the remainder.
  5. The one ohm posted appears to have a slot for a ribbon cable. https://www.kksb-cases.com/kksb-raspberry-pi-metal-case-model-3.html
  6. Yo.. Sorry.. I dropped off.... On purpose. Had to go do something..
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ePIZugahFc
  8. It appears that Otis may have used the TMS9900 for elevator controls. https://www.google.com/patents/WO1981001829A1?cl=en https://www.linkedin.com/pub/asif-hassan/10/5b2/b55
  9. Known 2400 Baud limitation? If so, that's cool. I'll know to stop goofing with higher rates.
  10. Every time I see dphirschler, I think Chrysler.
  11. Software version 05.2 (031113) LTX The program yielded 48 Maybe something related to my NanoPEB?
  12. I kept dropping the speed, and it would get a little better with each drop. 2400 baud works great. UDS-10-IAP Rev B20 I will need to lookup the firmware..
  13. I lowered them both to 9600. I wouldn't think that the web browser would be more forgiving to problems.. I will mess with it later... Thanks
  14. Yep, the chars are echoed properly. Typing [ATDT74.193.9.234,9640] shows up as [ATDT74.193.9.234,9640] on my screen. My Console has a Speech Synth, F18, and NanoPEB.... That's it. That's a good point. If it is echoing back, then we know the terminal is interpreting what the UDS-10 is sending.
  15. Yeah weird that stuart's browser works perfectly..I did switch from D4 to D6 in order to use legacy hayes commands, as it is easy to toggle back to D4, for the browser. I just get jumbled junk. Does the nano need a lower baud rate? I lowered UDS-10 to 9600. I am wondering if my cable is wrong.. Mine is like the NanoPEB layout. http://www.stuartconner.me.uk/ti/ti.htm#internet_web_browser
  16. Yeah, those are my old settings. I put it back to those, and then connected via. C74.193.9.234/9640 fills the screen with garbage. Camera Capture Compressed as it was huge.
  17. ATDT74.193.9.234,9640 fills the screen with garbage.
  18. This is what I have.. *** Channel 1 Baudrate 19200, I/F Mode 4C, Flow 00 Port 00023 Remote IP Adr: --- none ---, Port 00000 Connect Mode : D6 Disconn Mode : 00 Flush Mode : 00 I knocked the baud rate down to see if that helps..
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