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  2. Surprised there has been no non-love for Hunt The Wumpus. How could a fairly basic computer game (and literally able to do in BASIC), become a full-fledged cartridge game?
  3. Many of us grew up with the PEB sitting behind the TI with a monitor on top. That config worked, but it was cramped since there was often not much space between the console and the PEB, especially with cables coming out the backof the console. Just having a shelf about 2 or 3 inches up on which you could place the PEB would free up the back of the TI itself.
  4. Yep. I have a number of vintage systems setup that way. Find them to be very configurable.
  5. Hey all. My TI was packed up for a long while as I was redoing my man-cave. During that period my HRD batteries lost their charge and now I'm about to reset my system. I have been using 8.15f (I believe) and have the disk for that. But since I'm starting from scratch, are there newer versions I should be using? I think I saw mention of a menu system that will take advantage of the f18a? Thanks in advance.
  6. How are these folks getting around this issue? https://collectorvision.com/shop/colecovision/collectorvision-phoenix/?fbclid=IwAR2wYV5NGv64KswpNOE6vidUH5rqKYZJ6s1sDVtF_TKXDMorXXcWePhnW58 Especially when they are touting "F18A Video Enhanced Compatibility Built-in* ($86 value!)". Since it would be based on the VGA output of the F18A, some off-the-shelf converter built into the machine?
  7. As mentioned above, would love this as a PEB card.
  8. Sooooo, a wireless "fire hose"? That would be awesome. A tx/rx unit plugged into the side of the TI, and a tx/rx card in the box with some "extra features".
  9. I really should upload the updated version. I've made the sprites 1/2 size so that I could redo the pyramid at a better scale. It is the same layout (size wise) as the original Q*bert board. As for the joystick, hold it so that it's rotated counter-clockwise 45 degrees, so that "up" is pointing North West. Not all joysticks do diagonals well, so I stuck with up/down/left/right but held the stick at an angle to compensate. But for now, just a simple screen capture with my phone, showing the difference between 1.5 (uploaded on this site) and 2 (not yet uploaded).
  10. Hmmm, now I need to cleanup my vintage computer section, transfer over Al-bert and give it a whirl. I did a Q*bert clone a long while back (like 30 years, sigh), and in 2014 uploaded an updated version of it here. I continued to do some updates to it (not yet uploaded here) and have ideas for more things to add. My main issue, naturally, is the base speed of XB. Gameplay is ok'ish, but won't be if I continue to add features. May be time to look at compiling it, but that would mean some significant code rework I think. In any case, you're post has prodded me to get off my ass and revisit my old game. For giggles, here's a link to my old thread. The file attached there is not the newest version, I did major updates to the layout and gameplay since then. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/229614-presenting-rbert-a-game-i-did-30-years-ago/?do=findComment&comment=3078516
  11. Looks like we are on the same wavelength (so to speak).
  12. How about finding a way to replace the "fire hose" between the TI and the PEB with either a small cable or, in a dream world, a wireless connection? Imagine not having that huge rubber inflexible monstrosity in the way limiting how you layout your computer system!
  13. Among my answers I ticked "Other". That is the removal of the sprite limitation on a horizontal row.
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