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  1. this one maybe 😂 btw video is from Steve's(Atari Crypt) YT channel
  2. when you should try the new version https://www.dropbox.com/s/zsodbzwgbmkhzm9/Outrun.zip?dl=0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ytIq6FCJrs
  3. i agree with you here, love the sound of the Pokey, but i also love the YM, problem was to few voices, for me a dual YM would have been a great options
  4. It the same with the original ST farrari. The new one is about the same width as the old one, but it's a little higher. The problem is that all the objects are missing the full size sprite, so when you are closest to an object, it's only around 66% of the sprite original size. I don't know if they did this for saving spaces of power, maybe both.
  5. fast update text copy from Atari-Forum Been working on the object code the last couple of days, to make it ready for the arcade car. not finish yet, but there have been some good progress (not all car sprite have been change yet). so i thought that i would share with you guys
  6. problem was there was not many of shelf sound chip at that time, many of the sound chip mentions here first came later. so personally i don't think there was anything wrong with the Ym2149 the Atari ST just had to few. Gyruss (arcade game) had 5 ay-3-8910 so if the ST just have had 2 YM2149 when you could have had 4 channel for music and 2 for sound FX.
  7. I know this is an old topic, but the YM2149 was build on license from General Instrument, so the Ym2149 was a copy of the AY-3-8910 the chip used in the Spectrum/Amstrad and also in a lot of arcade machines.
  8. Thanks Peter that makes good sense, but i had still hope it would help more on the average FPS...
  9. Many thanks. funny if you set STeem to 16mhz it go up to over 30 fps, but here there are no different. do you know if STeem also speed up the blitter? but i definitely thought it would give a couple of fps more special in the beginning
  10. like CD-i said there are no native midi music in the game. but i do have all the music as SMF midi files, so i don't think is impossible to add the score, maybe one have to convert them to some native format.that is more simple and light then SMF format. btw Peter did you had the chance to test it on you mega STE?
  11. many thx, ill probably stop working on this project soon, the road routine its simply to bad coded, i have analyzed how the road is made and printed, but i can't see how i can replaced with a more optimal one. i will soon release my optimized code, so other can take over. but i do think the midi music part is a cool idea, so hope full other can add this. / Peter
  12. hi i hope that it will work on a 60hz machine
  13. i have Just uploaded a new video. of the latest version vs the original version..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TBS3rHyCmc
  14. here is a video that showing the modded version in action, its a little older version, that last version is about one frame faster in the beginning. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4L3RPJu_vug here is a video that show the original version against the modded version, in this version the modded version is even older. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IL6CVxdZPN8
  15. Hi i have been / being playing around with Outrun, trying to optimizing the game, i have been posting about it on AF and on Facebook. forgot to post it here so i better have to do it if some of you don't use AF or Facebook the idea behind it. was/is to see how the US gold version of outrun could have run on the ST, if it had got some more love. but in the middle of the process i started using the Blitter, so now plane ST i out of the pictures original version with a frame counter here is a picture of the modded version. right now you would need a ST running about 15 mhz to run about the same as the optimized version, but there should probably still be some more speed gain in it. download link for the modded version https://www.dropbox.com/s/zsodbzwgbmkhzm9/Outrun.zip?dl=0 here is a link to the original version / and source code, i have add a frame counter to it https://www.dropbox.com/s/4dkyffceuckuhvy/FrameST.zip?dl=0
  16. Hi Wally just PM you send you some source code hope you can use the you own source code is merge with my startup file. call Hebrew... you can escape the program pressing esc you probably need to re index the code so it look good on the ST, i use a modern text program on my pc i have tried to re label all the labels to try to give them the most logic sense. all there are in these code can help you long down the road, if you understand them and what they do, so if you have any doubt or questions just ask
  17. the code you send the other day was it you whole source code? did not coded anything today still to sick to code, i will try to paste something together later
  18. btw could you please try an change the extension of the prg file to .tos
  19. Hi Wally I now think that i know what you problem is, I will try putting something together for tomorrow. but try check this website http://www.atari-wiki.com/index.php/Main_Page there are also a lot of info on the ST hardware sothware ect.
  20. in Seka you can't terminate a program like you do with other software. it how you normal terminate a program CLR.W -(A7) ;PTERM0 TRAP #1 Rts But in Seka you have to rem these two lines, and only to let them be compiled them the last time (Or when the program is finish for release), ; CLR.W -(A7) ;PTERM0 ; TRAP #1 Rts now you should be able to run and exit a program in seka with out it exiting to TOS. but give me an idea what you goal would be with this program, so i know what i should make?
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