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  1. The releases are always announced on AtariAge along with an email address for ordering. The website is currently down (link is in first post of this thread), not sure if it will be back. Priority is to complete things that are in process first. Edit: Didn't see CPUWIZ's response when I posted this.
  2. I think results may vary by emulator. Here is a capture of the PAL version on the BupSystem emulator in PAL mode where I did not see any mention able glitching.
  3. I have just updated my posts with the explanation that can be seen in the youtube description. The graphics glitches appear because it is the PAL version of the game being played on an NTSC console. If the PAL version were played on a PAL console there would be no glitches. The NTSC mod resolves most of the glitching, but it introduces a little slowdown.
  4. Youtube video of NTSC mod of Toki on NTSC console. This is an NTSC mod of the PAL version. The NTSC mod substantially reduces the graphical glitching when the game is played on an NTSC console, but introduces some occasional slowdown as well as some screen judder during vertical scrolling.
  5. Youtube video of original PAL version of Toki on NTSC Machine. First 3 levels. As seen in the video, some graphical glitching occurs when played on an NTSC 7800, but overall it does not interfere with the game play. The glitching does not occur when played on a PAL 7800.
  6. Tested Toki on multiple different televisions to note the differences: On a CRT screen the story intro for each level is partially cut off on the PAL version but fully visible in the NTSC mod. When playing the game, you can see the entire screen on the PAL version, but the scores on the top are cut off on the NTSC mod. On a LCD screen the story intro for each level is partially cut off on the PAL version but fully visible in the NTSC mod. When playing the game, you can see the entire screen on the PAL version (bottom aligned) and the NTSC mod (top aligned).
  7. The intention is still to release the game as originally planned, hopefully soon. Appreciate everyone's patience so far, especially those who are involved in the release. Will be updating this thread a few times over the next week.
  8. Super Burnout was the only Jaguar game that gave me trouble on the XRGB-3, where I had some video dropout issues on the Australia track with the auto setting on the aspect ratio. I also noticed bike light issues that vary based on the settings - some settings had horizontal lines through the lights, where other settings caused some really bad flicker on the lights. With certain settings it was just fine though (as is also the case when the Jaguar is connected directly to the TV).
  9. Yes, going to do some sample prints this week and hopefully this weekend I will begin producing the packages. I will post some pics when the sample prints are finished.
  10. Nice to see some more former Jaguar devs weighing in on how it was to work with Atari. Based on his TW comments it seems he didn't know a whole lot about the internal structure at Atari, but his thoughts on how their management affected HMS's work was interesting but sad to read. Would have been nice to hear a bit more about Kasumi Nina 2 (state of completion .etc), and maybe even a little info about Kasumi Ninja's development. I have some pretty early design documents for KN2 that suggest the KN series was a bit of a joke, but he seems to be a bit more serious about the games! I'll try and see if I can dig out the KN2 documents to add to this thread, maybe it wasn't even HMS's documents but some guys at Atari screwing around
  11. Felt the same way about DOOM, it was one of my must-have games until it came out on XBLA then it became hard to justify playing the Jaguar version with the low res graphics, missing music .etc When I scaled down my Jaguar collection I kept Rayman, Super Burnout, and Missile Command 3D but got rid of Wolfenstein 3D, Raiden, and Cybermorph Some games I kept just because of how unique they are to the Jaguar, like Skyhammer - lots of potential but due to the frame rate and bugs it's really only for Jaguar fans interested in that aspect of the Jaguar, or Kasumi Ninja - just has a campy B-Movie feel, even kept club drive. Not every decision was motivated based on how "good" the game was Although it was nice to cut back on the collection, it kind of sucks when you see that the value jumped since then, especially if you have regrets about selling a game (or a bunch of games) at some point and want to buy them back
  12. I haven't played multiplayer either, I only have one lynx and have never even met someone who had one A lot of my friends were impressed with the Lynx when I first got it though, but by then Atari wasn't supporting it anymore. That's cool to know Relief Pitcher plays a pretty decent multiplayer game, I wondered if the comlynx mode even worked @Tempest the ROM was not released, it was intended to remain in stock which hasn't really gone according to plan but it will hopefully be available again soon (been alternating progress between our 7800 / Lynx / Jaguar projects lately).
  13. i am hoping to start confirming orders for the first batch on Monday, been working pretty steadily on some revisions + additions to the package, but I don't see it taking much longer than that. Now that we're combing back through some stuff we already released I just wanted to add some things I've thought about since the last run - same goes for our Lynx stuff.
  14. Nice interview! Their interest in getting an RPG wasn't very evident with the Jaguar Has me wondering what happened to Legions of the Undead though.
  15. I just looked back on my old notes and played the game a bit last night and remembered the game doesn’t crash – just the possibility of seeing a bug that might interfere with the game a little. Set my Lynx aside to the McWill LCD mod and…. still haven’t gotten to it Anyway, my comment was just intended to draw a distinction between the game and the fact that you might experience a bug, not disagreeing that they exist in the game. I don’t think they interfere with the ability to see that it’s a nice conversion that simply needed a few bug fixes (great graphics, gameplay, sound, extensive use of digitized speech). If people are aware (as it was noted when the game was released) they can decide whether they are bothered by them. Personally I consider them minor and infrequent and usually only occur in the 9 innings mode. As an unreleased game I don’t really see the basis for any previous hype or expectation. A complete game with the exception of a few bugs is pretty good for something that wasn’t ready for retail imo. As somebody who had no knowledge of the game prior to discovery I was really impressed with it
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