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  1. Hi Fabrice is there chance to sell kit but you could choose what you want? I was thinking something like Harlequin 128 kit. It is on https://www.bytedelight.com/?product_cat=harlequin128. You could put combination of kit or full system to sell. I know that you don't want to give all your hard work in form of gerber file and I think you have right to do so but maybe you can make range of products to choose with lower price. Some form of kit or full system. You could put motherboard on sell in speed you want. I respect all your hard work and I love your vision of TI99/4a.
  2. With Windows 10 you can use Linux subsystem. Have anybody try gcc with 9900 patch on Windows 10 with Linux subsystem? Have anybody instruction for this?
  3. What about Archon? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMbOgSY-rJ0 This game was very popular on Atari 800 and C64. Years later same author made Star Control for PC. In some details similar to Archon. Please! Please!
  4. Fabrice I want to ask you question about F18a add on in our TI99/4a. Have you predict possibility to put F18a instead TMS9981A? I would like to use my VGA monitor with F18a features with your TI(ny)99/4a jewel. I would be very happy to use F18a in your TI(ny)99/4a. Please forgive me if you have answer to this question some place earlier. I'am big fan of your work.
  5. Is there possibility to put all games i one zip archive? In older version of TI Gameshelf was possibility to download all games in one zip file? Please???????
  6. Is there anything new about TI99/4a FPGA core?
  7. Is there possibility to use Raspberry PI Zero? It is smaller board and you can put expansion and PI in one box. PI Zero have WIFI on board. Have you try with PI Zero?
  8. Is there any chance to print case for this module? I don't have spare to use it for FinalGROM.
  9. Is there anybody who can try to put TI99/4a on MIST? Please someone!!!!! Please!!!!!!!
  10. Maybe stupid question but... Will this module support RXB, USCD Pascal, XB 2.7, Plato? On demo there was Miner 49'er. Is this module working now or other module which are plug on side port?
  11. Is there any chance to use code from CF7+? Someone is maybe in contact with creator of CF7+ or know how software in CF7 works. I'm just thinking loud.
  12. Thank you for your answer! I'm very happy to read any news about your project. It would be nice to have expansion for real TI99/4a and to be able to have memory expansion and disk drive and to be able to load modules from files on SD card. It is nice to see that someone is trying to get TMS9900 into FPGA. It would be nice to see TI99/4a on MIST list of emulated systems. Please continue good work!
  13. I dont know if this is right question but is there any chance to try this emulation on mist FPGA? I know that you need to emulate tms9900 in FPGa to emulate compter in FPGA. Did you try to emulate procesor on your FPGA? I think MIST FPGA is more powerfull to emulate TI99/4A. Have you try to start UCSD Pascal from PEB? Miner 49er? I hope it works. Is ther chance to buy this FPGA bord in Europe? If I was wrong please correct me.
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