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  1. 1602 best score after a week of playing...lol
  2. is there a manual available... I have never played this game.. "need input"
  3. If you press "Pause" when you get hit on your last life...hit pause...it should pause the game so you can get a pic of your scores. If you wait until GAME OVER screen then it is too late. I did this on the A7800 emulator and it worked every time. Console users please chime in on this if it works. Thank You NIKON
  4. https://raz0red.github.io/js7800/
  5. 24325 I soooooo suck at this game
  6. That is sooooooo awesome!!!! You got to speak to the legend himself!!! still looking forward to seeing DEFENDER on the 7800.
  7. 33725 I sooo suck at this game...lol
  8. the fact that the unit works after warm indicates that there is a solder problem...metal expands in heat and that may be just enough to make the connecting on the PC board to allow it to work. you may need to reflow all the solder connections or at least the ones that are broken when the unit is cold.
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