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  1. Ha! The Tombstone City Slot game was written by me around 2012. I remember having to stay in a tent out in the garden whilst dusty work was being done in the house update by the contractors sent from the Council .... I got so bored in there I wrote this game. I remember when I figured out how to do the nudges I shouted "eureka!" out loud and startled some of the workers. Also Gauntlet of Death was one of the first TI games I wrote back in 2010. I've just sat and played it again now and it's awfully hard! It was inspired by the game of the same name on the Radioshack TRS-80 model 1 with similar sound effects to the arcade machine Targ whenever the player moves. Thankyou for compiling these games, although I thought the Tombstone Slots was compiled already but I must be wrong.
  2. CALL CHAR statement works in TI Basic but I think I know why you say it doesn't In Extended Basic we can define 4 chars with one call char statement ie; CALL CHAR(104,"0307070307070707377F7F7F3800000080C0C080C0C0C0C0D8FCFCFC38000000") Whereas in TI Basic that hex pattern would have to be broken down into CALL CHAR(104,"0307070307070707") CALL CHAR(105,"377F7F7F38000000") CALL CHAR(106,"80C0C080C0C0C0C0") CALL CHAR(107,"D8FCFCFC38000000")
  3. Retrospect


  4. Thanks guys. A friend of mine saw the video and made a suggestion about when the plane crashes, he said it would be awesome if the pilot came through the front of the plane and flew across the sky! 😂 I might make that happen at some point lol
  5. Kong Blitz runs in Extended Basic and is not just another Bomber game, it features King Kong. Kong appears on the right side of the screen and goes for a stroll across the city. He'll randomly climb buildings that are high enough. You get 100 bonus points if you can drop a bomb on Kong whilst he climbs and it will knock him into the water with a splash! You need to kill kong before you drop too low, or knock him off the building in good time 'cos in either case he will grab your plane and kill you. Press Fire on Joystick-1 to drop bombs. KBLITZ.zip <-- XB version kblitz.zip <-- Edit/Ass Opt.5 version kblitz.webm
  6. https://www.facebook.com/simon.sorsbie This is the only Simon Sorsbie on Facebook. If no one else wants to message him, tell me what you want to ask and I will
  7. Here's a modified version of ASD & D's Haunted House adventure, originally in Extended Basic. This version is compiled, has a new "ghost" sound effect, a new font, and a small graphical title screen that displays a haunted house. (Saving or loading a game is sadly not possible on this version) HAUNTED-X.zip < Extended Basic EA5.zip < Editor Assembler opt.5
  8. You're welcome Ksarul. It should be noted, though, that whilst I was preparing the game for being compiled I noted that it did seem somewhat "unfinished", there's words in there that don't seem to function, but it plays nicely enough. The torch is an issue and I'm not sure if the score is being added up. I would have fixed it but obviously I couldn't fathom the code.
  9. I've been tinkering with an old game I found on the Gamebase, called Adventureland for extended basic by TSV Videogames. I've added a title screen, "help" command, medieval style font, and it's been compiled to make it a little more bearable to play. Have fun. ADVENTUR-X.zip - Extended Basic EA5.zip - Editor Assembler option 5
  10. DEMO1.zip This is a demo of what I have so far. The rooms just switch between the bird of death and a room with a (non-functional) ladder and an arrow firing at random heights. You can walk left, right, jump up, jump left, jump right but you can't duck yet.
  11. Ok, I just tried the colour switching and it didn't work out too well, it expanded into a brainache. Probably more an assembly thing really but a great idea nonetheless
  12. I like the idea. I don't think we'll ever get the speed though. I might try it see what happens. If I were to do it, I would literally take out the CALL LINK("DELAY",xx) command just before the RETURN on my "update everything in one hit" section. I would have to use more timers for the animations, ie, not have him move each frame update when we push on the joystick, instead have a movement timer that would go to 2 else 3 then make him move to the left or right. (Ensuring his Color variable ticker gets incremented regardless) I'm sure this is common in Assembly. I do use such timers just at the moment only on the Bird Of Death and the Spiders and so on.
  13. Classic99 28_05_2019 21_42_17.mp4 More progress just now. Background graphics are preliminary and will be changed at some point. Eric can now walk in both directions and at the moment can jump straight up and down (not left or right) He can't duck yet but he will Enemy in place, "Bird of Death" that poops randomly. This may be changed to poop when Eric is nearby? Animations for bird poop splatting on floor ... it has a splat graphic that has a timer kick in when it's displayed to make sure you see it. When the timer hits 3 the splat disappears, otherwise it'd be pointless putting it in as it would go too fast. Bird flapping wings is also on a timer that increments from 0 to 3 before a flap occurs. These are vast improvements so far over original Eric in Monsterland which ran all at the same speed regardless.
  14. This thread is to document the progress of my latest project. In this game you'll be able to climb ladders on tall trees to get to bonus rooms. The Maiden has been taken (yet again) by the forces of evil and is being kept captive in Monsterland. So far I have a title screen animation sequence that just keeps playing over and over until you press the Fire button. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GyvBC7ka1Qw&feature=youtu.be
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