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  1. I never did attempt to engage with Dramites in Lift-2 but I like your method
  2. Here's something I found, when playing Parsec ..... The Swoopers and LTF's can be disposed of faster, if you are in Lift-2 rather than Lift-3 .... and this is because in Lift-2 we can get better pixel-accuracy for our shots, rather than what sometimes happens is skipping over the top of them or below them.
  3. arcade hunchback video.mp4
  4. You're welcome and thank you. You might like the next game I'm working on too
  5. Thankyou Rasmus I was aiming for a kind of Tuba effect for the music. I thought it suited the comedy gameplay. Also to note; the character patterns are updated "on the fly" rather than kept in the pattern sets. There's a variable that increments from 1 to 2 and points to a specific set of lines to update the patterns that way.
  6. Thankyou Walid Oh yes the river gets difficult past screen 3, on screen 4 I usually die there! By screen 4 though, you'll be getting the extra life (every 1000 points) so that might help with loads more practice
  7. DODGER.zip Zip file contains a small manual, EA5 files and XB Fiad file. Guide Roger the Dodger over a busy road, climb the spider infested wall, and swim the river to get to the flashing arrows. Game has funny music and animations. Give it a whirl and you'll like it. Some notes about the game; You get an extra life every 1000 points There's a time limit of 30 seconds to get to an Arrow. The closer the timer gets to zero , the faster the arrows flash. Roger can be surprisingly speedy along the road but he's slower in the water! Traffic & monsters increase in speed as well as number , the more levels you reach. You can wrap around the screen. Title screen has "attract" screen if you wait a few moments. The game was written using Harry Wilhelm's XB256 and the Compiler. Try it , it's fantastic!
  8. Hi everyone. I've been tinkering with the TI-99/8 emulation in MAME. I decided to try my "Dodger" game to see if it worked / ran faster. It did. Then I broke into the program and attempted to LIST it, knowing I'd done "SAVE CS1, PROTECTED" on the TI-99/4A .... Just wondered if it would still protect it on the TI-99/8. It did. More so than the 99/4A would do. It didn't let me list it, or even run it again, as the program vanished from memory upon pressing Break. Also to note; a protected program will auto-run on the 99/8, whereas normal unprotected ones require the Run command as normal. I was just surprised by the results, some of you may already know about this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1VJ_rvKASXc
  9. Yes that's a thing I tend to do when the action starts to get faster. I think the pivoting thing only works if the Morgs aren't too fast or plentiful.
  10. It places you in the protected city area, except if the area is surrounded on all sides by Cacti then it places you in a random area of the screen I only discovered it last year
  11. That's quite a feat - I can't even get past day 1 on Insane. Do you use the panic-key (space bar?) at all on insane?
  12. One thing to note about the player movement in Tombstone; And I've never been able to perfect this in my games, when the player changes direction if you just lightly tap it up,down, left or right, it won't move straightaway in that direction it faces that way first and if you have it still held down, it then moves. I can see the benefit to this as you don't walk into a Morg unintentionally but I aren't sure if it made the player movement slower ?
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