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  1. I've just sat back and taken in the fact that 40 years later the original author corrects an issue in a game he published in CVG. That is actually brilliant! Blackbox, you actually had a 99/4, how well did your keyboard behave, when programming? Was it an unenviable task or not bad?
  2. Regarding Stunt Car Racer, which is a fantastic game, and has recently been ported to the BBC Micro and Atari 8-bit .... Would it be possible to do it using a monochrome wire-frame for the elevated tracks ? Perhaps have the play screen slightly smaller than other versions so as to hopefully speed things up?
  3. What Rasmus said about expensive RAM is true. Although the ironic thing is, just a year or so later than the TI/994 was designed , RAM prices started to fall. Consumer prices for RAM in 1979 was like £250 for 16KB. As for the "What if" I think you are asking would it perform better? Most likely. But probably not excessively better. For that you'd need to bin the 9900 and commit to another CPU.
  4. Hi save2600, glad you like it ... the ropes are a real bugger ... but they're not quite as hard as some other home conversions, such as the Vic-20 to name but one ! .... once you get the timing right, it's just about the same every time. Jump when the rope is about a sprite's width away from the edge, coming toward the player. Then ensure you press fire again only when you reach the edge at the other side. By the way you'll be pleased to know, it gets slightly harder as you progress, as I'm sure I remember putting in arrows or fireballs that shoot across the screen as you wait for the rope.
  5. You are welcome twoodland. It's great to know people like the game.
  6. Hey thanks! Great to see them both side-to-side like that
  7. At first I attempted humour to de-rail the argument, then I tried to help Rich see where he might have triggered a negative response, and now I've come to the awkward realisation that somehow, somewhere, this entire thread got shitted up. That's not good.
  8. Not having a good day today, videogame-wise! Who got the top score? I can't get anywhere near that! js99er-20210724130454.webm
  9. Yes. A decision was made at Texas Instruments to attempt to lock-out any third-party software developers from making cartridges. They wanted total control over what games came on Cartridge. I think they saw the Mystique games on the 2600 prior to their decision. If, however, they had of allowed third-parties to make games, it would probably have helped push sales of the console.
  10. I think I can help here, Rich ... this is the post that made Senior Falcon write point 4. I've placed a little HunchBack Arrow next to the sentence so you can see what he means.
  11. I would of put in a point of argument too but fortunately I don't have a clue.
  12. I'm 44 years of age. 45 this September. And it took me till that age, reading an entry in AtariAge Forums, to discover the Japanese start from right to left. They did not tell me this in school.
  13. Right. There'd probably be an impact if it was straight XB or Basic then?
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