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  1. It's a terminology that stemmed from the days of the minicomputer or mainframe. As already pointed out, opposite of NEW. As soon as your program is saved, no matter if only an hour ago made, it is OLD!
  2. This is grainy and low quality but this advert, states RAM upgradable to 52Kbytes. I dunno there's just something I consider misleading about that statement. I'm sure there was an advert that counted the Rom size into the total memory, been looking for that one but can't seem to find it again
  3. I remember seeing an advertisement for the TI99 some time ago, an it stated that with all the memory add-ons you had something like 48K (or was it 72K) of RAM. They never said you couldn't use it all as one area of memory but to my understanding you can't have like one 72K game or whatever.
  4. I tend to use all the emulators. I develop mainly on Classic99 but I do deviate to JS99er if I'm making cassette software, or playing on a device such as a chromebook (it ran SO good on my old chromebook). Mame is great for playing games with speech as is JS99er. I understand speech isn't a priority for Classic99, that's no biggie. The speech is acceptable in Classic99 anyhow, it just sounds like Lon Chaney Jr when he got older. I could try again at some point with the compiler in JS99er but i guess i do what i am used to doing, i'm set in my ways.
  5. If you mean just for playing software on it, then yes the others do a great job. I find I can't use the Wilhelm compiler on either JS99er and I haven't and won't even attempt it on Mame. This wouldn't be an issue, but I literally don't make normal basic software anymore
  6. Yeah i came across that bug too with the messy screen. The funny thing was, it actually only happened when the cartridge was freshly inserted. If you reset the TI and then came back into the menu screen, it was normal.
  7. I think the original poster is feeling somewhat deflated at this point. This is the thing with Ebay these days. It's full of scalpers and con-merchants basically. If they're not trying to sell you something for £20,000 because it has vintage applied to it , they're trying to sell things that can be sourced online.
  8. I don't know what this site is but my game is on it?! https://mechanism.fr/getRecord.php?id=702
  9. Regarding the speech working in compiled; I found that if I tried to use certain methods of speech, it didn't work at all. If we try ; CALL SAY("#TRY AGAIN#") this will not work. Basically anything with a "#" won't function.
  10. Glad people are enjoying the game! I never thought about a pause function, that would have been nice I suppose. Love the label
  11. I like your idea Vorticon, unfortunately such a thing is beyond my level of coding or comprehension If anyone wants to try this , I can provide the XB256 source code for them to have a go at. TIC TAC TOE REVISION 2a.txt Note: It really didn't HAVE to be in XB256, it's just, that's my go-to coding language I automatically program in that.
  12. It worked for me, the missile struck the UFO and the explosion sprite happened. In Ciro's the missile is stopping just when it should be registering the collision
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