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  1. Thanks, I'll check out your demos and see if I can get a better handle on sound generation
  2. I would definitely be interested in a IntyBasic tutorial for Sound Effects. My efforts thus far involve a lot of guesswork and poor results. I tried messing around with PSGtinkerer but did not have much success. Anyone providing some basic instruction in the sound department would be greatly appreciated !!
  3. @nanochess and @intvnut - Thanks, the code listed above appears to work - 1 & 9 to pause and 1 & 9 to resume the game. I need to test further but so far, so good I appreciate the excellent and prompt support as always, along with the explanation and commented code. Sincerely, Derek
  4. @intvnut - thank you for the clarification, especially the follow-up post. So far I've been unable to find any tutorials or other sample code which includes any "debounce" code (at least, it's not commented as such). If there is an optimal way to handle this in IntyBasic, I'd appreciate if someone could share the solution. I must not be the only one struggling with this
  5. The code provided resolved most of my issues. I'm still experiencing an activation of the function mapped to CONT.B0 when I press 1 & 9 simultaneously. I confirmed that pressing 1 or 9 separately does not cause this function to activate. Thanks again for the prompt response! I appreciate the detailed explanations as I attempt to pick up where I left off with IntyBasic after a 15-month absence. Sincerely, Derek
  6. @Intvnut - Thank you for clarifying, I knew there was some "magic" behind the way the controller keys were decoded but I was having trouble finding the specific details. Appreciate the detailed response I implemented your suggestion and it "sort of" worked... the game pauses as long as the 1 and 9 keys are held down. However it still activated the code for the top button and the game resumes as soon as I release the key(s). I could just utilize a single key for the pause functionality, but hoped to use the 1 & 9 keys to be consistent with other Intellivision games.
  7. I'm trying to implement a simple pause/resume feature using the standard keypad combo (1 and 9). Also tried with 3 and 7. Either attempt instead results in a button press. If I modify the first line of code to IF cont.key = 4 THEN it works as expected. I assume this is one of those key combination results in other button / disc pressed scenarios? Please advise as I'm under the impression that a workaround exists. 'check for pause key combination IF cont.key = 1 and cont.key = 9 THEN junk = 0 pause_loop: if junk = 0 THEN PRINT AT 84 COLOR ((RAND AND 5)+2)+BG_BLUE,"PAUSE" 'increment timer to change color of pause text junk = junk + 1 'if any key, button or disc is pressed, resume game Wait if cont.button or cont.left or cont.right or cont.up or cont.down then gosub checkforNOKeys: PRINT AT 84 COLOR FG_BLUE+BG_BLUE," ": Gosub WaitaBit: goto resume_game if junk = 25 THEN junk = 0 GOTO pause_loop resume_game: END IF checkforNOKeys: Procedure Rem wait for controller release clearloop: clearkey=cont1 wait if clearkey then goto clearloop wait end WaitaBit:Procedure For a=0 to 10 Wait Next a End
  8. @Kiwi - I tried MODE 0,1,2,7,6 - same results. @Carlsson - no warnings when I compile. The "constants.bas" file indicates latest revision of 1.22F with a file creation date of 1/23/2016.
  9. I sent you a PM. Just to clarify, I did set the mode to SCREEN_CS at the top of the "display_castle_map" procedure. I'm trying to reproduce the GROM with lowercase and graphics in the "drawgrom" procedure. Sincerely, Derek
  10. After an extended vacation from coding, I have decided to continue work on Mermaid. I'm encountering the following issue after compiling the code with IntyBasic 1.2.8 (I think I was using 0.9 or 1.0.3 when I was compiling prior versions - not 100% certain since my laptop expired in the interim). The game executes properly, however the castle map is displaying the incorrect tiles (see "mermaid_incorrect_tiles.jpg" attached) I have included a partial sample of the code that generates the map along with the "grom_debug" code that I used to generate the test image. When the code was working properly, I was using the picture tiles with the bars and triangles to depict the rooms that you have visited within the castle. The attached screenshot confirms that the same code is executing properly with the binary that I compiled shortly after the contest ended (again, under the assumption that I was using IntyBasic 1.0.3 or similar code level in early 2016). display_castle_map: Procedure MODE SCREEN_CS,1,2,7,6 wait cls for a = 0 to 7 resetsprite(a) next spritex(2)=40+(mermaid_castleLocationX* spritey(2)=8+mermaid_castleLocationY*8 castle_map_loop: 'render the map 'first tile to be drawn at position 25, set ps to one tile before 'adding the value of A to set the appropriate tile 'and adding 10 to ps every time we have drawn ten tiles on the screen ps = 24 for a = 1 to 100 IF A = 11 or A = 21 or A = 31 or A = 41 or A = 51 or A = 61 or A = 71 or A = 81 or A = 91 THEN ps = ps + 10 IF trace=0 THEN ON castleLayout(A) GOSUB ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,map_nsew,map_ns,map_ew,map_ne,map_nw,map_se,map_sw,map_n,map_s,map_e,map_w,map_nse,map_nsw,map_new,map_sew ELSE 'debug purposes draw GROM tiles 0-16, 17-32, etc. GOSUB drawgrom 'while debugging, show entire castle layout ''IF castleLayout(A) > 15 THEN B = castleLayout(A) - 15 ELSE B = castleLayout(A) 'ON castleLayout(A) GOSUB ,map_nsew,map_ns,map_ew,map_ne,map_nw,map_se,map_sw,map_n,map_s,map_e,map_w,map_nse,map_nsw,map_new,map_sew ''ON b GOSUB ,map_nsew,map_ns,map_ew,map_ne,map_nw,map_se,map_sw,map_n,map_s,map_e,map_w,map_nse,map_nsw,map_new,map_sew 'PRINT AT (PS+A), A*8 END IF next wait Spriteframe=Spriteframe+1:If SpriteFrame>3 then SpriteFrame=0 'check for key press on either controller 'return to game scene based on user input 'if waitkeypress > 20 then IF cont.key = 8 THEN waitkeypress = 0 : GOTO returnToGame IF waitkeypress > 20 then Rem check both controllers for a button or disc right/left to exit map screen if Cont.right or Cont.left then gosub checkforNOKeys: waitkeypress = 0 : GOTO returnToGame END IF 'add code to display mermaid sprites in her current room location using default 8x8 size if mermaidFacing=0 then Sprite 0,spritex(2)+VISIBLE,spritey(2), SPR32+ (8*spriteframe) +#SpriteC(0) else Sprite 0,Spritex(2)+VISIBLE,Spritey(2)+FLIPX, SPR32+ (8*spriteframe) +#SpriteC(0) if mermaidFacing=0 then Sprite 1,spritex(2)+VISIBLE,spritey(2), SPR36+ (8*spriteframe) +#SpriteC(1) else Sprite 1,Spritex(2)+VISIBLE,Spritey(2)+FLIPX, SPR36+ (8*spriteframe) +#SpriteC(1) waitkeypress = waitkeypress + 1 GOTO castle_map_loop ***** drawgrom:Procedure ps = 1 for a = 0 to 212 PRINT AT (PS+A), A*8 next End map_nsew:Procedure IF trace=0 THEN PRINT AT (PS+A), 95*8 ELSE PRINT AT (PS+A), 17*8 End map_ns:Procedure IF trace=0 THEN PRINT AT (PS+A), 210*8 ELSE PRINT AT (PS+A), 18*8 End
  11. Congratulations to Emerson and mmarrero, and amazing work by all of the participants. I'm looking forward to playing all of the games in their completed forms!
  12. Here is the version that I submitted for the contest - v0.8 (WIP) mermaid008.rom
  13. Here is a gameplay video for Mermaid, version 0.8 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fEk6Ax621Co
  14. Here is version 0.8. Still needs a bit of polish, and a few items to be implemented. mermaid008.bas Mermaid_Game_Instruction_Booklet.pdf
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