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    I don't have a CX85... but I would say it is not properly wired for being compatible with the 5200 when plugged into a M.P. Clone. Sega Mark 3 controllers are digital and can work with the Sega Master System, so like any Master System controller they'll work on the 5200 with a M.P. Clone. The Amiga Powerstick is digital, as are all Atari 2600 joysticks. That joystick you showed an image of will work on a 5200 with the M.P. Clone.
  2. I actually enjoy Cosmic Swarm when it's played with a controller you'd never think would be any good for this type of game: A mouse. I have some footage of myself playing the game with a Commodore 64 mouse, and it was challenging and actually pretty fun. Here you go (go to 16 min 38 seconds into the video):
  3. It would be an honor and a privilege to be your official adapter tester One of these days you'll have to get a 5200 and some games. It's definitely worth owning if you value early classic games.
  4. Just let me know when this one is ready to ship for testing. I definitely would be interested in trying it out
  5. It turns out I was mistaken. Beamrider has purely digital controls. I had thought otherwise due to how one of my Genesis to 5200 adapters was working imperfectly with Beamrider and Genesis controllers. It turns out the adapter was actually the problem, not some weird analog issue with the game. I now have a 2nd Genesis to 5200 controller adapter that remedied the problem.
  6. ave1

    Trak-Ball feel

    The buttons differ between these 3 models. I'm thinking CX22 because the circular buttons might be more desirable.
  7. Something big has been accomplished today that has never before been accomplished (but I'm not yet spilling the details). I'll be discussing this on the next Atari 5200 Podcast:
  8. Here it is: https://ebay.us/st9QHv I believe Alex Melnyk was referring to the Ikonsgr adapter.
  9. I will probably be doing just that. Hope everything works on my system.
  10. Yes- heard every word. Once you get a camera stand and can get more close-ups of the controllers and equipment, things will be even better
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