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  1. Blissbox might work...
  2. For those of you with a Wii or Gamecube, I have unique controller options that enable you to have an authentic flight yoke to play Star Wars Arcade which is a bonus game in the Gamecube title, Star Wars Rebel Strike: Rogue Squadron III. With this flight yoke, you can also play many Gamecube flight games- and there's even a way to go wireless with the flight yoke. If you are a fan of Star Wars, this can really up the fun in these games. Check it out:
  3. Ikonsgr makes a PC to 5200 controller adapter that is functionally the same as bohoki's adapter. They do look different, though...
  4. I was definitely referring to using a Masterplay Clone adapter combined with a Tototek PSX to 9 pin Sega adapter. I believe Swami wasn't referring to that, but to Dr. Venkman's controller circuit board. Another thing I want to point out is that you can definitely get full analog with PC 15 pin joysticks/steering controllers and thumbstick controllers like the Makopad PC using a bohoki controller adapter (or bohoki-clone). You can also get true analog if you add an additional adapter to the bohoki adapter that's called the Smartjoy Emulator Adapter (a Playstation to PC 15 pin controller adapter). This is a great way to get the Playstation thumbsticks working on the analog-only games. I really like the Barracuda analog PSX gamepad for playing Gorf, Star Wars Arcade, Missile Command, Tempest, and Super Breakout on the 5200 (and it's good for the sports games, as well).
  5. I appreciate you telling me about the throttle conversion method, bohoki. That might be worth a try on some of my games- I have one controller that has a spring lever, and I wonder how that might work if I remove the spring. Hmmm... I chuckled at your remarks about a Lily Tomlin switchboard for the 5200 controller buttons. I don't think I'll go that far, but you can really get creative if motivated to do so. Hey 0078265317, I know which adapters you're referring to. They work on the digital games, not analog games, right?
  6. I've tested and completed my review of the latest and greatest Atari 5200 controller adapter made by Atariage member, Ikonsgr. It's essentially a bohoki-clone that enables you to use PC 15 pin controllers on the SuperSystem. In the video, I've demonstrated a good number of analog and digital PC controllers (gamepads, keypads, joysticks, steering controllers, and flight yokes) being used to effectively play 5200 games. Some of these controllers have the ability to be used as both analog and digital controllers (Makopad PC gamepad, Radio Shack gamepad, and the Vortex 3D), right-hand/left hand switching digital gamepads (Gravis PC Gamepad and the Reveal Gamepad), and there's even one which has the ability to switch between self-centering and non-self-centering ("dead-fish stick") analog joystick control. Check it out:
  7. I am intending on reviewing this on my Ytube channel, Wired-Up Retro, as soon as I can get this into my hands- and intend to be the 1st to thoroughly review it on the platform. Make sure you subscribe to my channel so you'll get the notification once it's up.
  8. Bassguitari got it right.
  9. Here you go: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Atari-5200-adapter-9pin-DB9-Sega-Genesis-Amiga-Amstrad-Commodore-Joystick-Pad/274188778409?hash=item3fd6ecbba9:g:7iwAAOSwc99ejN8t
  10. Maybe I should do an episode having to do with Star Wars videogame Secrets Revealed and wear a Wookie mask until the very end and take off the mask then... and name the video "Wookieleaks" ...or not
  11. I've heard that about Julian Assange before- funny! Glad you've enjoyed some of the controller projects. This particular one with the paddles was a fun one to put together.
  12. Yes, but there are some extra things needed:
  13. I got 5200 Zenji off Ebay (cart only) for $20 shipped in April of 2019. Honestly, I think that $48 is reasonable for Zenji these days...
  14. ave1

    bluetooth to 2600

    I used a somewhat different approach and got it working. It's a nice item to have
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