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  1. I've been contemplating what specialized handheld steering controllers are available for the PS4 to increase steering accuracy in PS4 racing games above and beyond what you get with the Dual Shock 4. Now I realize that a good number of you race with a force feedback wheel and this topic may not be geared toward you, but more toward someone who is looking for a more compact solution to enhance their racing game experience. Something I realized is that in this generation of consoles there's a real lack of specialized racing controllers... and it probably has something to do with people just either wanting to race with a legit steering wheel, or just pick up the very comfortable Dual Shock 4 controller and drive to their heart's content. Back in the 90's specialized handheld racing controllers seemed to come out a few times a year, and even the PS2 generation saw a number of interesting controllers focused on helping you cut time off your Gran Turismo track laps being released. Many racing fans played their racing games with the Namco NeGcon, the Interact UltraRacer, the Fanatec Speedster, and the Gamester ProRacer 2. When the PS3 generation hit, there was the HKS specialized racing controller with its analog dial, and the Sixaxis controller itself that helped you to steer with motion controls. Companies came out with wheel-shaped accessories to attach to your PS3 controller so you could race like Mario Karters were on the Wii. In this generation, the Dual Shock 4 can be outfitted with an attachable wheel for the purpose of adding some realism to the motion control found in GT Sport, Wipeout Omega, and the Project Cars games. There are some other options that some of you PS4 fans might not have heard of, though. I put together a little presentation that highlights the best options for compact handheld racing controllers and wanted to share it with you here today - hope some of you may benefit from the info:
  2. I like the Nyko Dream Master... Your hands will conform to its shape pretty well. I reviewed it a long time ago on PlanetDreamcast.com: https://planetdc.segaretro.org/hardware/reviews/nykodreammaster/index.html
  3. Just checking on the status of this. Anyone seeing progress?
  4. Thanks, Ikonsgr74. Glad you've got some good guys on your team
  5. For a PC controller with gameport connector to work on the 5200 (1 and 2 button games), you need a single adapter. These have been made by Atariage member, bohoki, in the past. I'm not sure when he's planning on making the next batch of them... To get a 9 pin Atari controller working (1 button compatibility) on the 5200 you have a few options: 1) Masterplay Interface controller adapter (actually offers compatibility with the 2 button games if you purchase the adapter with the additional button that has adhesive). These were made in the 80's and show up on Ebay from time to time, though they are quite rare. 2) Use a bohoki PC to 5200 controller adapter and plug that into an adapter that converts 9 pin controllers to 15 pin PC gameport (made by an Ebayer from Greece, Ikonsgr74). This gets Atari, Master System, and Genesis controllers compatible (2 button compatibility for the Sega controllers). 3) Find a Masterplay Clone (for Atari 1 button compatibility and Sega controller 2 button game compatibility) which are rare these days. These were made by various people including Atariage members, lowbudget and Atariguy1021. 4) Redemption adapters were made available in the early 2000s here at Atariage and there were 3 kinds: one that made 7800 controllers compatible (2 button support), one for 9 pin Sega/Atari Controllers (Sega controllers have 2 button support), and one for PC gameport controllers (2 button compatibility). These are very rare these days. All this is covered on various videos I've made on my Wired-Up Retro Youtube channel if you want to check it out. Oh yeah, here is one more weird option if you like using paddles (you need a Wico 5200 splitter cable and two 9 pin solderless connectors for this):
  6. Just now seeing this - Wow! Hope someone can build one and get it tested soon. If I can be of help, I'm willing to be involved in testing.
  7. No, the Jaguar controllers are on an isolated island for this system. No outsiders allowed!
  8. Alright, got some new info for you. I had Tempest on the incompatible list, but it turns out to be working astoundingly well with the mouse!
  9. Just a heads-up on a 5200 controller experiment I ran last evening that was surprisingly successful for playing the 1 and 2 button games. (experimented using Space Invaders as well as Dreadnaught Factor). This method is the 3rd unique way that's been discovered to get a mouse working on the 5200 digital games (not the pure analog games). Like the other 2 methods it tends to work on most of the 5200 game library (with varying results) with the exception of these six titles: Gorf, Kaboom, Missile Command, Super Breakout, Star Wars the Arcade Game, and Tempest. Items needed: The 2 items needed to play the single button 5200 games are a Masterplay Clone (mine was made by Atariguy1021 in 2016, and it has potentiometer adjusters which are a must for it to work right) and a Commodore 64 mouse (model 1351). This mouse is especially cool because it has the capability to simulate analog movement in digital games due to pulse technology that it has onboard. In other words, your Space Invaders ship can be moved slowly with slow mouse movements or more quickly with fast mouse movements. To play the two button games you need two more items: a 9 pin splitter cable (two male plugs going to a female plug) and a Genesis 3 button gamepad. The method to get things working for the single button 5200 games is as follows. Plug your Masterplay Clone into the 5200 and connect the 9 pin connector of the mouse to the port of the Masterplay Clone. Now before pressing the power button on the console, press and hold the right mouse button. Turn on the console and wait for the game to boot up before taking your finger off the right mouse button. The mouse should now be functioning properly. For two button games connect the 9 pin splitter cable to the port of the Masterplay Clone (which you have plugged into the 5200). Connect a Genesis 3 button gamepad and the mouse to the male plugs of the splitter cable. Press and hold the mouse right button. Turn on the console and wait for the game to boot up before taking your finger off the mouse button. One of the mouse buttons is your primary fire button and the second button is utilized by pressing the 'C' button on your Genesis gamepad. You will have two hands in use to play the two button games. Well, there ya go. Games to try might include Ballblazer, Centipede, Dreadnaught Factor, Gyruss, Meteorites, Rescue on Fractalus, Space Invaders, and Zone Ranger. Have at it!
  10. Wondering if a new batch could be made?
  11. I have tried with mine. I would need to send it through the mail (which I won't do) or a plane trip to get a guy to accomplish the task. Another option is to have the computer cartridge reader sent through the mail to me for a day or two so data can be obtained. I see that to be the best option... Just need someone to be willing to send it to me. Tried to get that accomplished two years ago... and was told to wait. I'm willing, but it all depends on the person who owns the equipment.
  12. I've got a few Atari controller secrets to reveal which some of you may have never come upon. Here's the lowdown: 1) the Atari CX-22 Trakball has a desirable feature that the later-released black CX-80 Trakball doesn't have. In fact, there are other 2600-compatible trackballs that have this feature as well... 2) The combo paddle/joystick 2600 controllers made by Sears and Coleco are not as effective to play paddle games on a light sixer or heavy sixer unless you have a particular item to use with the controller. There are some people here who may have never known about this. 3) Omega Race is a two-button game requiring a special "Booster Grip" to properly play it. Some may not have that Booster Grip, but there is another way to play the game... and a controller from another gaming console is the key. 4) There's a particular mouse that can be used to play 2600 games, but there's a trick that you have to know in order to make it "active". I've got all this explained in today's presentation on my Wired-up Retro Ytube channel. Enjoy:
  13. Here's my tutorial video on upgrading my old Jaguar rotary controller into more of a spinner controller. I used an Atari 2600 paddle top that I loaded up with fishing sinkers. Check it out here:
  14. Modded my Atari paddle to a new design with an aluminum volume knob and some adhesive woodgrain drawer liner. Here's how I did it:
  15. I'll make an attempt to reach out to him today.
  16. For the like-new condition that it's in with working controllers and box, I'd say you got a great deal. Congrats!
  17. That joystick is nice looking. Good find- I have never seen one before.
  18. bohoki- I used these breakout boards on a couple episodes of my Ytube classic gaming presentations. Hmmm, maybe I'll do an episode on wiring one of these up for the 5200
  19. Alright- thanks for the answers. Appreciate it
  20. On PC flight games that have joystick compatibility and not mouse compatibility, it could be interesting... Also, I have an adapter for 15 pin PC controllers to work on the 5200. If the mouse could be made to work in an analog way with the SNES to 15 pin PC adapter and the two adapters were combined, it might make playing some of the analog 5200 games quite cool (Dreadnaught Factor, Tempest, Beamrider, etc...).
  21. Can you get this to work with the SNES mouse?
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