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  1. Here's my idea: https://youtu.be/TVyCBsLU1jM
  2. Today I've got a presentation to share that has to do with two products: 1) The new Playstation to 5200 Controller Adapter designed by Dr. Scott Baker and provided to me by Tony Stout. 2) Wico Command Control fitover joystick add-ons (3D-print design by Tony Stout). Both products are reviewed and demonstrated with games like Space Dungeon, Roboteon 2084, anf Missile Command. Check it out:
  3. Here's my latest product review having to do with the Playstation to Atari 5200 controller adapter with two stick compatibility on Robotron 2084 and Space Dungeon. I also reviewed a 3D-printed product made by Tony Stout that is a fit-over joystick for the 5200 Wico Command Control. Enjoy!
  4. I think you can use just about any USB PC controller to play Stella on a PC. The Thrustmaster should work.
  5. I reviewed the new Trooper 2. Haven't tried it yet with a Retron 77, but I tried it out on a 2600 emulator game on my Ouya and it worked very well. That's shown near the end of the presentation:
  6. Try Xpadder (assigning keyboard keys to your joystick actions) and- for whatever game you got on Steam- go into the keyboard mappings for that game and assign what you want your keybindings to be. Should work.
  7. Just now seeing this. There's a way to install an actual Atari paddle onto a Dual Shock 4 with help of a 3D printed mini-steering wheel you can find on Etsy or Ebay. If you buy a wireless 8bitDo adapter that converts the Dual Shock 4 to Switch, you'll have a somewhat easy way to play Atari paddle games that are on Atari Flashback on your Switch. Here's my video showing how to install it:
  8. Just an everyday guy who likes to figure stuff out... who likes playing racing games
  9. I managed to connect my Sony Playstation "Analog Joystick" to various modern consoles to play some racing games. This can be accomplished by connecting a CronusMax Plus adapter (running a special software script) to the console of your choice and then plugging in two additional adapters: The Trio Linker Plus II and the Classic Linker N64. Here's the link to the video showing it off:
  10. I have a USB joystick which I constructed (Tron multicontroller) and I got it working on the 5200 through a series of adapters and additional power supply. Here's the video about that: In the video I featured 4 separate diagrams that can be used if you want to connect USB controllers to Atari consoles. Diagram #3 in the video is probably the one you're after. Here's a special link which shows my USB joystick to 5200 setup: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LDzKwyBS47AGzB7B1YRXkS_-oiSpvQ87/view Hope that helps.
  11. Some of my 15 pin PC analog joysticks have rather large deadzones when used on the 5200 with an adapter. That could be your solution right there.
  12. The 8bitdo Retro Receivers will only work on a 2600 when plugged into an additional adapter known as the Best Electronics Sega Controllers to Atari Systems Adapter Cable (or alternatively an Edladdin Seagull78 controller adapter). ... Or you could do the RevEng mod on your Retro Receiver(s) to avoid having to buy a pair of the Best Electronics or Seagull 78 adapters: When it comes to the 90 degree position changing adapters, you'll need both the 90 clockwise and 90 counterclockwise adapters and they are easy to make with a couple cords (having 9 or more internal wires inside) and 9 pin solderless connectors (male and female). You can find these connectors by using the following search words on Ebay: db9 9 pin solderless plug. My video shows how to do it here (14 min 20 seconds in):
  13. Some of my favorite 2 joystick games for the 2600 include Stargate, Spy Hunter, Solaris, and Radar Lock. Over the course of time I've tried various joysticks out on these games to see if I could get superior control one way or the other. Really the best option happens to be putting a table in front of me with a pair of suction cups joysticks attached, but hauling out a table for that purpose is kinda a hassle. There are trays for the 2600 CX-40 joysticks to be placed in for 2 joystick gaming, but I've never managed to add one of these to my collection... So, I have a new idea to share here, and it h has to do with using an 8bitdo Retro Receiver for the Genesis along with a wireless pair of Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons. Check out what I've managed to accomplish:
  14. It's alright, man... there's all sorts of people who enjoy Atari tech stuff- and some of them will write walls of text, and I'd say "more power to ya." Here's an HDTV1080P topic where it was well-received by all: Why scoff at somebody who's a 5200 fan? I'm not for doing that, no matter what- even if their content has 100 extra explanatory words that might not have been necessary. HDTV1080P, you're alright in my book
  15. Here are some great ideas for controlling some of these classic games on your PS4:
  16. Not saying that at all. Just saying that he'd be covering himself in case someone is using some less-than-ideal 3rd party product for the Genesis that might have become broken (internal wires becoming frayed or something). ... And I did state "but I really don't think that's necessary." I am definitely not worried at all about doing any harm to controller ports or the adapter itself by connecting these 5V pins.
  17. I'd say go ahead and put in the order for the next batch with the revision. If you feel the need, you can state in its description that - when it comes to the Genesis controller- you do not recommend using anything other than 1st party Sega Genesis controllers. But I really don't think that's necessary.
  18. Yep- Atari paddles. It's on YouTube. Use the search terms: innovative analog controls mod Atari 5200.
  19. I got the 3rd party Joycons for this 5200 and 7800 purpose specifically. The 1st party Joycons were loaned to me by my daughter who owns a Switch console.
  20. Here's the sequel episode, and though it concentrates on the 5200 there's some very interesting 7800 content having to do with 7800 Robotron 2084 being played with dual thumbstick controllers past the midway point in the video. If you remotely like Robotron 2084 check it out:
  21. I've come up with some new ways to use Switch Joy-cons on the Atari 5200 Console (as well as other Atari consoles), and there's some really good news about the two stick games, Robotron 2084 and Space Dungeon. They feel great being played with thumbsticks. The two stick method requires that you'll need to purchase the following items: 1) Two Ikonsgr74 (Ebay) 9 pin to Atari 5200 controller adapters 2) Two 8bitdo Retro Receivers for the Sega Genesis 3) Two cords around 5 to 8 inches long that have 9 or more internal electrical wires 4) Two Male 9 pin solderless connectors (db9) and two female 9 pin solderless connectors (db9). 5) Nintendo Switch left and right Joycons with Grip/recharger. After you have these items just follow the instructions I have for you here (explained midway into the presentation) to get it all set up (soldering a wire onto the board of the 2020-released Ikonsgr 9 pin to 5200 adapter is required):
  22. Atari solid state electronics were designed to withstand a some abuse. My Wired-Up Retro experiments have never blown up anything over the past 5 years. . . But I'm purposefully avoiding messing with the C64.
  23. Nothing bad happened when I plugged in my 1st party Genesis gamepad and pressed the 3rd button. I also pressed the start button along with the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd buttons (in various combinations) with nothing out of the ordinary happening.
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