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  1. Is it too late to get The!Cart? Will there be another run?
  2. Absolutely love this! Nice work.
  3. I have an Atari 400 with an Atari 830 Acoustic coupled modem. I bought one of those retro phone things to connect to my smartphone to try and do exactly what you are suggesting. I did not have any success. I think Grimakis is right, the cell network compression prevents this from working. I am now using a lantronix mss100 to telnet into bbs's instead.
  4. Thank you for your help _The Doctor_. My apologies for taking so long to respond. I ended up picking up a Lantronix mss100 after seeing all the commotion in that other thread. It turns out that bobterm 1.22 works fine on the xep80 when I go through the mss100 (and atari 850). I was able to connect to a couple of bbs's without dropped/scrambled characters. I still want to go back and see if I can get the sio2pc working with the xep80 now that I know it should work, but I'll save that for a future project. Thanks again.
  5. I have tried Ice-t 800 (as I use a 48k 400). And it works ok. 80 columns on a monochrome monitor(I have a green monitor and amber monitor) looks muuuuch better than Ice-t IMHO. My main display is an lcd via s-video, so perhaps ice-t's 80 column mode will look better when I get a crt with s-video - but I still don't think it will look as nice as a monochrome monitor does. I wasn't able to connect to a bbs with the 850/830, but putting the 830 on test and typing seems to work fine without dropping characters (perhaps this method isn't fast enough to compare?). Does this mean my dropped character problem is APE related? Bobterm without the xep module loaded works fine. If the xep module is loaded, I get dropped characters(even prior to making a connection, and on the main display as well). I have made sure to use the improved xep module as well. I have tried different versions of APE and bobterm. I have tried adjusting "metering levels". Nothing makes a difference. I know the xep is ok, because i can run atari writer 80 without issue. Can someone that uses a setup similar to mine(48k 400/800, usb sio2pc, xep80) post a copy of bobterm, or other terminal program setup for xep80 that I can try? Or suggest APE settings to use?
  6. Updated APE to the latest. Tried different metering levels. Tried bobterm 1.1. Still no luck. I know the xep is pretty much universally hated, but if I could just use it for BBS'ing I think it would be a 'killer app' for me. As I'm on an Atari 400, I don't have many 80 column choices. Any ideas to get this working? Or alternatives to bobterm w xep80?
  7. Hoping someone can help me figure this out. I am trying to use bobterm with the xep80. I am connecting via APE. I have no trouble while connecting without the xep80. As soon as I put the xep driver on the atr as module1.btm, bobterm starts dropping characters. I do see text on both the xep and atari screen, but tons of characters are dropped. I have tried all baud rates from 300 to 9600, although I don't think baud should be an issue because I get dropped characters even when not connected. For instance, I type '?', and the APE help menu has lots of dropped characters. I have tried bobterm versions 1.20, 1.21, and 1.22- all with the same result. I couldn't get 1.23 to load at all. I have tried using the updated module1 from Mathy's site that supports 9600 baud with each version of bobterm. What am I missing? I haven't tried downgrading or updating APE. I haven't tried not using APE and connecting via 850 and 830 modem. Is there anything else I can try? Is there an alternative to bobterm that works with the xep?
  8. I came across this video of the history of Nintendo's power glove and was suprised to see a (very)brief mention of Atari and their 8 bit computers. Would be interesting to hear interviews of these guys' experience at Atari. The Atari part is fairly early in the video.
  9. I was one that went from atari 8 bit to amiga. From there to a 486. Been messing around with the atari 400 and a500 again for the last couple of years, after decades away.
  10. Ya, i think the rejects were mostly cosmetic, but there were definitely some bad discs in there as well. Although i wonder if maybe the discs were ok, but just were binding up in the sleeve or something and not turning? I had so many, i dont think i ever bothered with the bad ones...
  11. In the early eighties, my friend's dad worked at a company called mag-media that made floppy disks. I don't think they sold their own brand, but they made disks for several companies. I don't recall the names(I want to say verbatim was one, but don't quote me), but no name cheapo brands came off the same production line that a couple of the big name brands did. Just different art/packaging. I would guess the big name brands had several of these companies producing disks for them. Quality was probably more of an issue of which of these contract manufacturers made the disks rather than the branding. Although some of the bigger names may have had there own production lines with tighter control of quality... He used to give me garbage bags full of "reject" floppies, and most of them worked fine! I wonder if I had been smart enough to keep my old stuff if any of those reject disks would still work.I think most of the rejects just didn't seal at the folds properly...
  12. Just tried on an s6 edge with android 5.1.1 and it works fine sorry i can't help. I assume you have the os roms folder configured, or it wouldn't have gotten that far? I have it set as an 800xl 64k...
  13. It's really wonderful that your daughter is enjoying her new games. And a very nice thank you note. I hope this "authority" will leave you guys alone. As if things aren't hard enough already. Good job AtariAger's!
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