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  1. The official Nintendo SNES wireless controller is nice.
  2. Okay, now I'm curious -- who owns the rights to The Immortal? Edit: I just looked that up... Piko Interactive? Those are the folks making various retro game carts for all sorts of systems... that's interesting.
  3. Ah, I'll have to look at that -- although I do wish more people just wrote up instructions instead of posting 10-15 minute videos. He has a link to a google drive with the software, so I'll have to take a loot at it later. I might wait until an easily-accessible guide on adding other emulators emerges. This is promising, though!
  4. This was years ago, so I don't quite recall. However, when I dig out my bag of disks, I'll check.
  5. SOMETHING was in Sacramento... (Google search) SIRIUS Software! I remember stumbling across that when reading about the strange path of Nasir Gebelli, who ended up programming Famicom titles for Square...
  6. I'm in Sacramento, and when I was in high school I often found Atari 8-bit cartridges in local thrift stores... and just after college, I found two 2600 "Lab Loaner" protos (which I sold to someone in German via ebay... ah, so long ago). I've often assumed some old Atari folks moved to general Sacramento region for retirement, which might explain those loaner carts... Wasn't Synapse (or someone like that) based out here in the Sacramento region?
  7. I skimmed through the list and I don't recognize anything on it. Oh well... I'll double check when I find my bag of disks, though.
  8. Well, again, it's unlikely I actually have anything that rare, but I keep meaning to check.
  9. Okay, this question is years old, and I've always been curious about it. Way back when, I received an XF551 for my XE Game System... that, and the 850 I got for free, gave me a full working computer! (State of the art for the early 90s, of course. Cough. Cough cough.) I remember having several issues with the XF551, though -- I remember reading something about it having weak solder on the cable connectors, but that wasn't the problem... On several of the older commercial disks I received, the disks ended up... weirdly scratched. Clear rings appeared on the disks. Something was scratching off the magnetic coating when the disks spun... this didn't happen in most cases, but it did in a few. (Poor, poor Way Out). My question is -- what would have been the most likely culprit? Old disks with weak magnetic material? Dust getting stuck on the disk and dragged by the drive itself? A bad drive mechanism? This was ages ago, and I got "new" XF551 drives afterwards, and the older one (which stopped working) was fixed...
  10. I may have missed this, but is there a general list of "stuff we need" somewhere? Somewhere in my archives (heh) I have a few bags old Atari 8-bit stuff. My uncle gave it to me in the early 90s when I got a disk drive for my Atari XEGS... I doubt I have anything extra rare, but I believe I had the original manuals for a large number of them. I'm not sure I can still FIND them, but I thought I should know what to keep my eye out for.
  11. Well, the US, Canada, and Mexico are safe for now. I believe what's happening is that regions without full eShops are being shut down -- that is, regions where all you can do is redeem a game code and download it. Again, I'm not sure where I heard this, but I had the understanding that 3DS and Wii U full-service eShops are still functioning.
  12. I've been looking, but I can't find much information that isn't a year old... There are RECENT posts from folks claiming they have everything figured out, but they weirdly refuse to provide any information unless folks login to telegram. I'm assuming they must be sharing custom images with ROMs prebuilt, which explains the lack of publicly accessible info...
  13. I got some of those Micro Arcades to give away as cheap Christmas presents last year... Gamestop had a few for $5-$7 for a bit. I purchased one of the Neo Geo Minis during the $30 Amazon sale a few months back -- does anyone know how easily they can be hacked? The game selection isn't great, but the device would make a fun little early 80s arcade box...
  14. Just a spelling note -- you should use YOU'RE OKAY instead of YOUR OKAY in that screenshot. YOU'RE is the contraction ("you are okay"), whereas YOUR is the possessive ("that is your truck.")
  15. I'll double check JUST in case I'm crazy, but the original was 4:3 and all of the footage is widescreen -- and there's no way to do that without cropping the image. The original source material was 4:3, I believe. That, and when I e-mailed the company's tech support, they said I was right and that they'd pass on my request for patching the game with the original footage. I don't know how likely that is, though. I don't know if the game itself is actually UNPLAYABLE -- I'm assuming they were halfway intelligent and ensured that the scenes show all the required stuff, but I haven't tried playing it much -- the mangled image sort of got rid of my interest.
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