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  1. While cleaning out the storage room in my school, I stumbled across an Amiga. I neglected to take a picture of that (I'll do it on Monday) and I didn't note the model, but I had two quick questions... 1) What's the cheapest way to get a power supply for a random Amiga? 2) Did most units have an integrated disk drive, or is that a missing element I'd need to track down? I was hopeful there were more bits and pieces around, but it appears to be just one unit...
  2. If you download Capcom Arcade before the... 25th?... you can download the original arcade Ghosts 'n Goblins for free. When Capcom does their inevitable 50% off sale, I'll buy the packs of games... for now, I'll live with my free copies of 1943 and GnG.
  3. Er... now I'm not sure. The GBros lets you use any GameCube/Classic controller as a wireless Switch controller OR a wired USB controller. It has computer support too, I believe. It seems like it SHOULD connect to the USB receiver, but I've never tested it as I've always just linked directly via Bluetooth.
  4. What is "Kepone" supposed to be/mean? I tried looking for info on this, and I got no closer to figuring this out.
  5. As an aside -- if you were looking to use it on the Switch, the 8bitdo Gbros wireless adapter is nice -- it turns any "classic controller" plug into a wireless controller. Bluetooth, of course... At the risk of getting off topic -- Nintendo's official wireless SNES controller is nice.
  6. This confuses me. Where/how/why/what led to you getting that?
  7. Okay, this is neat... it seems like it should be possible to make a modified design that works on a Joycon -- the gear assembly is interesting. I wonder who came up with this idea...
  8. As a side note, I remember getting my hands on an Atari 80 column ANSI package that let me play BBS games ages ago...
  9. I've been to that place once... I'm trying to remember if it's connected to the twin brothers who used to sell video games at one of the swap meets in Sacramento...
  10. I believe that if you downloaded and bought the packs on the day it was released, you have access to the Williams tables... they pulled them within 24 hours, though. Supposedly folks who purchased them at launch still have access. Zaccaria is interesting, but I don't think folks are that interested in that style of pinball. I did pick up a physical copy of the Stern Pinball Arcade compilation for the Switch... and it seems decent enough.
  11. The Mayflash one was available first -- and it does let you plug USB controllers into it, as well as working as a wireless adapter.
  12. Are you talking about the original Neo Geo controllers, or one of the modern USB versions? The USB versions might work with the adapter... if not, if there is a Neo Geo to USB conversion device, you might have luck. When it comes to controllers: The 8BitDo Wireless Bluetooth Adapter ($20) lets you use almost any bluetooth controller on the Switch. As it's detected as a USB pro controller, you can also do full system button remapping. The 8BitDo GBros Wireless Adapter ($20) lets you use any WIRED GameCube or Wii Classic Controller as a wireless Switch controller. One nice thing this lets you do is use the NES and SNES Mini controllers with your Switch. Wavebird receivers don't fit in the plug, but I've been told you can fix that with an extension cord. You can also use this as a wired adapter. The Mayflash Mini NS Adapter ($20) lets you use almost any wired (or bluetooth wireless) controller on the Switch. Of the three, the 8Bitdo USB is the easiest to use, whereas the Mayflash one seems to support nearly anything I've plugged into it. As an aside, I have the Logitech Gamecube Wheel, and I can't get that to work on the Switch using the Gbros, so I might be out of luck.
  13. Get the 99 cent "Fuze Player" -- Fuze is a programming language they've released on the Switch, and the Fuze Player showcases titles designed in Fuze. I believe it has about 20 titles in it now, and more will be made available over time.
  14. I don't think this will necessarily help you, but... I like Blassic (www.blassic.net) -- it was made to run "old" BASIC programs, and I use it for hacking together small utilities. I don't think it will load tokenized Basic files, though...
  15. It's not a shoot 'em up, but if you only pick ONE Switch game, get Breath of the Wild.
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