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  1. It looks like it has various extra features, though. 30MB doesn't seem that small for an emulator these days -- not the ROM binaries, mind you. They could also be live patching in the translation -- NERD appears to do that, and I assume they've been in charge of this project.
  2. I keep waiting for Smash Bros. Ultimate to get Bonk as a new fighter...
  3. That reminds me that somewhere in my emails, I had a message from Scott Adams years ago... I forget the context for it, but I had some question for him.
  4. ...as someone who has a Jaguar (somewhere in the closet) but only a tertiary interest in Jaguar stuff -- is there a thread somewhere that explains this part? I'm curious -- is it something to do with folks making pirate carts easily, or...?
  5. I keep hearing that the CD-i is difficult to emulate... not sure if that's still true, though.
  6. I'm just hoping you're getting compensation other than just the download code!
  7. As a side note -- I find it interesting that Super Burger Time was released as a Johnny Turbo title, and now in the Golem pack, while the ORIGINAL Burger Time was released by Hamster as part of the Arcade Archives series.
  8. I don't know, although I'm suspicious they are just the Johnny Turbo emulations put into bundles with a new title screen. Golem Entertainment has the publishing rights to the "Johnny Turbo" Data East titles now. Golem Entertainment appears to have no contact info anywhere. I tried getting in touch with them, but the best I could do was contact a PR group for an older release -- and they never got back to me. Golem appears to be a holding company with a single employee/owner. The screenshots on the Golem Retro Classix versions all appear to have the same blur-"scanline" effect. If Golem would do an ownership discount for owning any of the Johnny Turbo titles, I might consider grabbing one of these packages. The 2-in-1 packs seem rather overpriced, though -- but that might just be because I'm used to the Johnny Turbo versions being on sale for $1.99.
  9. This is actually fun. Not frustrating fun, either -- fun fun. Free if you own a Nintendo Online subscription...
  10. I believe this is generally true for Lithium ion batteries -- they degrade if they go for long periods of time without use/power.
  11. I remember seeing a tv news segment on that guy. Does anyone have more information? I kind of want to see how long that lasted...
  12. I hadn't thought about trying the 8itdo Sega retro receivers for Atari stuff... I kind of want to go buy one or two, now.
  13. Okay, something is bugging me... In Super Mario 64, one of the camera modes let you LOCK the camera in place while running around -- allowing you to, say, run off into the distance and become a tiny speck. I can't seem to get that working. I thought it was in Mario camera mode, and you held down a shoulder button. However, the should buttons appear to be mirrored, and neither one seems to lock the camera..
  14. The droid, from Planetfall. "Last version was better," says Floyd. "More bugs. Bugs make game fun."
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