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  1. Well... after a LITTLE bit of research, I found a scan of the Centipede operator manual. ( https://www.arcade-museum.com/manuals-videogames/C/centipede-tm182.pdf ) Page 12 shows pricing stickers -- the 5th is the the one that was on the machine. Does anyone know how common $1 coin acceptors were at the time? I don't think I ever remember seeing a notice like that, even when I was a tiny kid playing arcade games ages ago... granted, that doesn't mean they didn't exist, but it's new to me!
  2. So, I stumbled across something different recently... A local restaurant/coffee shop has an Asteroids Deluxe cabinet. I don't know if the owner bought it, or if it was cycled in from a local arcade machine service chain... In any event, I noticed something that seemed different to me: under the coin slots, there is an official-looking Atari logo decal stating: "2 coins = 1 play $1 coin = 3 plays (Susan B. Anthony coin)" Was it normal for Atari cabinets to TAKE Susan B. Anthony dollars? I was also puzzled about the pricing -- 50 cents per game seemed too high for an early 80s Atari cabinet, but I'm puzzling whether they'd be printing Atari pricing decals late in the generation, especially ones referencing the dollar coin nobody wanted.
  3. If there are any plans for additional updates, would it be possible to add in paddle emulation by rotation of Switch controllers? That is, using a Joycon as as a "dial" by turning it right and left in space. It seems like it would be a good way to simulate real rotary controllers -- touch screen and joystick controls don't quite do that justice. (I suppose this would also mean the game would support the Labo Vehicle wheel!)
  4. It would be fun to to get all the "missing" stuff that is still owned by... whichever version of "Atari" we're dealing with at the moment. The Atari 800 and XE stuff, Lynx... ... Math Grand Prix was sold? Who bought that? (Why, for that matter?)
  5. Ah! Thanks -- I suppose wishing for Atari 800 & XE titles to magically appear is asking too much, though. Heh. I need to fool around with this more -- some of the 5200 ports seem to have "odd" controls in comparison to the 800 originals, but I'm not sure if it's just me or something different about the coding to account for analog joysticks.
  6. Hmm... the game received another update. I rather wish there were some indication as to what was being changed/fixed.
  7. Perhaps I shouldn't have returned my copy to Target when I found a cheaper source for eShop cards. Were folks still looking for this? I feel like I always see copies of it locally.
  8. The game received an update over the last month, but I can't figure out what the update changed -- has anyone noticed any differences?
  9. Okay, this is PROBABLY just a weird local store thing, but... A few weeks ago I went to a local Wal-Mart to pick up some stuff, and I noticed a huge section of "retro consoles" -- including all the new mini Flashback Blasts, the Capcom and SNK mini units, and other stuff. I went to the local Wal-Mart today and discovered... nothing. All the ATGames stuff is gone, without trace or even a shelf tag. There are several of the $300 1upGames minicabs, but none of the plug-and-play stuff (other than a few NES/SNES Classics). Did anything happen recently with regards to ATGames, or their relationship with Wal-Mart? Is this just a freak thing at the local store?
  10. Has there been any sort of update on when this is supposed to be released? (Or, for that matter, things like price...) Also -- how does the 5200 version of Star Raiders compare with the original one? I've played the original quite a bit, and I'm assuming the 5200 one is only slightly changed to take into account the lack of keyboard, but I wasn't really sure. I somewhat wish one of these sets had some of the Atari 8-bit computer games on it as well... I mean, the XEGS existed, so it's not ENTIRELY a crazy idea.
  11. After a few years, I thought I'd try again -- anyone else out there collecting GameCube Demo disks? I'm looking to complete my collection of GameCube Interactive Multi-Game Demo Discs. I have some available for trade, if there is a collector out there. I need: January 2002 June 2002 Demo Disc # 25 Demo Disc #29 Also, I'd love a case for #17, 22, 26, 27, and the Soul Calibur II demo disc. I have the following demo discs available for trade. The ones marked SEALED means that I have at least one factory sealed copy available. Oct 2001 DISC ONLY March 2002 CASE ONLY July 2002 DISC ONLY August 2002 DISC ONLY #7 #8 DISC ONLY #9 #10 #11 (SEALED) #12 (SEALED) #13 (SEALED) #14 (SEALED) #15 DISC ONLY #16 #17 (DISC ONLY) #18 (SEALED) #19 (SEALED) #21 CASE ONLY #24 (DISC ONLY) #31 #32 (CASE ONLY) Nintendo GameCube Preview Disc (SEALED) I'm GENERALLY only looking to trade, although I might be up for selling a few I have spares of... really, though, I just want to complete my set, and I only need 4 to do it!
  12. I found another thread mentioning borrowing carts and looking for PAL roms, so that will work. Many thanks! Now to write up five more pages about how many corporations appear not to have internal archives of their own materials. Heh.
  13. That could be -- I'm checking. I haven't found info on borrowing cartridges yet, though -- I remember something about a company borrowing cartridges and being slow to return them...?
  14. This might sound like an odd question, but... I remember reading a thread around these parts a few years ago in which someone mentioned loaning an extensive set of cartridges to a developer (Activision?) so that they could dump 'em for a 2600 compilation. Could anyone point me to that thread/site/news/chatter? I've been trying to find it, but can't. (If you're wondering why -- I'm working on a library science degree and in the midst of a paper on archiving classic software... the story provides a great anecdote about the lack of classic game software archives even at 80s companies that still exist.)
  15. I just found out that PetitComputer, a BASIC interpreter for the DSi / 3DS , is getting a US release this summer. http://www.petitcomputer.com/ Yes, "classic BASIC" is back -- in portable, handheld form! I figured if any forum on the 'net would be interested in this, it might be over here in AtariAge. The site claims to have a working "PetitComputer" simulator running on it, but I can't figure out how to get it to start. I'm just curious as to how many classic BASIC titles I can get going on this thing...
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