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  1. Where does this project stand today?
  2. Yeah, I really like his ingenuity. I suppose what I should do is take up his example and learn the electronics myself.
  3. Pay a fee to send money to myself? Just for show? Obviously nobody likes the idea, so there's no point discussing it.
  4. I guess I take the Indiana Jones view. "It belongs in a museum." With a window of only one week, this was the quickest thing I could think to do. Not sure what to tell you as far as assurances. I'll see if there's a Paypal refund guarantee setting I could attach. If there's someone with a solid rep who would like to take the torch, I'll go with that. Meanwhile, here's my eBay profile. http://myworld.ebay.com/thinkbolt2001
  5. I've started a pool to buy Thomas3120's custom Sega Fusion console and donate it to Classic Game Room. http://thinkbolt.chi...com/sega-fusion
  6. Are there any experienced or semi-experienced Atari hardware hackers in the Tampa Bay area? I have some mods I want to discuss.
  7. Complete XEGS, acquired last month. I never knew Atari made anything beyond the 2600 when I was a kid. This is new to me!
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