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  1. I assumed that you would have to be able to type in the code from the keyboard with no "advanced" tricks involved. Otherwise you are opening the door to embedded assembly and the like.
  2. I am working on an interesting program. Right now there are 7 lines. It will be close - I hope the remaining code will fit into the final 3 lines. Should know in the next couple of days. "Programs should be submitted as a disk image for ease of access by all." Can I upload a disk image from Win994a? Other than that I have no idea how a disk image is made.
  3. For what it's worth, there is a file called MB in the XBGDP. There is one string in the file. Normally it is a null string. If you are putting the runtime routines into low memory and choose to use MiniMemory to load them, it copies 24 bytes from the mailbox into the MB file. Then you change cartridges from XB to MiniMemory and start up the loader with OLD DSK1.MM32 and RUN. The MM32 loader reads the mailbox from MB. After the compiled program is loaded the mailbox is saved again, just in case you made changes. Upon return to XB, LOAD reads MB. If it finds null string it just goes on using the default values. Otherwise it restores the mailbox and then writes a null string to MB. This is not quite the same as deleting the file but is pretty close.
  4. Here is a slight revision to the XBGDP called Isabella6. This adds the ability to delete a file on a disk drive with the XB statement DELETE "DSKn.FILE". N.B. This does not work when using FIAD and Classic99. Also boot tracking has been added so you can have the XBGDP on DSK1 to DSK9. If it is on DSK3 you would start it up with RUN "DSK3.LOAD". There is one case where boot tracking does not work - if you are using the TI assembler that comes with the package, the return will be to the start of XB which tries to RUN DSK1.LOAD. There is no practical way to change this. You will have to type RUN "DSK3.LOAD" again or you could have a one line LOAD program on DSK1: 10 RUN "DSK3.LOAD". This does not happen if you use Asm994a. ISABELLA6.zip
  5. You have: CRLP MOV R4,*R10+ INC R5 INC R4 CI R4,>FA0 JLT CRLP Should it be INCT R5 and INCT R4? Or maybe MOVB R4,*r10+
  6. No, not without a total rewrite. "I dont use emulators. I only use real hardware." If you are developing programs to be compiled, you will be far less productive using real hardware. Once the program is completed and debugged in Classic99 the compiled program will run fine on real hardware.
  7. There is a little more to it than that, but it is already done for you in the folder ISABELLA99. Page 12 of "Using XBGDP" has the information you need.
  8. Looking good. The speed is back to normal. Thanks!
  9. Getting back to the original question: I have noticed that the new forum is extremely slow at loading pages. Has anyone else seen this?
  10. Another good choice is Linux Mint Mate which is very windowslike. This is supposed to be "lighter" than most flavors of Linux. I got into an argument with one of the professors when I commented that my computer was running Linux. He insisted it was Windows because of the way it looks and acts. It took a long time to convince him. Installation is the same as arcadeshopper described. Depending on how full your hard drive is, you also have the option of installing it alongside Windows and you can select either Linux or Windows at the startup menu. I think all flavors of linux let you customize the way the desktop looks, so you can get it to look and act like a windows or macintosh computer. Yet another variation on linux is the Zorin operating system. This is probably the most windows like of all. I have seen it and it looks good, but I am happy with Mint Mate and see no reason to change. As a side note, one of the students was running Ubuntu, which has the "Unity" desktop. Many people do not like Unity, including me, and neither did Pat - at first... but after using it for a while he began to understand the thinking behind the design and came to really like it.
  11. Yep, I found that later article with the SBO and SBZ. It seems to work fine for retrieving the disk number MOV @>83D0,R12 GET THE CRU BASE IN R12 JEQ EXIT GET OUT IF 0 MOV @>83D2,R9 GET THE ROM ADDRESS FOR DEVICE JEQ EXIT GET OUT IF 0 SBO 0 ENABLE THE DEVICE ROM AI R9,8 Now R9 points to disk number (ascii) What circumstances would lead to >83D0 or >83D2 being equal to zero?
  12. As Wolfgang suggested, I have adjusted the programs in the XBGDP package so that it now can be used with any drive number from 1 to 9 . You do have to make an alteration to the LOAD program; a line must be changed to tell the package what disk number is being used. i.e. Line 99 D=3 if you want to use disk three instead of disk one. I will post this after some more testing, but first a question: Is there any way for a program to know from what disk it has been loaded? If so, then I can modify the program so that the user does not have to change anything.
  13. To paraphrase the old saying, "Ignorance is no excuse for a law."
  14. This is a level 8 error. I had assumed that once you set up the disk image (in this case as DSK3) it would be possible to "Open DSK3" as usual when using FIAD. When I do that I get this message: "A device attached to the system is not functioning." So I just assumed that the disk couldn't be seen. Turns out it can be, but only by the TI and not by windows.
  15. The clipboard does not work, plus it seems a bit choppy when using the debugger.
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