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  1. While I was replacing the fuse and capacitor on the controller port board, the fan stopped working. I tried plugging it back in and other ideas, but eventually unplugging it caused the fan header to detach from the fan's wires.


    Does anyone know of anyone who can replace the fan (it's the one that has the heatsink underneath the motherboard) or could even mod the system to use one of those noctura fans?

  2. Can anyone around here fix my Sega CD model 2? It keeps telling me to initialize the ram, and I left it running for four hours once. It's a telltale sign that the internal battery inside the Sega CD had gone bad, and I was wondering if anyone can fix it.

    Also the fuse hasn't gone out on my sega CD model 2 but I think's going to one of these days, so can anyone replace it?

    Lastly I am having problems with my dreamcast always needing the clock changed. I'll need the battery inside the console replaced on that one too. And maybe the fuse, although I've unplugged and plugged in controllers so many times while it was turned on. I'm worried that would be a problem and was hoping that if the fuse was replaced that problem would never come to reality for me.

    I will pay for shipping, and I'm not sure what the charges are for the repairs.

  3. Does anyone have any Genesis cases with the game's manuals included? Artwork/Manuals should be in great/excellent condition or better and no damage inside. Hang tabs are not necessary.


    Genesis games I need to be cased up:


    Air Diver


    Bio Hazard Battle


    Columns III


    Desert Demolition

    Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine

    Dynamite Headdy

    ESWAT: City Under Siege

    Forgotten Worlds

    Gauntlet IV

    Golden Axe

    Jewel Master

    The Jungle Book

    Jungle Strike




    Rocket Knight Adventures

    Shadow Dancer

    Shinobi III

    Sonic the Hedgehog

    Sonic Spinball

    Space Harrier II

    Space Invaders 91


    Super Hang On

    Super Monaco GP

    Twin Cobra

    Toy Story

    World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse

    Wounder Boy in Monster World


    Sega Master System:


    Black Belt (Case and Manual)

    Ghostbusters (Manual)

    Monopoly (Case and Manual)

    Penguin Land (Manual)

    Rastan (Manual)

    Shinobi (Manual)

  4. I need some jobs done with my AGS-101 Game Boy Advance SP:


    1. The charging port (The rectangle port next to the link cable port) doesn't charge all the way and it's very finicky. Could be a bad ac adapter, I'll try a new one out maybe. Either case I'd like someone to take a look at the port to make sure it's not damaged. I'll get a new battery too for it.

    2. The volume slider is almost unusable. I have tried cleaning the little slot out but it looks like it's going to need a new volume control module or whatever that thing is.

    3. A check of the capacitors just to be safe.

  5. I might as well just ignore it - happens a lot of people trying to clean their systems. If my Saturn ever breaks down I'll have someone fix the screw post and make it to where it won't snap apart just by pulling, because the other sides I can't do that.

  6. I have a Sega Saturn with a damaged screw post. I was trying to see if the insides needed cleaning but when I opened it, one of the screw posts had the top of it snapped off! Basically what happens is even if I use super glue on the post and put the broken part back on it still can break off if I pull on the Sega Saturn's halves after it's screwed in. What else can I do? Can I have someone replace the housing on the Sega Saturn or something?

  7. You are much better off building one. I have some new old stock parts if you are interested in order to get you started:


    1. New full tower vintage case

    2. New Intel 440BX motherboard (PII/PIII compatible)

    3. Three new (and tested 10 passes with memtest) PC100 128MB memory sticks

    4. Used (but in good condition) Pioneer slot loading DVD drive

    5. New old stock 64MB PowerVR Kyro video card

    6. 3 1/2 inch floppy drive



    With all of this really all you will need is a sound card and a pentium II or III cpu. Both easily obtainable from Ebay. And at the end of the day you will have a pretty darn new computer. If interested, PM me.

    PM sent - I have a question on the power supply though, how much is too much for a Windows 98 PC?

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  8. Are there any XP computers where you are? If it's an earlier XP PC, it should run Windows 98SE just fine and XP computers are much easier to find. I have a Compaq Presario designed for Windows XP with 256MB of RAM, a Celeron 2.6 GHZ CPU, an 80 GB HDD, a DVD Drive and extra CD Burner, and a decent integrated video and sound card and I've got it running Windows ME just fine. I did install 98SE, but I gave up on it because I had to manually configure so much crap. ME detected nearly all my hardware right away, is much faster, and has system restore in case something goes wrong. I will switch to 98SE at some point, but for now, ME is working great. Also, my ME PC has internet and most websites work fine!


    As for the specs you listed, you might wanna stick with 256MB of RAM. 512 is the maximum 98 and ME can support (I've run them on 1 GB and they became very unstable) and while Windows should run fine, some older programs will assume that the high amount of RAM is actually less RAM than the program needs.

    I have a lot of trouble finding XP PCs - most of the thrift stores where I am don't even have ONE.

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  9. I can't seem to find a Windows 98 SE PC around these parts anymore. Anyone got one?


    List of specs that I would like the system to have:


    Intel Pentium 3

    512 RAM

    60-100 GB Hard Drive

    3.5 Floppy Drive

    DVD Drive

    USB Ports

    Sound Card that works with 98 SE

    CPU Slowdown Control

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