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  1. Ocarina of Time will always be my favorite of the 3D ones. It had a blend of cartoony characters/visuals with real-life visuals in the mix.
  2. Lifesaver for my Xbox and also put HDMI on it.
  3. Atari 2600 games Astroblast Pac-Man (Yes the Atari version, and I don't think it's that bad) Demons to Diamonds
  4. Paddles fixed, they had a lot of black grease that needed cleaning.

  5. Looks good - I don't know WHAT Microsoft was thinking with those capacitors... they should've been sued for that!
  6. It won't read discs. Also the top case has two holes.
  7. No I just want to have an HDMI port put in. Also I'm hoping this wouldn't be too expensive, shipping is going to be torture on my bank account. The problem I'm having is that my Xbox shuts off by itself. I have already tried dusting the fan out so I'm pointing fingers on the heatsink likely. One more thing, I have another original Xbox that's not working, if you'd like I could sell it to you for parts...
  8. Here's what I need fixed on my original Xbox: 1. Replacement of the clock capacitor 2. HDMI port added 3. New thermal paste for the heatsink
  9. On my original Xbox sometimes the screen goes blank for a few seconds. I've tried other component cables and different xboxs/tvs. What causes this?
  10. Bump - got the hard drive cleaned out, I put files on a memory card.
  11. Anyone looking for an Xbox for parts? I have one that doesn't read discs. Also I removed the clock capacitor which can cause some serious issues in the long run if left alone. There are two holes on the top case, when I was putting this thing back together I accidentally penetrated the top case. Asking for about 10$ + shipping. Again, this is an Xbox being sold for PARTS. The system does not work right.
  12. Does anyone have an original xbox that works perfectly and is in good shape? I only need the console itself, no cables, controllers, except maybe the power supply since the power supply could be different. Willing to pay 25$ without shipping.
  13. I used the original screws - not sure what happened. But I have a broken screw post as well.
  14. Sorry to double post but I got the thing reading discs again, but I still got the problem with the top shell not closing all the way... if I push down on it, it goes down a little still. So yeah, I'm in a sticky situation here...
  15. I was trying to get it to where my Xbox would close completely (if I pushed down on the top shell it would go down a little before) and when I screwed it all in, I found out the screws for the case pierced into the shell! Is there a way to cover the holes? Also the disc tray makes a popping sound when closing. AND it won't read discs very well anymore!! I really don't want to blow 45 dollars on another one, what do I do now?!
  16. copper20

    CRT problem

    They look like colored spots. Although if I turn the TV off and turn it back on most of the time they go away.
  17. copper20

    CRT problem

    On my CRT TV if I play something like Mega Man or Pokemon Yellow on my Pokemon Stadium N64 cartridge, there are some discolored patches that appear a little later. Is the screen needing to be degaussed or something?
  18. VCR almost got killed thanks to a dirty tape - glad I have my VCR head cleaning tape still.

    1. Buttons



    2. Corby


      Dirty tape? Perv.

    3. copper20


      No it wasn't a pornographic movie - it had dirt on it or something and I couldn't get the picture to appear until I ran the VCR cleaner multiple times.

  19. BP was 150/89 after getting the magazines on the shelf at CVS. Then it went down to 128/82 about 2 minutes later. I'm sure it's even lower than that - I had readings of 117/75 at one point.

    1. copper20


      Yeah but still does it mean I'm in trouble?

    2. copper20


      I don't have any symptoms of high blood pressure and I think it only went up because of physical activity.

    3. GoldLeader


      Next time you're at the doctor, just mention it to be safe.

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  20. Emojis are the most idiotic things I've ever seen. I hate them.

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    2. CPUWIZ
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      Skippy B. Coyote

      @doctorclu: If by "better" you mean "insufferably annoying looking" then sure. =P

    4. frankodragon


      If you have Chrome, you could use "Word Replacer."

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  21. No boxes (EXCLUDING FLOPPY GAMES), just jewel case, manual, and CD. No damage to manuals. Jewel cases I can replaced the cases myself. Floppy Disk games must be 3.5 inch, I don't have a drive that takes 5.25 disks. If they have the box it's optional unless it has some kind of serial code or something that I have to put in when installing. If the game was re-released on CD, then I'll go for that one instead. Been having quite a drought of trying to find good PC games. I understand that GOG has them but I'm more comfortable with the actual game physically. Few that I'm trying to find are: SimTower Thexder 95 Otherwise send me a PM and some images of the games you're trying to sell. I'm only interested in DOS, Windows 3.1, 95, and 98 games.
  22. The jack's not broken but I'd like it if someone would put a metal connector in place of the old jack to be on the safe side. Also I've got a problem with a faint vertical line in the center of the screen, common with SNES.
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