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  1. Anybody here able to switch out the power jack on the SNES and put in a typical metal plug or something like that? Currently mine isn't broken, but I'm kind of worried about it snapping off if I unplug the SNES. Also my SNES has that vertical line issue (You know the faint white line that appears in the middle? It's easier to see on Super Metroid)
  2. Found Secret of Mana locally. Good thing I had PLENTY of cash or else it would've broke the bank for me!
  3. That's nice. Whoever decided that stupid idea to stop supporting 16 bit programs should've been fired. This means I have to go through the painful process of using Windows 3.1 just to run them!
  4. Okay, I can put it down for free but shipping will have to be paid.
  5. I already have another PS1 that works and a PS2 that I use, this one is being sold for parts.
  6. Bump - Founded Super Ghouls N' Ghosts locally.
  7. Hi there! I have a non working SCPH-7001 Sony PlayStation. This PlayStation will not spin discs, and I'm implying that the laser itself is dead and no good. If anyone is interested, please send me a PM. Free with shipping.
  8. eBay is the worst for looking for Sega Saturn games. WHY in the world would anyone price Astal for 75 dollars? I could understand maybe 30-40 dollars, but 75? NO way!

  9. Bump - Added a few PS1/Saturn games to the list and fixed the prices.
  10. Found Pit and the Pendulum on VHS! But WHY in the holy mother of ass does it have something from ABC for the first few seconds and has the movie itself spliced in? Kind of frustrating, but it works.

  11. It's hard, but not as hard as Rayman or Ghouls N' Ghosts.
  12. If anyone has a working Sega CD in great condition with Sonic CD CIB and the AC Adapter I would definitely be up for it. I'll pay 85$ shipped - was going to get it locally but they were pricing it for 100 dollars just for the Sega CD itself (OUCH!) It doesn't need that expansion piece they used for the model 1 sega genesis - I just want to be able to play some Sonic CD authentically without annihilating the bank. I'd prefer one that had the fuses already replaced so that I don't run into any problems.
  13. Ugh, why can't I find any horror movies on VHS? Every goodwill I've checked and other places that sell VHS have NONE! Can't keep wasting gas and going a wild goose chase for 'em!

    1. copper20


      'Bout to just buy them on eBay or Amazon, screw having to drive to thrifts and being bummed out and frustrated.

    2. BassGuitari


      Why do you still use VHS?

    3. copper20


      1. It's cheaper

      2. The movies don't look as washed out as they did on DVD (War of the Worlds is a good example - you can see wires on the DVD version)

      3. I like the packaging artworks better.

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  14. Frustration! I bought a copy of Pac Man World 2 for my PS2, it goes to the splash screen and cuts off early. The disc is dead. I can not go back to the store I bought it from because it's not in an easy to get to location. Seriously, why don't people test their games before selling?

    1. CPUWIZ


      Bummer :( Hate it when I hear that one of my games died.

  15. Bump - Added a few more items, and fixed some of the prices.
  16. copper20

    WTB: VHS movies

    I have in the past, but you can't check the tape to make sure it's okay looking. Besides I remember buying a copy of Grease one time about 6 years ago and it broke a VCR I had. Besides they put price stickers on there and they can be really tough to take off without damaging the art. And I've checked bookstores but their VHS stock are all growing a lot smaller lately or they don't even have a copy of a movie I want to get.
  17. Been having a lot of trouble getting some action/western/horror movies on VHS lately.

    1. Video_Invader


      I'm having the same problem with horrer vhs. Especially Friday the 13th 1 through 8

    2. copper20


      Well, it's kind of strange with me - I prefer the older releases of a movie on VHS for some idiotic reason, and some of the alfred hitchcock movies released in the mid 80s I can't seem to find.


      Few years ago I managed to find a copy of War of the Worlds pretty easily, and that was a horror movie!


      Most of the available movies that are found in bookstores are just comedies, dramas, and musicals.

    3. Thorsten Günther

      Thorsten Günther

      Now that you mention it, I couldn't even find a single movie on Betamax lately.

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  18. copper20

    WTB: VHS movies

    Been having a LOT of trouble trying to find some good classic movies on VHS lately. This might not be the best site to ask for VHS tapes, but I have tried so many bookstores and thrift places that are within 20 minutes of me. I'll pay 2 for each since they're usually EXTREMELY cheap. (Hell I even bought a copy of War of the Worlds for probably not even a full dollar) Couple of things: No ex-rentals, writing, stickers, tears, or residue on the VHS box art and tape itself - labels also shouldn't be falling off or have any writing. I prefer to have tapes that were from 1983-1990, those typically don't have hundreds of trailers at the beginning and are much more likely to work. Any from 1978-1982 are fine, but I don't my VCR to get damaged. Test the tape before you sell it - no damaged tapes or tapes that squeal or get stuck in the VCR. Listed by home video distributor: CBS/FOX Video African Queen Commando Predator MGM/UA Home Video Clash of the Titans The Time Machine MCA Home Video/Videocassette Inc. The Black Cat/The Raven Double Feature Creature from the Black Lagoon Family Plot Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man Frenzy Rope Shadow of a Doubt Torn Curtain The War Wagon Warner Home Video (Slipcover Only) The Dead Pool Dirty Harry Warner Home Video (Clamshell Cases Only) Chisum McQ The Cowboys Paramount Home Video Catch-22 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Paper Moon RCA/Columbia Home Video Earth VS. The Flying Saucers Jason and the Argonauts Walt Disney Home Video The Incredible Journey The Reluctant Dragon
  19. That's scamming, can they be banned from selling for that?
  20. Bump - Need a new manual for Virtua Cop on the Sega Saturn that says Not For Resale. Some little vandal damaged the manual I had with permanent marker on the manual and I tried to clean it off with dry erase marker and water, and it didn't do the trick.
  21. I need a new manual (Not for resale) for Virtua Cop on the Sega Saturn. If anyone has one please PM me.

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