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  1. A final post before i step into the shadows and mind my own business. Enjoy.
  2. I have come to realize that the "modern" TI community is pretty much the total opposite of what i enjoy using my ti for. You people apparently don't care about games that managed to use a hack to get a sprite under ti basic, or converting disk based titles to run off physical tape on an non-expanded console. Hell, even Playground that was pretty much birthed by you guys got dumped in the trash. I personally thought that was a pretty neat advancement. I enjoy seeing what i can get my bare-bones setup to do. Base console with tape, speech synth. and ti extended basic has served me very well. I could share several wav files that can be loaded in such a setup of titles thought to be disk only, or even titles claiming to need 32k. Sometimes i have to remove, for instance, the ability to save high scores, but the core game play in each remains intact and exact. But would this community really care? I honestly don't think so. But i care, whether anyone else does or not. Atariage, being setup the way it is, requires an account to download forum attachments. And it is for only this reason that i am not having my account terminated. I basically will become a "lurker", logging in only when i need to actually download something.
  3. All i was trying to do was gather a list of games similar to morphy, that somehow manage to get a "sprite" with out using xb or minimem. I do not care if it is technically "possible". Nitpick me over the details all you want. These games use something that the end user running them would certainly believe to be a "sprite", without needing any additional hardware. (other then a tape player)
  4. No, No, and NO. Morphy and smart ball use a special loader on cassette, right out of TI basic. Steps for TI-99/4A + Tape Recorder: 1. (Only first time) Enter Ti BASIC and digit and RUN this program (or load BOOT file)... 100 CALL CLEAR 110 INPUT "REGISTRO(0-7),DATO(0-255)? ":R,D 120 A=18429-(256*R+D) 130 X$=CHR$(O) 140 OPEN #1:"CS1",OUTPUT,FIXED 150 PRINT #1:X$&X$&X$&X$&X$&X$&CHR$(INT(A/256))&CHR$(A) 2. (Only first time) Run program and insert 5,15 like input, then press ENTER key. 3. (Only first time) Program run and write (SAVE CS1) on tape a special file... 4. (Only first time) Reset Ti99/4A. 5. Enter Ti-Basic and Load special file from tape with OLD CS1. 6. RUN program and after few seconds, screen shows black lines. Press any key (letter A,B ecc.) and ENTER key: you get MEMORY FULL. 7. Write NEW and press ENTER key. 8. Load TI BASIC game BALL from tape with OLD CS1 and RUN game. Same process for morphy. Excerpt from http://atariage.com/forums/topic/174340-bocc-entry-smart-ball-by-asharot/?do=findComment&comment=2166669
  5. I know morphy is not the only game that did this. There was some sort of mini-golf like game, but can not remember the name. Just found that one:ball 2.0 a.k.a smart ball I think i remember reading some place there was a maze/labyrinth game that used a sprite in TI Basic too. Anyway, a list of all known "sprites under ti basic" games would be good.
  6. Actually, i was reffering to other machine emulators like UAE and Vice... But mame has nice drive sounds too.
  7. No i'm not here to beat you over the head about tape support again... One feature i would like to see in classic99 is drive sounds. Not sure about everyone else, but i for one love the sound of floppies loading. Thanks again for your work on this wonderful emulator.
  8. Assuming you ever come across a speech synthesizer with the connector, would it fetch a little more at auction? Also, could someone possibly make a reprogrammable "modchip" for the speech synthesizer that would contain a custom list of new lpc data, soldered onto the attachment connector?
  9. Just wanted to say thanks for making the games available for download.
  10. Can someone post a link to download Wycove Forth? In particular, am looking for a release that supported tape. (In case no one has noticed by now, i am one of the few people who actually enjoy using tapes in this "modern age" ... Go figure.)
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