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  1. Recently got a collection from a former employee family of early versions, Diffirent shapes n sizes. 2600, 7800 n xe, need help in determining values, why the Diffirent sizes ? Also how can I post Pixs? Thanks
  2. Recently got a collection from a former employee family n need help in determined a value, are they Early versions, One marked prototype on the back from 1982, from 2600, 7800 n xe, thanks for help.
  3. hi, here is a photo fo the front of prototype activision cartridge, i remove the screws too what it said on the inside of the rom, thanks
  4. hi, i recently found this game with other games, it is made by ACTIVISION, below is the info. WHITE STICKER IN MIDDLE OF CARTRIDGE, THERE IS TWO SCREWS, ONE OF EACH SIDE OF STICKER sticker read the following THIS IS A EPROM SAMPLE. TO BE RETURNED TO ACTIVISION UPON RECEIPT OF ROM SAMPLE PAL problem is i do not have a 2600 PAL system, i do not know what this game is or what the possible value. so any help would be appreciated, thanks a lot.
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