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  1. I have a copy of the game that you can see in the picture on that page. He sold copies of it several years ago.
  2. I've been the past several years. There is always an intellivision 1 with a common game in it for anyone to play. That's about it for intellivision. They usually have the game zip tied in it so you can't change games.
  3. I don't mind waiting, yeah, I want it, but I'm not upset having to wait. 2015 will be the year of GB releases!
  4. Not trying to steal any business, I just like to make things for myself, but are there instructions somewhere on what needs to be done to make your own?
  5. Would love to be added to the list if one of these becomes available.
  6. Sorry for the delayed response, have been very busy, but I got my package too and couldn't believe all the Christmasy goodness. Thanks DZ-Jay, awesome contest and great prizes.
  7. Just missed out if you were in the area but there is one at the beginning of march every year in Louisville, KY. http://www.arcaderx.com/ Lots of pinball machines, retro consoles/computers, and arcade machines.
  8. I like boxes, manual, etc... but its not a necessity. I buy it because I want to play the game. Its nice to have a box if I want to display it on a shelf, but I don't have the space and it all goes into tubs. Also, most of the time i'm on a budget so I can afford everything I want and having no box makes it cheaper for me to purchase.
  9. I think we should play this like the price is right, closest one to the amount you are hoping to get without going over gets it for the price they guess. I'll swoop in last and bid $1!
  10. In the past groovy opens up a pre order and anyone who wants to purchase he allows it and sets a cut off date. He doesn't set limited quantities. Dibs on one!
  11. Lol, I bet your go on blogs and type "First!" all the time.
  12. Very cool. You should make a video of it if you can, can't find one on youtube and i'd like to see it.
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