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  1. Submission: Touchdown Platform: TI Basic Written by: Mark Paton Instructions: A lunar lander type game. Scoring is calculated from the landing speed and fuel remaining. Fuel remaining (0-9) is displayed inflight in a green box that also marks the location of your lander. Thrust is controlled with the keys 1 (low) to 9 (high). Close to the surface you'll see a graphical representation of the lander. If you're going too fast near the surface then three exclamation marks are displayed (!!!). TOUCHDOWN.dsk
  2. I believe I have a working disk image file posted over in the competition thread! Thanks everyone for all the replies. I've tried all the tools, i.e. Classic99, TIImageTool, TI99Dir and js99er, to try and educate myself. I ended up using TI99Dir for the actual file.
  3. Looks like I made a bit of a boo boo over on the submission thread for the 10-line TI Basic competition. I posted a V9T9 file when I should have posted a disk image. How would one go about making a disk image?
  4. Submission: Swamp Path Blues Platform: TI Basic Written by: Mark Paton Instructions: Take a stroll through a swamp. Don't stray off the path or you'll get stuck. Use keys 1 & 3 for left and right. SWAMP.dsk
  5. Thanks everyone for trying it!! Below is something sometimes99er requested. The player is placed one line higher. As a consequence it leaves a trail along the path. That might be useful perhaps if you want to see why you strayed close to the edge. Different runs could perhaps be created by adding, e.g. "10 RANDOMIZE". Alternatively, without breaking the 10 line rule, you could press F4 immediately after running the program then enter "RANDOMIZE" at the command line and then type "CONTINUE". I'm not planning on entering the competition but I'm looking forward to seeing the entries and perhaps will be inspired to try an Extended Basic for something. 100 PRINT ::::"*** SWAMP PATH BLUES ***":::"DONT GET BOGGY FEET 1 & 3":::"F4 TO EXIT"::::TAB(24);"SCORE":: 110 CALL KEY(0,K,S) 120 X=X+(K-50)*ABS(S<>0)*ABS((K>48)*(K<52)) 130 DIR=(RND>0.5)*2+1 140 X_R=X_R+DIR*ABS(((X_R+DIR)>-1)*((X_R+DIR)<18)) 150 PRINT TAB(X_R+2);CHR$(30);TAB(X_R+10-INT(SC/30));CHR$(30);TAB(24);STR$(SC) 160 IF ((X+<(X_R+2+2))+((X+>(X_R+10-INT(SC/30)+2))THEN 160 170 CALL VCHAR(23,X+8,42) 180 SC=SC+1 190 GOTO 110
  6. I thought it would be fun, after reading the 10-line extended basic competition discussion, to see whether an unexpanded TI 10 line game could be written. This is what I came up with yesterday evening. 100 PRINT ::::"*** SWAMP PATH BLUES ***":::"DONT GET BOGGY FEET 1 & 3":::"F4 TO EXIT"::::TAB(24);"SCORE":: 110 CALL KEY(0,K,S) 120 X=X+(K-50)*ABS(S<>0)*ABS((K>48)*(K<52)) 130 CALL VCHAR(24,X+8,42) 140 DIR=(RND>0.5)*2+1 150 X_R=X_R+DIR*ABS(((X_R+DIR)>-1)*((X_R+DIR)<18)) 160 PRINT TAB(X_R+2);CHR$(30);TAB(X_R+10-INT(SC/30));CHR$(30);TAB(24);STR$(SC) 170 IF ((X+<(X_R+2+2))+((X+>(X_R+10-INT(SC/30)+2))THEN 170 180 SC=SC+1 190 GOTO 110 Keys are 1 and 3 for left and right to stay on the path. The path gets narrower as the game progresses. The game ends when you stray off the path and get stuck in the swamp. To play the game again press function+4 to exit the game and then type "RUN".
  7. Thanks glad you like it! Thanks! Cool, thanks for putting it on the TI Gameshelf site!
  8. Yes it's all finished I think. Thanks for everyone's comments. I've added the finished version to the first post. It has the same name as the previous version.
  9. Glad you liked it. Thanks for pointing out the fact the game uses upper case. You're welcome to edit the code and change the lines so lower case keys can be used for left and right, i.e. 950 IF K<>115 THEN 970 970 IF K<>100 THEN 990 For this game I will keep the keys in upper case as all the other keys are in upper case but I've edited the instructions in the new version to point out the keys need to have the capslock on. I haven't actually used my real TI99/4a in years and gotten used to using emulators mostly Classic99. I've only just recently bought my first TV! So maybe that will change in the future.
  10. The file I believe is in TIFILES format. It was saved with the Classic99 emulator which I used to develop the game.
  11. ti99iuc thanks very much for testing the game! I think I've solved the bad value at 1010 problem. Adding these line should do the trick: 1420 CALL HCHAR(24,2,TREE,30) 1490 CALL HCHAR(24,2,TREE,XICE-4) 1520 CALL HCHAR(24,2,TREE,XICE-4) Next I'll look at skipping the title screen when restarting.
  12. Here's the Python script for processing a grey scale png image. It's in the spoiler tag. The image for processing has to be 64x48 pixels in size. I've attached an example test image. The script will turn the image into a series of basic data statements ready for copy pasting into the plotting program (not included). The script will also display the processed image as a check. It's upside down when displayed. I can't remember why it's like that but the important thing is the data lines are in the right sequence. A text file (image.txt) is written by the script with the data. It's possible to open the text file and see the image as 1s and 0s. Next I'll take a look at the TI Basic plotting program and get that ready.
  13. I thought I'd have a go at some more simple games so I could concentrate more on the presentation. This one is a vertical scrolling skiing game. It's pretty standard however I have used a couple of utility programs to give the the game a nice look. One is a word processing program written in basic that justifies the text. This I have use for developing the instructions. It makes things easier and enables me to think more freely about the information I'd like to put in there. The second utility also written in basic plots giant 4x4 pixels on the screen a bit like the ZX81 fast enough to plot complex shapes in a matter of minutes! I have also developed a Python script that can convert images into a format that can then be imported into a basic program. Take a look at the pictures from the game. They are printed in seconds on the screen in the game as they are prepared pictures. I will post the utility programs once I have some documentation on how to used them but in the meantime here is the game. I have been running up against the 'memory full' message so hope it is all ok now. There is a table of imaginary of skiers that you can compete against and try to get the fastest time. There is Skier 64 and Skier 20 etc. You will need to go through every gate. It is also a practice mode were you can time your run without being disqualified for missing a gate. Thanks to TheBF for the sorting routine posted in the 'Fast Simple Combsort in BASIC' thread which I used in the program. SKI99.zip
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