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  1. IT happened again. Nothing has been modified on this headerless rom. I wonder if it's just pokemon crystal. Seems to ONLY happen indoors.
  2. Is trading between pokemon roms on the NT mini's FPGA core a pipe dream? Also, I found a glitch while saving in Pokemon crystal. For some reason the screen becomes a garbage data mess when saving in a pokemon center. I might be able to replicate it & post a picture if Ketris is still working on updating that core.
  3. Question on the game boy Color FPGA core Is there any way to play games wth the real time clocks like Pokemon Gols/silver/crystal on it? I tried crystal & the clock freezes in place.
  4. I have two questions on the NT mini. 1: Does the save function work on Game Boy Games? I saved during pokemon & upon resetting the console it was gone. 2: I'm randomly getting a weird glitch on startup when the controller doesn't function (can't scroll through any menus), & mashing buttons makes the console reset to the Logo where it hangs. Powering the console on & off repeatedly seems to fix this. What kind of issue does this sound like? I'm on the most recent jailbroken firmware.
  5. I do not. This behavior was noticed after I ran the 240p test suite to check my CRT for geometry issues.
  6. I have a troubleshooting question about the analogue nt mini. Does it sound like my ports are broken? The system only accept the left most port as an input, Is that normal? I ran the port test cartridge rom & get an "INPUT PORT ERROR" message reading 00 00 00 00 when running it.
  7. There's no way to pass regular nes roms through the FDS RAM Adapter by any chance it there? Doesn't the FDS Ram Adapter output it's own audio when plugged in, or does it combine it's own audio with the NES & combine the two? Sorry if that's a confusing question. As far as audio options I just took a look & a question hit me. Why are some of the audio channels set to 1/4 volume by default? Shouldn't Square 1,2,triangle, etc, bet set to 80 like the other channels so they're equal?
  8. Is there a way to make the audio slightly less harsh on NES games? I compared it to a stock nintendo & the highs are really "sharp". That's the only way I can put it. and no, I'm not talking about games with expansion audio or FDS games. I was comparing Mega Man 6 & Ninja Gaiden II & really notice a difference. Is 1;1 audio just not possible when you're going from an analogue audio chip to a digital one.?
  9. Now THAT, is a response. I had assumed it was just as powerful as the gameboy color since they were in direct competition with each other. The GBC & NGPC actually use LCD screens from the same line of screens (or manufacturer), so they're similar in that respect at least. good to hear the sound is so similar. I heard kevtris ported the Game Gear for the sonic games, so maybe sonic's pocket adventure gets his interest.
  10. why is there no Neo Geo Pocket Or Neo Geo Pocket Color Core? Is that handheld not 8-bit?
  11. Could someone address my question about the audio?
  12. Hi everyone. First time posting here in years. I'm interested in the Analogue NT mini, but one issue still bothers me. Has the problem of slightly inaccurate audio on NES games been addressed with new updates? I'm talking specifically about what my life in gaming mentions here in their review at 21:30
  13. I'm interested in buying one of these. How do I order?
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