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  1. Here are the CVDRUM Finalists: Thanks for all of your great entries! I just wish someone would have tried to use the CVPAINT program.
  2. Well it is nice to see more people interested in coding for Coleco Vision. There are a series of tools I use to code in C for the Coleco Vision. They were made by Daniel Bienvenu. Here are two links where you can find them. http://www.geocities.com/newcoleco/framesen.html http://www.gooddealgames.com/articles/Cole...rogramming.html Have fun and good luck! Why don't you enter too.
  3. I goofed and said 8 colors in a column. It should be 15 different colors throughout a column, as many as you want
  4. Thanks, opcode and Thomas for mentioning these restrictions. I had failed to mention these for hopes of people having the easiest ability to create entries. Plus, I am by no means a veteran programmer of the Coleco Vision. (I am still hacking at it) To clarify what opcode mentioned about the restrictions Consider the following portion of a entry converted to a powerpaint file at the bottom of this reply. This file is being viewed with the CVPAINT program. Notice that each row of eight pixels only contains two colors, however each column can have eight different colors (Just said in different words from opcode) : That is why if you (contestants) want total accuracy in your design use the CVPAINT program which puts these constraints on your design right away. However, I will accept any design and I am looking for design talent and idea originality more than anything else. I can fix up an entry I like to look as good as possible. That is why I will accept BMP, GIF, PNG, and PP files as entries Have fun and Good Luck!!!
  5. Hello all people interested in the CVDRUM splash screen contest. I found that Daniel Bienvenu (another Coleco Vision Programmer) made a new Windows tool to help make splash screens and bitmap graphics for the Coleco Vision. It works just like MSPaint but it only uses the Coleco Vision palette. You can make your entries on this program and send me the PP file. Use the following link to get the program: http://www.atariage.com/~cvdrum/tools/CVPAINT.exe To save your work just click on file and save as... I will be able to convert your PP file into a PNG to show everyone on the entry page. I hope this encourages more entries! Good Luck! Frank
  6. The logo has already been used in the cartridge label and it has been included in the instructions for consistancy. Good luck.
  7. Hello everyone and thanks for your interest. I am sorry I was out for the weekend. I see people are having trouble with the BMP2PP program. Unfortunately, the BMP you make will not eventually look exactly the same as you designed it. The algorithm used by the program estimates the best color in the palette to use for each sample it takes of the BMP file. I played around with the palettes and found that it is better to use the one posted by Christina. I will tell Albert about this. However, due to the algorithm you still might see some noise in the finished PP file. I didn't design the program, so I don't know exactly why some colors in the palette are changing when only using the 16. However, out of all the entries they will look fine when eventually in a program. As for the complexity of this contest. All you really need to do is make a BMP file at a resolution of a multiple of 256 X 192 with the following and send it too me: . CVDRUM logo gif . The screen must also say "Press Fire" to help the user know how to start the program. You don't really need to follow all the directions if you don't want to see what it will eventually look like in the end product. However, I put these directions up so everyone would realize that the Coleco Vision has limitations and to give the contestants a good understanding of what their design might look like in the end product. Thanks. Good Luck to everyone. If anyone has specific questions contact me at [email protected] or post it here.
  8. I have been working with Atari Age and Daniel Benivenu and CVDRUM will make its debut in the Austin Gaming Expo.
  9. I contacted John Dondzila and he is going to test it out this weekend, however, he will not be able to make it into a cartridge production due to lack of supplies. Daniel Bienvenu used John to make his carts so I don't think he is doing much anymore. However, I have some other possiblities under way which I will post when I know if they come through.
  10. Hello I just finished a cartridge for the Coleco Vision that turns it into a drum machine/sequencer. I was inspired by Paul Slocum's Synthcart and my love for the Coleco Vision. Also, I am a drummer and musician and I want to have a song where all I use is old Video Game Computers. Since you can write stuff in C on the Coleco Vision, it wasn't that hard for me to do. If you want to try out a demo of it check it out at this site: CVDRUM Drum Machine I am looking at released the full ROM on cartridge and then making the ROM, and possibly the source code public. Let me know what you guys think of the demo. A manual is on the site for the use of the program. If you have questions contact me.
  11. I just finished making a Coleco Vision cartridge called CVDRUM. It is a drum machine program for the Coleco Vision. It works great with the Atari cart SynthCart. My website is located at the following: http://colecoprog.tripod.com/index.htm I know this is an Atari site, but this system is another great classic system, and I need someone's help on putting this onto a full cartridge. I have only tested this on emulators. I am looking for someone to help me burn the full ROM onto a cartridge and see how it works on the actual system. If anyone has any information on where I could get Coleco Vision PCB's or wants to help it would be great. You can contact me through the website listed above, and feel free to try out the demo on any emulator.
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