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  1. That black guy knows how to wear a baseball cap properly.
  2. My copies of the Elektronite catalog have arrived. It's pretty in pink.
  3. I have a Copter Command box with pencil writing and ruler lines all over the insides.
  4. That kid is wearing his baseball cap backwards. Is he making some kind of a statement?
  5. We're sad because you're no longer an Intellivision dude. It was fun watching your Intellivision videos, as you collected them over the years. It was like watching a kid on Christmas morning. And you always hinted at how many more games you needed before you reached the almighty 125. Now, it seems like a sad waste of time.
  6. I didn't bid because I thought the "tactics" used here were inappropriate. And just like that, my "complete" Intellivision homebrew collection has come to an end.
  7. Actually, she was born on 11/23/00. I purchased her on Valentine's Day 2001, and then brought her home on 02/23/01.
  8. 16 years ago on this day (02/23/01), we welcomed "Salt" into our home.
  9. That's the difference between you and me. I DO have bad feelings about it, because if it wasn't for the shenanigans of some Intellivision homebrewers, we would all still be able to have complete collections. They've made it harder, not easier, since the early 2000's. And it doesn't have to be that way. As with everything else, human beings make things unnecessarily complicated, or even impossible.
  10. He said no boxes. He didn't say no boxes from him. How does he know the boxes couldn't come from somebody else?
  11. Actually, he did. In a previous post, with regards to LNC8K, he stated: "...any new carts from me would not have a box treatment..."
  12. This, from the guy who has trillions of dollars available. You could buy all of us out, if you wanted to.
  13. What a pretty dog! Sorry to hear the bad news. But thank you for the positive vibes!
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