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  1. When I said that I predicted this exact thing a long time ago, I was referring to the fact that the concept of a "complete collection" (of homebrews) would become something of the past, which more and more people would be forced to give up on.
  2. I predicted this exact thing a long time ago. This is why I never liked the new model of Intellivision homebrew production, and always preferred the older model of much fewer homebrew releases.
  3. This is why I've always said the Intellivision homebrew scene was at its best in the early 2000's.
  4. Or... you could just... uh... have more made...... Rocket science, it is not.
  5. Salt is back from her ophthalmology appointment. The ophthalmologist's findings are good news. Salt's recent corneal surgery was successful. The ulcer is healing nicely. The risk of eye rupture has greatly diminished. Salt was given more powerful eye drops to strengthen the cornea, promote cell tissue growth, and prevent bacterial infections. The ophthalmologist will need to see her once a month. Due to Salt's age, concurrent health issues, and continued steroid use, the ulcer is expected to take a long time (several months) to completely resolve itself. But she is expected to make a full recovery!
  6. 1. Everyone should be able to purchase every homebrew game that is offered to the public (not just the highest bidders of extremely low quantities). This really puts a dent in the efforts of those of us who must have every game. Suddenly, our complete collections become incomplete. 2. It's hard enough to save money for all of them. It's even harder when multiple versions are released (such as limited and regular editions). I'd rather not see this practice too often. (I'm thinking mainly of Sydney Hunter here.) I have this problem with CDs, too. Nowadays, they usually release limited editions (digipaks) and regular editions (jewel cases). The OCD person in me must have both editions. Why can't we go back to when CDs first became prominent, and there was only one edition of every album released?
  7. I'm sorry, but I don't like this system at all. Not for the must-have-everything OCD Intellivision collectors, like me. I don't like how the Intellivision homebrew scene is currently progressing. No offense to SoulBuster.
  8. Can somebody please make an Intellivision marble game, along the lines of Marble Madness or Marble Blast Gold? Of course, the Intellivision version would have some limitations, but still...
  9. I'll be ordering, as soon as I can cough up some money.
  10. Salt now has an appointment scheduled for Friday with an ophthalmologist in Philadelphia. It sucks that I have to lose a day's work, because with all of her surgeries, treatments, and medications, I need all the money that I can get.
  11. Salt's eye is still intact, and the descemetocele (partial rupture of the inner liquids of the eye) has regressed back into the eye. This is good news. However, the corneal ulcer is not healing as it should be. An appointment with an ophthalmologist is now required. This would be at a veterinary facility near Philadelphia, or at the University of Pennsylvania itself. Salt may have to be admitted as an emergency patient, in order to expedite the process of being seen by an ophthalmologist. All of them have extremely busy schedules. I have no further information at this time.
  12. You and I can relate, I bet, especially about the depression. It is very easy for me to slip in and out. I also have a Sheltie named Lassie, who is just one year old. She is a great caretaker for Salt when I am not around. Thank you for your kind words, my friend.
  13. On Monday, we will remove the flap over Salt's eye. I am extremely nervous about the potential for poor results. Salt's eye does not look good to me, currently. She could easily risk losing the eye, if the cornea has already "melted" behind the flap. I really hope that I am wrong. Prayers, please.
  14. Rev better not die before he sees that I receive my free copy of Jr. Pac-Man.
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