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  1. The following description was recently posted about a racing game for the Intellivision: "I'm going crazy trying to find a game I loved as a kid. It was a simple racing game, birds eye view, where you were chased by "cops" and you could choose between driving a slow car (I believe it was pink) or a faster, blue, car. Anyone know what game I'm talking about? As I remember it, the track was a city, layed out as a maze." My friend thinks it's Auto Racing, but I think it's Safecracker. Can somebody please help settle this dilemma? Who is right?
  2. I'm sorry, but I have very little tolerance for people who think they can outwit God in the game of life. None of us are invincible/immortal. Parents should teach their kids that concept before they become a teen. If they don't, then they have no business becoming parents in the first place. If you play with fire of any kind (including cigarettes), then you're going to get burned.
  3. I read what you wrote, but none of the "teenage-constructed reasons" for smoking make sense to me. At least not when compared with what I said before, that smoking is nothing but a slow suicide. None of the things that you mentioned (getting attention, being cool, getting to hang out with the opposite sex) are worth ending your life for. Teens who think this way have some major neurological malfunctions, in terms of being able to think past the present moment and getting their priorities straight. How anybody can think of themselves as "invincible" is beyond my level of comprehension.
  4. It's cool to kill yourself? Really?
  5. Why would anybody choose to smoke anyway? Not only is it gross and disgusting, it is nothing more than a slow form of suicide. It shows that you have no respect for your own body or life (not to mention others around you).
  6. You don't have it in you to unseal such a rare game? That means there won't be a video with you saying "Oh, the horror..." in the near future?
  7. I agree. You negative people can find somewhere else to go whine. Us folks who have always supported his releases and decisions will continue to enjoy the fruits of his labor for many years to come.
  8. Cmart, I'm just wondering if you have made any plans on what to do with all your Intellivision collectibles after you pass on. I mean, nobody lives forever, so have you willed all of it to your family members, or what?
  9. Why does KillBotz say Pre-Order Now? I am pretty sure the pre-sale for that game has not started yet.
  10. If it's really Tron Complete, then where is VecTRON?
  11. It works for me now too, and I didn't do anything on my end to "fix" it. David must have been bored and messing around with the forums.
  12. When I go to the forums on http://www.intellivision.us, I receive the following error: General Error SQL ERROR [ mysqli ] Access denied for user 'intyphpbb'@'' (using password: YES) [1045] An sql error occurred while fetching this page. Please contact an administrator if this problem persists. Does anybody know what happened? What did David do? Here is the direct link: http://www.intellivision.us/phpbb3
  13. I am interested in pre-ordering this game.
  14. I am the guy who has been bugging IntellivisionDude to do this video. Thank you, Dude, for honoring my request. Now, everybody WATCH this video! And when you're done, PLAY the game! (Watch out for the annoying "Saturn" thing!)
  15. Please put me down for one copy of Rocketeer. Thanks!
  16. For those who need the Learning Fun 1 game: eBay Auction -- Item Number: 130816585456
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