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  1. I will shed some light on this, with the use of abbreviations. The most recent IntelligentVision package (for those who were fortunate enough to receive it) contained the following games:





  2. That's fine, I understand. I went through multiple revisions with the artist, including red and green, but the colors were too dark to contrast with the artwork. It made the illustration lose visual impact.


    We needed something light, and we were running out of Christmassy colors (and time--we were on a schedule!). The artist came up with that color and sold it to me as "gold," which is a Christmassy color. I thought it looked pleasant, though a bit pale, but it highlighted the illustration on the cover, which was the main point of focus.


    It was intended to be gold, not tan. It wasn't until the proofs were made that Willy pointed it out. (I guess I was half-expecting it to show more "golden" on paper). However, I didn't feel like going through another round of "find the perfect color combination," and I was already used to the color by then, so I kept it. Plus the artist was not available at the time.


    I had already spent money on two different artists (the first one made some embarrassing stuff!), and I was done with the box.


    I think it's fine, though I can see why people may think "eww why tan?!?"




    Did you consider white, the color of snow, and another popular Christmastime color?

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