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  1. The Patriots won. All is right in the world.
  2. Off topic, but I always preferred Marble Blast to Marble Madness.
  3. Will there be an electoral college that ultimately decides the GOTY?
  4. Thank you, everyone, for your thoughts and prayers. Salt has survived her eye surgery, with no complications. It will be two weeks before we find out whether the corneal ulcer has healed completely and correctly.
  5. And a certain someone convinced Hatman to do a new Mouse Trap overlay, despite the existence of one.
  6. It is time for your prayers once again. Following a full recovery of her recent illness, Salt developed a corneal ulcer in December, which has progressed to a descemetocele (a partial rupture of the inner liquids of the eye). Without surgery, a complete rupture will eventually occur, which will cause the eye to collapse, and its entire contents will drain out, destroying the eye. I have scheduled an emergency surgery for Monday morning. The risk of death under general anesthesia is great, given Salt's age and recent conditions. However, I have no choice. This is my only chance to save her eye. Even if I would let nature take its course, and purposely allow the eye to completely rupture, then she would be facing another surgery to remove the eye. A surgery is required in either case, but at this point, I can still attempt to save the eye, rather than remove it. Although the corneal ulcer and the surgical procedure will not kill her, I am in great fear of her life's journey coming to an end, due to the effects of general anesthesia. Please pray that Salt remains on this Earth past Monday.
  7. I have received my Mystic Castle kits. Thanks, Mark! Am I the only one who has noticed the typo on the back cover of the manual?
  8. This is probably not what you want to hear, but my philosophy is always to just... do whatever.
  9. I can't wait to receive the free copy that Rev promised to me!
  10. It's one of two reasons: a) Because Rev really likes me b) Because Rev really pities me
  11. Can this award automatically go to Rocketeer?
  12. I have a double-sized Copter Command box, but it's filled with pencil writing (numerical dimensions, fold here, glue here, etc.) Is this its own variant?
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