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  1. I just ordered copies of the Super NFL Football playbook cards.
  2. Salt's abdominal ultrasound on Tuesday morning revealed nothing glaringly abnormal. By process of elimination, her problem (and symptoms) must be neurological. The next step would be a MRI.
  3. It is so heartbreaking each day to watch Salt physically shrivel up and become a shell of her former shelf. She can't walk, she can't eat, and she can't even keep her eyes open. She has lost her voice, and her breathing sounds strained. I have to force-feed her two meals a day, usually by shoving the food down her throat. Because she can barely stand, she falls down into her own waste whenever she tries to go to the bathroom, so I am constantly washing her. When she sleeps, I have to keep checking whether she is still alive. She was mistaken to be deceased several times. The process of watching a dog in its final days is one of the hardest things I have ever experienced. My heart aches for her.
  4. Salt is back from her 8-week follow-up appointment with her oncologist. Although he acknowledges that her oral cancer has returned, it remains a skin cancer that will not spread to her organs. Unfortunately, due to her weakened state, she can't receive chemotherapy at this time. Her inability to walk is probably related to a deteriorated spinal disc, for which he has increased her steroid dosage. He does not believe that either problem would lead to a decrease in appetite. He is uncertain why Salt has stopped eating, but he hopes the steroid and the appetite stimulant will help. If not, I will continue to force-feed her. She is still drinking water on her own. Next week, she has an ultrasound scheduled to see if any specific problems can be detected. When asked if he agrees with the veterinarian's assessment that Salt is in her final days, he said "not necessarily."
  5. Why not a new fighting game, like Super Pro Street Fighter or Super Pro Mortal Kombat, instead?
  6. Salt received IV fluids on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. On Saturday afternoon, we traveled 20 miles for her annual photos with Santa Claus. This appointment was pre-scheduled. The pictures will arrive in a couple of weeks. Salt did a fantastic job. She leash-walked with me from the car to Santa's room. She was very alert for the 20-minute photo session, eyes wide open and ears up. She looked like she could keep posing all day. Salt has been drinking water and urinating normally. No bowel movements. I have force-fed her some of the critical care canned food from her veterinarian, but turkey from Thanksgiving is working MUCH better. She eats the turkey on her own, without hesitation. That's the only thing that she will eat. Otherwise, her condition has remained the same. Lots of sleep. Lots of kisses when awake. I think she needs a higher dose of potassium, because her walking is very weak. When asleep, to be honest, she looks close to death. When awake, she looks MUCH better.
  7. Salt was doing fine until Sunday morning. That was when she stopped walking. On Tuesday evening, I took her to the vet. Blood work and X-rays were taken, which showed nothing abnormal. Salt's blood levels were normal, her organs were functioning, and there was no signs of any masses or tumors. Low potassium levels and a deteriorating spinal disc were determined to be the cause of her walking problem. A potassium supplement, along with other meds, were sent home. However, Salt would no longer eat, as of Tuesday night. She became very tired and very weak. She has not been able to keep her eyes open. On Friday morning, she returned to the vet for a critical care appointment. Her temperature, heartbeat, pulse, abdomen, and lymph nodes are all normal. She is not dehydrated. She has no signs of any distress or pain. She is not showing signs of any condition that would cause her to stop eating. But she looks miserable and ready to stop living. The vet said that sometimes they can't find or see what is wrong. It could be a tumor in her brain, which would not be detected by blood work or an X-ray. It could be that her cancer has spread to somewhere undetected. We will probably never know. However, it appears that Salt is now in her final hours, as we are doing everything we can to keep her comfortable until whatever day/hour it is that God decides to bring her home. Please keep her in your prayers.
  8. I am back from a critical care appointment at the vet. I will post a more detailed update later, but for now, I will just say that Salt appears to be in her final hours.
  9. Today, I am 41 years old. And for the 16th time, I share my birthday with the birthday of my dog, Salt, who turns 16 today. Unfortunately, it is not a happy birthday. Salt is old and ailing. On Sunday, she lost her ability to walk. Now, she is not eating. She has been to the vet, with a good prognosis, according to blood work and X-rays. But still, I have my doubts. With a heavy heart, I celebrate what I know will be Salt's final birthday.
  10. You could always print new boxes, and have this one be a variant.
  11. I finally got my answer from the man himself (David). It all comes down to the Sharpie marks on the edges of the game boards. 2 means Baseball, and 1 means Mystic Castle. I have one of each.
  12. Are they labeled anywhere with the titles of the games? Because I'm not seeing the game titles anywhere.
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