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  1. You don't want to hear the story of Christmastime and my laundry basket.
  2. I believe this is when Rev will finally release Go For The Gold.
  3. You really should see a doctor about all that coughing. Also, you spelled Jr. Pac-Man wrong.
  4. I can't believe I'm the only one (so far) to vote for zero.
  5. Tarzilla has been pretty silent about this issue all day. Just saying. And Tar does put people on "ignore" for petty reasons...
  6. Calm down, guys. Everybody, just go watch football.
  7. Have fun with that. I'm going to watch football all day.
  8. I'm starting to wonder if there is a different person behind the Rev account now.
  9. I don't like how it forces you to vote in the second poll (best rerelease). I don't really care about any of those games. I just wanted to vote in the first poll (best new/updated game). I chose Kroz because standard editions generally piss me off, especially ones that include only one overlay. But my real vote goes to Jr. Pac-Man, due to my heavy involvement in its original announcement, and the fact that I got it for free.
  10. Rev is so serious now. Whatever happened to the jolly, fun-loving Rev of old?
  11. It ends by having Kool-Aid Man break through your wall, saying "Oh yeah..."
  12. When is "Hotel Rev and C-mart" coming out, again?
  13. From that list, certain games have no chance of winning. But I won't mention any bunnies... names.
  14. I'm pretty sure that no game called "Oregon Trail" was ever released for the Intellivision.
  15. I will have to vote for Jr. Pac-Man because I was heavily involved in the announcement of this game, and it resulted in a free copy. Although, I am still awaiting another (purchased) copy for a friend. My least favorite has to be Laser Sharks because my cartridge doesn't work. I am still awaiting a replacement, and a second (purchased) copy. I also didn't like that BC's Quest for Tires (Standard Edition) only came with one overlay. To me, overlays are not something you should purposely skimp on, even for a standard edition.
  16. No answer to my inquiry about the status of the Hive... ?
  17. I am glad you're not dead. Now... what about the Hive? Is there a release date yet?
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