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  1. I don't like how it forces you to vote in the second poll (best rerelease). I don't really care about any of those games. I just wanted to vote in the first poll (best new/updated game). I chose Kroz because standard editions generally piss me off, especially ones that include only one overlay. But my real vote goes to Jr. Pac-Man, due to my heavy involvement in its original announcement, and the fact that I got it for free. :)

  2. I will have to vote for Jr. Pac-Man because I was heavily involved in the announcement of this game, and it resulted in a free copy. Although, I am still awaiting another (purchased) copy for a friend.


    My least favorite has to be Laser Sharks because my cartridge doesn't work. I am still awaiting a replacement, and a second (purchased) copy. I also didn't like that BC's Quest for Tires (Standard Edition) only came with one overlay. To me, overlays are not something you should purposely skimp on, even for a standard edition.

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