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  1. Space Battle would be a game which would deserve a better version. The gameplay is pretty creative, especially the "command" zone (where you guide your squads), but it would need some campaign modes, maybe traveling to different planets, build new bases and stuff like that. Like a mixture of Space Battle and Utopia.


    It would also be cool if S.B. came in two different colored boxes. Oh, wait... :ponder:

  2. How many games have been released in 2017? Off the top of my head in think it's 7, maybe 8? That's one every month and a half to two months which doesn't seem like flooding the market in my mind. That said, folks certainly have the option to not buy every release. This should be fun after all, not a chore.


    Multi-millionaires need not respond to this discussion, as they are in a category of their own.

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