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  1. And I guess this is the critical question with regard to the success or otherwise of the IntelliXpander. Do hard core collectors of boxed homebrew carts with high production values, like Eric, who typically purchase more than one copy of every title, perceive it to be Intellivision? Or perhaps they view it as a rather convoluted means of using Intellivision controllers to play a modern Z80 based console?


    I do NOT perceive this to "be" Intellivision... no.

  2. Kroz is my favorite now. :-D

    Plus i have to rom for this.

    I unfortunately am farther behind financially then i ever have been before. I am in big trouble if i can't get together some money pronto. Trying to sell as much stuff as possible. It really hurts with what i have parted with so far (Intellivision and non Intellivision) I gotta do what i gotta do.


    Good luck to you.

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