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  1. Even though there has been a delay, Oregano has finally come home today!
  2. I'm just a little bit surprised that there hasn't been more discussion (or more game play videos) of H.B. and S.B.
  3. Those look like sharks, sticking their heads out of the water, at the end.
  4. Sounds like the Bad Apple really turned out to be a bad apple.
  5. I'm pretty sure that's the amount of money that Cmart has.
  6. My Super Pro Hockey board has arrived. Thanks, David.
  7. I've been whining nonstop for four years... about what?
  8. This is a bit of a generalization, no?
  9. True story... when I first came to these boards, I thought that Cmart was a bot.
  10. Meet "Oregano" ...... a Jack Russell Terrier puppy. These are the breeder's photos. She's coming home on June 21.
  11. I understand what it's for, but it's not really a donation, then, is it? Donations are supposed to be voluntary. If it's a mandatory cost, then it's a sale. Why not call it what it is?
  12. I am just curious, but is a "required donation" a legitimate concept? Doesn't requiring a donation "eat away" at the very definition of a donation in the first place?
  13. Rest in Peace, Salt. (November 23, 2000 - May 7, 2017)
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