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  1. I would still like ine, I assume same paypal address as ature?
  2. I am still interested, please send details for paypal, this games awesome!
  3. please put me down for a pre-order, will take any number (#115 would be okay if I had to pick one).
  4. Hey Eduardo, hope things are going better. Yeah, life can get tough. I do want to thank you again for following up with us.
  5. Yeah, I know he is busy. Hopefully patience pays off
  6. Eduardo, I have trying to reach you for the last month and a half, please message me regarding super module (my name was on that list you had). Thanks again!
  7. Eduardo, I tried to contact you regarding my order (noticed my name on your list). If you have a good e-mail address, please contact me so I can provide details. I am willing to wait for the new plates. thank you
  8. Awesome find, I am so jealous Considering how much the other sold for (and that was without instructions) I would consider insuring the game. Perhaps a security guard (well, maybe that is going a bit too far). Congratulations again!
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