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  1. First of all, thanks for the interest. Let me know if you're able to reach Solaris You are absolutely correct that this is the sequence for the second half without phasing: N, Wi, N, En, S, Save Solaris. I had caught this and corrected it in newer versions of the guide; the step by step solution that follows the map does follow this solution. As I said in my last post; the 'final' version of the guide has an update story to Solaris; I think that'll be the last addition to the guide I make....if i don't play through and finish 'The Last Starfighter' that is. If you want the v1.75 of the guide let me know. Unfortunately I'll have to disappoint you on the shorter path and entering the quadrant from the South rather than the West. In order to phase through that Wormhole in the NW corner you need to engage a fleet first and be able to reach that Wormhole with your cursor while you're fighting to phase through it. This is not possible if you come from the south.
  2. One last thing; I've added something that has always bothered me and it's fairly superficial but this guide wouldn't be complete without it. The story doesn't make any sense. Why are you the last? Why do you need a find Solaris cover story? How did we lose a planet if people are on it? So I re-wrote the blurb from the start, trying to answer all these questions. I won't be including it in the book but felt I should at least post it here. Hope you enjoy it! --- “This is Solaris calling out anyone who’s left. Is anyone there. Any one? The Zylons have returned. They warped in and were suddenly everywhere! The Kogalons have betrayed us. We’ve started jamming all galactic navigation which will slow them down but if they find us it’s all over; Please, anyone, help us!” Message Repeats You were in the hangar for repairs when the attack happened and only found out when the broadcast came, lucky you. The entire Federation fleet has been destroyed, you’re the last. Whatever Solaris is doing it affects everyone. You’ve been reduced to warping between quadrants and without navigation all the planets just look the same. Solaris is effectively lost, but it will blink on your console, if you find it. So, it’s a race and one you must win. Fortunately, your ship has hyperwarp so you can travel faster, unfortunately they have the numbers and are everywhere. Blast anything that flies in your way and protect any Federation planets you see; they have Docking Bays on them where you can repair your ship and refuel. Don’t let the Zylons destroy them or the quadrant mutates into a terrifying Red Zone. Ready? Then hop into your StarCruiser, rev the engine, and go! You’re our only hope.
  3. Has anyone completed it who hadn't already? I like war stories.
  4. I'll give it a shot; but it won't be a map. One of the major differences in the games is that each board has only one exit. So it's a sequence. A gauntlet if you will. New topic btw...I improved the guide to a 1.5 version. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/236990-solaris-2600-map-with-full-instructions-and-solution/
  5. Solaris for the 2600 is my favourite game on the system. I've been playing it since it first came out but was only able to finish it a couple years ago with help from people on this site. Back then we didn't have the internet, and I was hoping to find a decent map so that I didn't have to start drawing it from scratch. The best I found was an infograph created by John Russel Ernest (I've included it below), and although it's good, I was sorely disappointed. So I decided that if a decent map of the Solaris universe didn't exist, I would have to build it myself. So I did. I re-wrote the awful instructions, included my map and the solution I used to finish the game. Created a topic and gave everyone that guide. Years later I'm back. Why? Because the map wasn't finished. No one had ever mapped the wormholes or figured out how many keys are on each of the Corridor Planets or how many Cadets are on all the Zylon Planets. So I included it. Since I was already in there, there were strategies on Zylon Fleets I didn't include, or a section on Phasing, that I use through out the entire solution. So here it is....everything you ever wanted to know about Solaris but were afraid to ask. Included below is my new guide and the map (also in the guide). I want to see others do as I have done and complete this awesome game. Good Luck! Solaris Solution 1.5.pdf
  6. I know I haven't posted in a long time; but I just completed a new map... Plotted all the worm holes for the game and marked all the Zylon Planets and Corridors with how many collectibles you need...not only that; spruced up the ole' map... This is the most complete Solaris map you'll find on the internet.
  7. Even when I was a kid I used a basic version of Phasing. (I used to wait until a Federation Planet was attacked; defend it; then pass through.) I have looked up the long way; I have never attempted it. It would be hard for me not to use Phasing. A friend of mine sent me an ACTUAL Atari and I opened my NIB Solaris and played it with the actual hardware...after 3 weeks I completed the game on an Atari. Red Zones are a lot less intmidating with the original joystick as you can just turn it upsidedown. Some more pointers: * Fight Kogalon Space Pirate fleets before everything else when you can; other fleets tend to hide from your ship wasting precious time as you search for them. Pirates find you and tend to line up to get shot. I find them to be the easiest enemy. * Cobra Fleets can easy; just fly up and move from side to side, taking every opportunity to shoot. They take a second to start shooting after reforming above you. * For Mine Fields stay in the center and move or shoot at mines whenever they come near you; I find you get through easier this way. * If you engage a fleet then use the second joystick button and place your X on another fleet, the other fleet won't move. * Instead of Warping through exits; look for opportunities to engage an enemy then use the second joystick to place your ship at the exit you want to use. This saves fuel. * When on Zylon Planets line yourself up with the cadet then accelerate shooting everything in your path; it's pretty obvious when you see him and I find this makes the planets easier. * When getting keys shoot everything in the corridors, shooting stuff slows you down.
  8. Currently trying to play through "The Last Starfighter". An early version of Solaris (dated 1984) with several differences. No real map, more like a tunnel, with an exit in the north that leads to a new quadrant without a south exit. Leaving a quadrant gets you a free life, Zylon planets do not although they are functionally the same. Haven't seen a Corridor yet. Mine Fields are shorter and are followed by dogfights with random ships. Ships attack planets with exploding sounds when they are beside a Federation planet. Can't get very far, maybe four screens, but its interesting and I'm wondering if it goes to 16. As it's a prototype and never released for the Atari I can't find any maps or playthroughs or anything so I'm on my own.
  9. Thanks. I would also love it if any one got on here that could finish Solaris without phasing; the other guides tend to give that solution...it is very long and without proper maps very convoluted. You're forced to destroy a Federation Planet and you have to go through the permanent red zone north of the quadrant with Solaris. I even gave a copy of this guide to the original creator of the game; he liked it. It would be cool if I could get a NIB copy and have him sign it.
  10. This is a shame really. It was a great game and I was hoping to hear a bunch of people's 'war stories' about it. Oh well. Many dl'ed the guide so hopefully they were able to reach Solaris as well.
  11. Solaris. It was sort of a sequel to Star Raiders and came out late in the Atari's lifespan so a lot of people missed it.
  12. @Master Phruby - Yeah its only slightly better than that, it feels a bit anti-climatic in this day and age, but really its the epicness of the journey that makes it worth it. I won't spoil the final screen for those that want to see it for themselves. Thanks for all the positive responses, I'm glad you guys like it.
  13. I have done it. I started this game when I was 11 years old, before there was internet to look this stuff up. I drew maps on graph paper and played this game over and over again but like many never completed it. Then I came here, and found this thead: http://www.atariage....-about-solaris/ Thanks to the information found in there I was finally able to beat the game, and like I used to when I was younger I wrote a solution book to it. Thought I would make a new topic to share it. The book follows the same solution as the Speedrun Video found in the other topic but teaches you the techniques he used. It also is a re-write of that terrible instruction manual. Hope you like it. Solaris Solution.pdf
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