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  1. A sealed pack of Atari football playing cards and a bomb dc-1.
  2. Z-tack works but I couldn't get assault working. Really fun game too. Both carts look brand new. And of course next to notorious e.t. sighting.
  3. Double sided artwork of Atari school folders.
  4. Oh quit sucking up to the Boss 🤣 and trying to get a raise lol. I would love to tour this sometime super nice. You definitely have a lot of the pieces to go the museum route.
  5. One thing I noticed on bomb dc-2 the wall defender circle is on top overlays great escape. The opposite is happening on bomb dc-1.
  6. My daughter took the pictures today that's why there better lol.
  7. I agree there should be a ntsc bomb dc-2 and a pal bomb dc-1.
  8. Some better pics I think , I have a plastic protector on the box.
  9. This one is ntsc has two stickers on the box N and a sticker on each cart N for ntsc. I wasn't sure if you wanted a comparison dump since its ntsc and from dc-1 double pack. I'll send you better pics tomorrow using my wife's iphone I'm using an android . If you want a dump ball blazer on atariage said he might be able to help. Anyway you want it archived let me know.
  10. I don't fully understand why this is the only one right now, I think 5 bomb dc-2s have been found. It came out in 1983 of the crash so very few of these were sold and hardly no boxed examples survived.
  11. To be honest I was scared crapless to open the package from the pandemic epicenter. We will see if more can be found.
  12. It was never known to exist only thought that it might exist since there are dc-2.
  13. When I looked inside this thing a couple years ago it had manuals in various languages.
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