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  1. That fake game has been out there over a week and it probably would have sold if the label was better.
  2. Atari 2600 bumper bash cib ntsc Canadian tire version.
  3. You are correct it is faded red, I had to look at it in the sunlight to see the red.
  4. Both versions of my boulder dash are sealed. The diskette version has a red sticker and the cartridge version of boulder dash appears orange. Neither flip and flop have any stickers. I would like to see the blue sticker ones but they might just be pricing tier stickers if they don’t say Atari. Atari may have used different sticker colors based on media type?
  5. Sealed quadrun, it took me forever to get this game. A very small cache was found in a third floor closet. The guy that found them was doing a bank clean out of a house. And the ark of the covenant where the holy of holies reside.
  6. When you get a chance go ahead and ship my game. You probably forgot about it.
  7. Hi, how much for the atarimania games? Shipping to US

  8. Save spot for the holy of Holies I think 🤔
  9. I find almost everything tough to find personally. The boxed sears games have great artwork and should be collected if you can find them.
  10. Meanwhile at skinwalker ranch a very rare and cryptic sighting of cpuwiz when he was just a Kidd.
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