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  1. The box and game is almost a ghost you never see it. My box was sealed but I had to break the wrap because it was being constricted like a anaconda. Still unopened and the box was saved in perfect shape👌
  2. Quasimodo and company but my picture upload failed please contact us for assistance.
  3. If someone wants to do a limited edition with 📦 and manual I’m game. The cart label needs to be different than the original or say repro to protect the original
  4. More interesting titles and some tracks I found walking my dog 🐕 a couple days ago in a creek bed. The tracks were 7 feet apart.
  5. Some more A8 games. In other collector news I did a crazy gaming road trip last weekend and randomly met another collector and his daughter. He invited me to his house to look at their collection. They had around 8 or so kiosks and another room neatly organized filled with games. We are now networking if they see something in my area I’m willing to pick it up and hold it for them and vice versa. I have never been on Facebook but they watch that 💩.
  6. I’m also open to 5200 rarities like meteorites, decathlon or possibly lynx rarities. I don’t see anything for the 2600 on eBay that’s a buy it now right now. Cib only If I don’t find anything I might just get a Nintendo switch?
  7. Some really rare and expensive games nice!
  8. I need to spend over $100 in eBay dollars by tomorrow at midnight. If anyone has cib games like silver gravitar, Quadrun, qbert qubes, mr. dos castle,ntsc asterix or anything else rarer and boxed let me know.
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