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  1. The return of Superman and his long lost wallet after a near death experience.
  2. I’m wondering how much it would cost me to purchase this whole thread 🧵?
  3. Finally able to get box protectors for different size games thx to a thread in the 2600 section.
  4. Periodically I have been looking for the magazine but no luck yet, I thought it might be neat to have them together. Thx for your help if it wasn’t for you I would have never inquired about it further and not bid. You noticed the crease in the end label was in a slightly different position than atarimania pictured one.
  5. I’ll take small town quaint over crowded any day. That game store is tucked away and hidden next to railroad tracks and it’s hard to find. Nearly nil chance a rare game like this finds its way into a game store anywhere.
  6. Red Sea crossing aka “Moses cart”. In 2018 this cart walked into at least 3 video game stores in northwest Ohio. The first two didn’t have a 2600 to test it. Some people here heard about it from those game stores before being listed on eBay which is pretty cool. There was some discussion about it here when it was listed and at first I thought the cart picture was copied from atarimania website and was a fraud listing . Stupus thought it was real and he was right, I contacted the seller midway through the auction and that changed my mind to bid on it thx stupis 👍. I refused to pay the seller via eBay and wanted to pick it up in person to be sure . They wanted to meet me in a cop shop but I thought it would be weird bringing a 2600 to a 👮‍♀️ station lol. So we met in a video game store called flotsam in perrysburg Ohio he had a 2600. We tested it and it works great. I met the husband and employee at the store and paid via phone. They released the game after the wife checked her PayPal account. I spoke with the wife on her husband’s phone and she told me how they found it. She was in Vegas with a guy friend that she goes with 4 times a year lmao I almost erupted laughing sometimes it takes a village. Before I left I gave Brad the owner of flotsam $100 for letting us use his store. Of course I asked why he didn’t buy it, he didn’t have enough operating capital to tie up the money. If you’re in the area and know the store Brad can tell you more.
  7. Yeah that end label is super rare only a very few have survived. 🍀
  8. Maybe 5 of bomb dc-2 accounted for in collections????????????????
  9. #5 boys, catch me if you can! 3-Atari, 2- Sears. These hex discs are found in the weirdest places and up until a couple years ago I didn’t have any that I know about. These are mostly pure luck, you can be a long term collector with none or a newbie with a couple good luck!🍀
  10. Nice info, it looks like Atari was cost cutting because Atari was a high growth juggernaut that required a lot of capital. Today these hex discs make collectors batty trying to find one and I put the blame on Nolan lol.
  11. He was smart to scan his rare carts and boxes so he could identify them when/if they popped up on eBay, Facebook, etc. Showing his rare and valuable collection probably increased sales and foot traffic to his store. He’s the game grading 🤴.
  12. My complete pirate game collection consists of these three.
  13. Yeah you would not come back. I bought a kiosk at an estate sale and the base had water damage. I was taking the kiosk apart in the basement . I had my cell phone on a shelf down there and twice people picked it up trying to buy it when I was taking pieces up to my suv
  14. 8 days is not long enough it’s 70-80 degrees out there need a month or two . I should have you reproduce the base for the kiosk
  15. You should definitely pick it up. It would look great with your history of video games collection maybe next to your pong wow. When I picked mine up I took them apart and all the pieces fit in my suv. I’m tempted to go out there and try the superstition mountain hike again that I didn’t make it to the top.
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