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  1. For some odd reason 2020 has been maybe my best collecting year. A sealed panda 🐼 bear seahawk and a Sears picture label pong sports
  2. Do you have any pictures of another white box Canadian Coleco?
  3. Some additional pictures of the Coleco Canadian version of donkey Kong. I have never seen the box before either. At some point I might give Indiana an exclusive of the holy of holies with the ? mark because it effects the history of what’s known for the 2600 third party. Also the ark is way too small to hold what i have but the symbolism is there.
  4. Cib French/Canadian box variant of donkey Kong.
  5. A picture of the board or brain of the pop kiosk . The arcade division of Atari made these to last.
  6. I spent a lot of time working on that kiosk over the past couple weeks. I didn’t even know it sold until after popped up in your collection. Nice piece of gaming history.
  7. Awesome cart, I had this on my watch list but was busy putting my kiosk together and reorganizing my collection.
  8. Here’s hoping you feel better and get back to your wife soon.
  9. I’ll keep you in mind, this sears collection I have is about a 15 year journey I could barely get it all into the kiosk
  10. Good eye correct . I also have 2 cib cannon man in there somewhere along with a bunch of copies of other titles.
  11. I asked the same question, I picked it up from a guy on the outskirts of Oklahoma City who got it in the 90’s in college. John a Brown a family owned defunct retailer had a huge Atari presence in their store so I suspect it may have come from there. I have never seen another one like it.
  12. Here’s what it looked like walking into a retailer in the early 80’s. This is a pop kiosk with the brain filled with games. Since Sears is one of my very favorites I housed my complete collection inside. Also a couple book shelves full of Atari 400/800 enjoy.
  13. I already have a vectrex but if you have some of the rarer boxed games maybe. The only game I have is the built in asteroids game which is quite addicting.
  14. Thanks I have a cib 5200 bounty bob strikes back so that’s the only reason I have it up for trade. I might be willing to to trade for other cib hard to find games as well. Maybe other than Atari also.
  15. But but but he said he bought the box in the 80’s what an assclown
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