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  1. I have a lot of 2600 consoles that I really have not looked at buying lots. Maybe I’ll find more in boxed sears games that I haven’t looked inside.
  2. You are very lucky extremely rare, I have zero Atari ones and only the two sears ones that you see. I have other cx-10 sticks without anything. At some point I may have to look at my collection better since the hex discs are found in weird places.
  3. Nice pickup very hard to get! Sears also has a lot of great artwork. The boxed sears games are getting tougher to find.
  4. Good eye and a better look at the sticks along with a sealed space invaders
  5. First edition 1977 sears heavy sixer it looks brand new.
  6. Can’t believe they tried to rip you off like that. I had those auctions in my watch list but never bid. Despite the hassle you did very well on the lots and will make good money 💴 when and if you decide to break some of it up. You could probably put the 100 or so loose games that you don’t want with a console and get at least $400 or more. I stopped donating to goodwill after I walked in their store and saw how much they were charging other people for the stuff they take in for free.
  7. 1 million dollars to you or the New Atari Vegas 🏨 lol. I only have a few greys sounds like you’re way ahead of me and I know there’s some super tough ones to get.
  8. New in box grey blackjack. I had this on my shelves for weeks and didn’t know about it. I must have picked this up in a lot years ago going after something else.
  9. Nice prototypes, they compliment your overall collection well. Did you buy those in the recent goodwill lots?
  10. I see another cross border raid on Canadian gaming history 👍. Those boxed puzzy games are really tough to get I don’t have them. About 50 percent of the 2600 especially boxed are rare and you need to be able to walk on water to get into the top 10 percent.
  11. Also from a general Atari perspective I have noticed a sealed swordquest fireworld and earthworld sell for $899 along with sealed pitfalls and e.t. For around $300. I believe some comic book collectors are starting to nibble into Atari.
  12. Yeah he really knows how to “Count” baby blue. I have also never seen any evidence to date of a yellow pic label Superman coming from the blue box. I suspect it does but no physical evidence. I saw someone on eBay years ago trying to sell it like that but it was pieced together. I still have probably 80 or more boxed sears games that I have never looked inside yet shelved in my collection.
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