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  1. Here’s the other sucker I have that for years I thought was for my 2600 Activision collection. It’s a sealed Kung fu master for the 7800 imposter.
  2. A couple sealed 7800 double dragon. For the longest time I thought these were for the 2600 until I was able to display them properly. I really like the art.
  3. Mindshadow Activision home computer sealed Contra commodore sealed Forbidden Forest both commodore and Atari sealed
  4. Here’s a Commavid sold at boscov
  5. Looks like Apollo sold games in boscov as well. Have a Tigervision from John A brown a 1930s company based In Oklahoma City. The price tag alone is probably a collector item. Does anyone else have this sticker?
  6. More sealed commodore games and one Superman.
  7. Some super rare and minty boxes there. Nice 80’s artwork but be careful you still have to pay for the turkey 🦃 dinner.
  8. I don’t see those Starpath boxed games hardly anymore. Used to see 1-10 boxed occasionally on eBay but not anymore.
  9. You have one amazing collection. Xonox and panda 🐼 are next to impossible to get . Is your sword of saros and survival island duplicates or some variant?
  10. Maybe my rarest game and what a piece of 🖼
  11. Very nicely done ✅ great spreadsheet 👍
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