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  1. Hi, thanks for your feedback, I tryied the Great American Cross Country Road Race and it worked like a charm. Of course using Karateka, I tryied all the possible settings (Cooked or raw keyboard, map to another key and back to arrow key, and other combinations), but can't make this works ... I'm using a Lenovo Yoga 13 with Windows 8 64 bits, and tryied the 32/64 bits of Altirra 2.30. Thanks, ATARI
  2. Hi, greetings from Venezuela. Thanks for this great piece of software. I turned back in time 30 years ago!! Thanks. I downloaded Altirra 2.30 in a Windows 8 64 bits Lenovo Yoga 13. It ran nicely Karateka (Broderbund :-) ), but I can't figure how to use the arrow keys to emulate joystick ... I can toggle run/attack mode (Space bar), and in attack mode can punch/kick low/mid/high with the QAZ WSX keys, but don't know how to use the joystick emulation. Of course I set the mapping for arrow keys, but still don't work, any clues? Thanks again for this great great job!! ATARI (Yes, that's mi nickname from 30 years ago :-)
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