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  1. I have a boxed Indianapolis 500 for Amiga if anyone is interested. Not sure what to price it at. I don't collect old PC games like this.
  2. So I got the Gotek USB Floppy drive in the mail today. Installation was fairly easy, I did have to snip the thin plastic bit on the case so the display, usb, and buttons were easily accessible. Not a huge deal to me. It still looks nice. Since it's smaller than the Amiga Disk Drive, I just used one of the holes on the bottom of the Gotek USB Floppy drive and I screwed it to the bottom of the case (that already had a hole). It holds it in securely. Overall, I like it. Loading times are exactly the same, which you think would make it faster since it's using USB drives instead of disk access. The menu interface to assign ADF files to Slot 1, 2, 3, etc is pretty easy to get the hang of. I am finally able to play a wider range of games I haven't been able to before. It's a fun accessory and a good substitute for a cheaper aternative to playing games without using floppy disks. I wonder how the ACA500+ will be like. Pics below.
  3. Thanks for the information! I do have Master System Controllers, so that option would work too.
  4. Does WHD Load need a specific Kickstart version minimum to run? Is it like a virtual environment where it emulates the other versions for game compatibility? Does WHD Load only work on a storage medium?
  5. I bought the Gotek USB Floppy, which should help curb my decision on getting a more dedicated storage medium (that's faster) and one that has upgraded CPU speeds down the line. Right now, I just want to play some of the games that I've been dying to. Another question! Since my Kickstart is V1.3. I can't run anything higher without physically installing another rom chip with the higher version? Is that the same for Workbench V1.3 being the highest I can run?
  6. Thanks for the answers! Appreciate it!
  7. What is clock-port interface?
  8. So I have a lot of questions. Initially, I registered at Amiga.org, but they haven't activated my account and it's been a few weeks, so I have moved on to here! I recently purchased an Amiga 500 from Craigslist for $125: Amiga A500 (Revision 6A motherboard and Kickstart v1.3) Commodore 2002 Video Monitor Digiview Video Digitizer Adapter A520 Modulator (RF and AV output) A501 512KB Expansion (removed battery in time!) Tank Mouse Tac-2 Joystick 2x Tac-30 Joysticks Complete in Box: Indianapolis 500 The Simulation (for sale if anyone is interested!) Original Box/Manuals (invoice from 1991, paid $499 for the system alone) I think I mentioned everything. Anyway, it all works perfectly! I removed the top metal shielding from inside the A500 so it's easier to do upgrades and such. The metal was very clean unlike other pictures I've seen online and on Youtube. The battery in the A501 Ram expansion I removed just in time. There was a small amount of acid leaking, but it didn't seem to affect the performance of the 512KB, as it was correctly reported in Workbench. On to the questions! Let's start with the monitor. It works great, has a mono speaker, etc. What are the inputs in the back for pertianing to Chroma, Audio, and Lumina? What are these used for exactly? I used the Audio input to direct the audio from the A500 to the monitor, but that's it. Kickstart v1.3. I see on Ebay there are upgraded chips you can get that have V3.1. Is that the highest version for the A500s? Is this needed for any of the games released for the platform? What's the purpose of upgrading the rom chips in an Amiga A500 ? Since mine is V1.3, does that mean that this system was physically upgraded at one point? Why can't you just upgrade the rom version through a software disk? What's the best way to get Solid State storage on the A500? I thought about the ACA500, but those have long since been sold out/discountinued. is the ACA500 Plus coming out "SOON" ? What about the Gotek USB Floppy. Are the loading times any faster using the USB Floppy? Any other upgrade cards you guys have used/recommend? What is WHD Load and how does it differ from Workbench/Kickstart? Mind as well clarify what those are too! I know you can hook Sega Genesis controllers to the Inputs, but do all games utilize the controllers in the same way? Is there options to solely use the keyboard for game input? What is this Digi-View Video Digitizer that came with the sale? Am I missing the software disk(s) for it? Initially, I liked the Tac-30 joysticks, but the movement is very creaky/noisy. Anyone else have these to comment? Is there any way to hook up a SCSI Zip Drive version to the A500? Like a serial to SCSI cable? Any place that still sells the Joystick ---> PS/2 Mouse adapter to hook up standard mice at reasonable prices? That's all the questions I have for now!
  9. I have a Sonic Pinball game that uses C batteries, but haven't used it in years. All my flashlights are LED that are AAA batteries.
  10. Sorry to bring back this topic. I still have both of them, one in a cabinet and the other on a mantel (same exact places from 1.5 years ago). I still haven't tested them because I don't have those big batteries (and if I bought some, they would only get used for this purpose),
  11. I think it was called Almost Anything. I don't go there often, because they don't get a lot of varied items all the time.
  12. I don't have the bigger batteries to test the operation, but once I do, I'll update the thread. Maybe post a video of it or something. I noticed you're from Milwaukee too. Found it at a thrift store there! Small world
  13. Thanks for the responses! I figured they weren't worth much at all.
  14. Actually, it had a door/compartment that you would put 6-8 D-sized batteries (it's either C or D), to power it. I believe it also has an AC adapter input on the back as well.
  15. Thrift Store: $5 each Cosmetically, both are in great shape. They use those huge C and/or D batteries and might be able to use a ac adapter as well. Other than that, they use RF. Anyone know what their values are? I'm assuming not a whole lot, but I don't even see any past ebay or previous sale listings online
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