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  1. Is there a list I can get on?

    1. joeatari1


      Wow. That's one hell of a rabbit hole you lured me into!  Fun read.

    2. Cebus Capucinis

      Cebus Capucinis

      There is! It's at the local Kinko's. Just go in and ask them to sign up, they'd be happy to help.

  2. Just checking status of Knight Rider 2600. You guys taking pre-orders yet?


  4. Last time the guy even visited these forums was three years ago. Yeah, Knight Rider 2600 should be here any day now.

  5. Indeed. Most older gamers are rather jaded and carry the most patience in a new console tussle. I'll pick up all three over time. Regarding KR2600: Yes, the game is moving forward. I will post again in the 2600 forum when I am ready to show it.
  6. Ok, one more time. 1.) Nintendo fully funded, and still owns the N64 codefor those games. 2.) They will not make "new" games. They'll be free N64 images. Playable with the Revolution controller, and that does not violate any IP law. 3.) Nintendo has killer lawers. They hammered all this out years ago, before the (500 Mil) sale of Rare, and during the planning stages of the Nintendo Network. Bottom line: The 360 Grouchies can kick and scream all they want, sorry if reality scares them, but the simple truth is that Revolution owners will enjoy the N64 images of Goldeneye and Perfect Dark. For Free. On Day One. The icing on the cake is the fact that these two games, released years ago, will play so much better with the Wand, and smoke circles around the new Bond products and the forgotten-by-next-summer PDZ..... See ya' there.
  7. As far as I know, Nintendo still owns the N64 code for both games, and the rights to release them with thier respective monikers. Meaning that they are N64 images downloaded (for free, maybe) via the network. Perhaps.
  8. Let's break it down: PS3: Sturdy vessel for the mass-market. Large market share built in part through casual peer-pressure. Sequel-itis. Inevitable franchise fatigue. Four or five diamonds in the rough per year, amongst a glut of pretty but poor titles. The new "VCR". 360: Reliable console for the casual, or materialistic gamer. Low number of quality exclusives. Halo's 2.5, 3, 3.5, & 4 stand alone with core fans. May become the "Madden Exclusive" console after a MS/EA merge. The new "3D0". Revolution: Integral console for genre innovation. Suprising number of high-quality exclusives & adult-oriented titles. Motion-tracking may be copied by the competition before end of lifecycle. The new "NES" P.S. Do I sound like a Nintendo fanboy? Perhaps. But look me in the eye and tell me that "Baby-Step Sequel part XI" played with a dual-analog is exciting, fresh, or new. The industry desperatley needs another quantum leap forward. P.S.S. There is no malicious fan-bashing in these words, we all play video games. I intend to own all three consoles. I'll pick up a 360 sometime in '09, to enjoy Halo and exclusive PC ports. I'll pick up the PS3 in its second year, likely in Oct '07 with the next-gen GTA. I'll pick up the Revolution on its launch day, with Twilight Princess, Mario, and That Game Nobody Saw Coming. Oh, and I'll be playing the hell out of next-gen ruduxs of GoldenEye and Perfect Dark, online of course....drool.
  9. Thanks! Actually, its MS Paint.....Having a jaunt of holiday fun away from home...
  10. 360 = More of the same thing. Not bad exactly, but missing the oppurtunity to innovate and ultimatley failing in it's legacy, regardless of the money it spends, or the backward stubborness of its core fans.
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