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    Retro home consoles,Retro arcade gaming. My favorite console has to be the Atari 2600 followed by in no particular order: 5200,7800, Colecovision, Vectrex, Intellivision, Odessey 2. Which I'm happy to say are all set up in my man cave. Also play NES and some Genesis.
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    Atari 2600: Defender and Dig Dug
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    16th annual Classic Gaming tournament at Funspot NH. Starts at the end of May. Can't wait to compete.
  1. Congrats! When does another season start. ?I've been out of the loop for a long time. Thanks
  2. I know i'm late,but is there anyway I can post a Q Bert score today? Thanks
  3. Is it still possible to post scores on this forum? Thanks.
  4. Frenzy : 11,002 / Berzerk : 6,490. Hope I'm not to late. Thank you, glad to be back. Sorry for the pic quality.
  5. Now that's what I call getting creative. Nice Job.
  6. What control schemes are people using to play Robo?? I tried 2 Coleco and 7800 controllers. I wish there was a damn coupler for the system.
  7. Mark J. Botelho/ Galaga,another go.369,390
  8. There are so many cool images to choose from when it comes to the atari. My personal favorites are Berzerk and Yars Revenge.
  9. Sorry bout the pick quality. Not liking this wheel week. Skateboarding is the only title I own .12 obstacles left
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