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  1. You should note that there are various other differences in the entire overall build between them besides the boards. Basically I'm saying that putting a 10 board in a 40 doesn't make it a 10. Just an interesting hybrid. Also, putting a CX40 board in a CX10 requires cutting off part of the 40's board. I don't know if putting a 10 in a 40 would even work. Please let us know if you attempt it. Would be cool to hear the results.
  2. The Santo 88 is the board that was in the 1977 CX-10 "heavy" joysticks. Considered better than the CX-40 by some; worse by others. You can find a ton of info on this site about the CX-10.
  3. Agreed. They are both great games. Your answer is here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Montezuma%27s_Revenge_(video_game)
  4. Maybe not as they are. But what about with some ball tops on those joysticks?
  5. Bomberang


    It's an unreleased prototype. http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-2600-vcs-racer_21947.html
  6. According to this website, http://collectedit.com/tag/item?tag=understand+atari+2600 its title is "Understand! Atari 2600"
  7. While not solely for the 2600, this is my favorite, because I just sold my Donkey Kong arcade machine to the guy playing Mario in it. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ke_xvIqLV70 His stage name is Harris Shore. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0794928/
  8. Masters of the Universe. Prince Adam turns into He-Man! Plus that sweet theme song!
  9. Beamrider, Bump n' Jump and Dark Cavern.
  10. Solaris uses the button on the second controller for viewing your scanner.
  11. It would be cool to see some pics of everyone's Craze-y paddle setups. Also, I love Rubik's cubes, so this one has especially piqued my curiosity.
  12. My RotS b&w manual's pages are in the incorrect order as well. Not a fluke.
  13. I agree with Lord Helmet. I loved the catalogs. That's why it drives me a little nuts when someone on ebay lists a game as "complete in box" when it's missing the catalog!
  14. How fun to have 2600 games and their history still being un-earthed in 2012! I was wondering if the rom will be available for purchase like Duck Attack, for those of us who don't mind spending the money, but have too small of an apartment to collect anything that can't fit on a Harmony cart?
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