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  1. Still many Atari games left to sale.Thx for looking.
  2. Ok here is a list of some Atari Jaguar games and a atari 7800 console with games 1 controller and hookups tested and works great.Alot of the Jaguar games are CIB i will include pics of everything.Ask about shipping. Atari Jaguar Games: Club Drive CIB=$18.00 Double Dragaon V CIB=$40 Missle Command 3D CIB =$35 Checkered Flag CIB=$13 Syndicate CIB=$20 Zoap CIB=$15 White Man Cant Jump CIB=$20/W Team Tap Pitfall CIB=$20 Iron Soldier CIB=$15 Bubsy In Fractured Furry Tails /With Top Label CIB=$22=SOLD Kasumi Ninja CIB=$14 Dragon The Bruce Lee Story CIB=$14 Tempest 2000 CIB=$22 Flip Out CIB=$18 Zool2 CIB=$15=SOLD Ruiner Pinball CIB=$20 Atari Jaguar Games Loose: Val d Isere Skiing and Snowboarding=$10 Brutal Sports Football=$10 Super Burnout=$20 I-War=$20 Checkered Flag=$8 Club Drive=$12.00 Cybermorph=$6 Cannon Fodder=$15=SOLD Doom=$22 Aliens Vs Predator=$30 with alien predator overlays Trevor Mcfur and The Cresent Galaxy /with overlay and manual=$11 Flashback=$22 Atari Jaguar CD-Roms: Blue Lightning=$8 Space Ace= /with Jewel case $15 Dragons Lair=$15 Myst=$12 Atari 7800 Console with 1 controller 3 Games:$60 All tested and works Here are some pics if you want to see the boxes for the games let me know and i will post pics of them they are all in great/good condition. Thx for taking a look.
  3. 31336hax0r i can check on a price for you i will pm you when i look into this.
  4. Of-course yes its tested works perfect maybe i should have added that in the description sorry guys yes the one controller comes with it.Everything in the pic works properly also i am interested in selling my main collection which is a lot of 42 games for the 7800 so if any are interested in that let me know also.
  5. Here is one of my atari 7800 consoles for sale.Everything in the picture is what you get with it.I am taking offers for this now.I f i dont get any offers i will set a price on it.
  6. Here is a nice Atari 7800 console and games with hookups foe sale!I am going to use a offer method for this one.So offer me a reasonable price and it yours thx again for looking at my sales thread again many many more things to come.
  7. Here is a list of some Dreamcast and Gamecube games i am selling i have many many more but this is what i could unpack and go threw now.Will list more when i get the kids to sleep.I will also set some prices a little later but for now you can offer on the games and we can see what we can work out ty for taking interest in my sales list.Also ask about shipping. Dreamcast Originals GD-ROMS Sega Smash Pack Volume 1 The House of the Dead 2 World Series Baseball 2K1 Chicken Run Tomb Raider Chronicles Midways Greatest Arcade Hits Volume 1 Sonic Adventure Bomber Man Online Phantasy Star Online Version 2 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Rogue Spear Sega Dreamcast Web browser Version 1 Version 2 Version 3 and XPD Browser IE 6 Dreamcast Xploder Cheat Device Sega DreamCast Demo's Generator Volume 2 Dreamcast Magazine demo Volume2 Sega Dreamcast Generator Volume 1 Dreamcast Magazine Volume 9 Dreamcast SD Adapter 4 gig Card 8 gig Card GameCube Games Shadow the Hedghog Rouge Ops Black & Bruised Metroid Prime Defender Blood Omen 2 Phantasy Star Online Episode's 1 & 2 With GC Modem Phantasy Star Online Episode 3 Card Revolution 1080 Avalanche Odama comes with GC Microphone Turok:Evolution Mystic Heroe's Looney Tunes Star Fox Adventures GameCube Keyboard Adapter SD media Launcher/Cheat Device Gamecube Games Without Instructions Need for Speed Underground1 Over the Hedge
  8. Here are some pictures of the Sega Saturn Games i am selling enjoy!More pictures to come Many many more games and consoles as-well ty to all who takes a look at my sales thread.Also included is a pic of the Saturn memory cart the 4meg mem cart and the Netlink and ps2/Keyboard Adapter.
  9. Will add more games and photos later.^^Kids are up and about.If you want to see any pics of anything i have listed please pm me tyvm ^^.
  10. I got some more great things here in my collections to get rid of.Weeded threw most things and have come to sell off allot of the consoles i own such as Sega Saturn hard modded,Xbox 1 Soft Modded 50gig hdd,GameCube with Starfox Adventures Nice Game ^^.3DO fz10 system,Xbox 360 with 1 game,Custom Dreamcast Modified my personal Sd adapter 8 gig 4 gig loaded with all emu's and some great iso's psov2 KB,Mouse.Sega saturn netlink web browser keyboard adapter lots and lots of goodies waiting for a good owner.Will list Games as CIB and loose.Ask about shipping/H Sega Saturn=$60=SOLD Sega Saturn Games: Machine Head=$8 Loaded=$10 Nfl Club 96$3 Daytona Usa$5 Romance Of The Three Kingdoms 4$15=SOLD Battle Monsters$10 Independence Day$8 Iron Man X-O Manowar In Heavy Metal$15 Criticom$10 Sega Saturn Netlink$20 Sega Saturn Netlink Web Browser$5 Sega Saturn KB/ps2 Adapter$10 Virtual Fighter Remix Limited Edetion Jewel Case$20 Sega Saturn 4Meg Cart$8 Sega Saturn GameShark=$12 Dreamcast:$60With SD Adapters8 gig/4 gig=SOLD Bomber Man Online$10 PSO v2$10 Alien Front Online$7 Many Many more titles.... 3D0/Fz=10 System=$90 Total Eclipse$10 ShockWave CIB$10 POED$10 FIFI soccer 96$5 Xbox1=$50/With 50 gig hdd loaded Soft Moded Jaws Unleashed$10 Battle front online$20 Tony Harwk 3$10 Blitz the League$10 NCAA football$7 XboX 360=Offer TimeShift=Offer Madden2010=Offer Atari Lynx 2 with California Games= Offer This is Just some of the titles i have down for sale i will list more as i go threw them here are some pics of my items.
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