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  1. Hey guys. just a one quick question. Is there any work being done today on a unit that will replace the Jaguar cd player? or has there ever been any attempts to replace it with say another cd player or a iso loader? cheers.
  2. I am looking for a Ataru Jaguar cd addon to buy.
  3. i can play games what I will do is ( as soon as I get a new solder iron) remove the switch from the motherboard and clean it or replace it and see where it gets me I think i might have one of those switch in a old pc here (if i am correct this is the same switch used in those turbo switches back in the day)
  4. I just got my fyrst Atari Jaguar console all is great but it has a small problem the thing is that as soon as I plug the power brick it turns on, and is does not matter if there is a game in or not and the power switch.. well the only thing it does is turning the sound on and off has anyone here heard of this kind of failure? ...Kristjan
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