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  1. Hmmm.. that one seems odd.. The fonts on the computer logo seem wrong. Also wasnt it mentioned earlier in this thread that the 1400xl didnt have F3 & F4? This looks like a 1200xl that somebody slapped a home-made logo on to pass as a 1400xl.. I wouldnt bid unless I had better proof it WAS a 1400xl.
  2. Ermm.. I have been seeding it since last night.. so there should be at least one..
  3. Awesome work DJ!! Hard work VERY much appreciated!
  4. To tell the truth.. who really CARES if the U1MB is a peripheral or not? It is still one of the best upgrades for the dear old A8. SIO2SD has to be about the most popular since all our old magnetic media is starting to show its age. And access to online repositories means anybody can acquire a "huge" collection of programs for their Atari. There is no need to pick to death whether something is a "peripheral" or not.. is it used and enjoyed and has it enhanced your Atari experience.. I believe that is what the OP was going for...
  5. Any idea when a new torrent will be created? Still seeding the 3/26 one, but it seems to have dried up.
  6. Yup, I didnt even look at the origination date. My bad. I still believe U1MB is the best tho
  7. ??? I'm confuzzled.. the U1MB has been available from Lotharek for over 3 years that I know of (and candle even before that). So, what exactly doesnt exist?
  8. Everybody listing some pretty impressive collections, but very few with U1MB installed.. In my opinion, it is just about the best upgrade made for the 8-bit. Well, here's what I got: Atari 800 w/Incognito Atari 400 - bone stock 16k 2 800XL's with U1MB 2-Atari 1200XL both with U1MB 1 130XE stock 6 1050's - 2 Happy, 2 US Doubler, 2 stock 850 and too damn many 1010's and 410's (they seem to come with every damn atari I buy) and tons and tons of other misc atari stuff
  9. I ran Crash City BBS here in the Detroit area for about 6 months until I had problems with a co-sysop and threw in the towel. I was running BBS Express Pro and even had some of the modules I wrote circulate worldwide. Was a great time whilst it lasted, but behind the scenes issues and ignorant folks who worked oh so very hard to crash my system just sucked all the fun out of it. It's a shame really. I had a great time running it, and if I could come across some stable TCP/IP BBS software I may even consider putting it up again. I do remember some awesome times, like all-nighters playing some of the door games I wrote, players (I had a 2-line system) would login, play for a while and when they logged off it became part of the game to entice any new logins to join the game. Like I said it was a blast. Defending against an Orcian Colo-Rectal Surgeon was almost as fun as it was graphic. Those were the days...
  10. An updated torrent for the game manuals.. up to 54 now! Atari 8-Bit Game Manuals 2-26-16.rar
  11. First you would probably want something that will run the majority of the software.. so that would be either XL or XE. Theyre getting harder to find. I recommended the XL series as probably the first thing you would want to do is drop a U1MB into it, and it is just much easier to do that on an XL (most of them have the chips socketed). After that, probably an SIO2SD of some sort to allow you to take advantage of all the software available on the internet. Next addition would probably be a SIDE2, Then a 800, and drop an Incognito (if you can get one) into that. At this point, you may want to round out your collection with 1200XL and 600XL, both of which have unique features that would add to your collection. Just my opinion, of course And then it's off to the ST line...
  12. Put me in for 1 (possibly 2 when I finalize a project I am working on). Will this work with U1MB installed?
  13. Another update for the Game Manuals torrent. We're up to 25 now! Atari 8-Bit Game Manuals 01-27-16.rar
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