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  1. Be on the lookout Saturday and they said possibly Friday , it’s already left the post office 2 day priority. I need to sell all my Atari stuff it just sits in the basement in a box taking up space.
  2. I’ve got the moving cloud version and it’s for sale on eBay right now.
  3. I hope you get it, maybe I can get $60,000 since I’ve got the original manual with mine.
  4. Another guy with the moving cloud version just came out on Facebook maybe he’ll reply here. That makes 3 now.
  5. I hope we don’t find anymore personally lol. I couldn’t say , unfortunately I have the manual but no box.
  6. Well I’ve owned mine for years previously undiscovered because I never thought anything of it.
  7. Well I posted a video of it weeks ago and nothings happened. I don’t know who runs the rarity guide of this site but as I said before I can’t understand 1 game that has multiple label variations but is the exact same game having separate rarity ratings but a game like this that has different on screen graphics not having its own page in the rarity guide. So far with only 2 copies known to exist I’d think this version would be a rare 10. I know there’s other people here that own legit Lochjaws but none have taken the time to put theirs in and play them to verify their version and vote on that poll you started. I wish they would.
  8. I’ve played it and played it and nothing else happens, the cloud always moves and never stops the trees never do. It’s the same on every game selection available regardless of where the difficulty switches are set. And it’s still almost unplayable, like the moving tree version you can’t get around the maze without constantly getting hung up, which didn’t really improve with the Shark Attack version.
  9. So is anything happening with this or is it gonna be forgotten about? I can’t imagine a different version of a game as rare as Lochjaw is supposed to be not having its own place in the rarity list but labels variations of r1 and 2 games have their own. Idk how many Lochjaws are known to exist but if enough of them are found out to have a moving cloud instead of trees it could make both variations become r10s if the cloud version takes away from some of the tree versions.
  10. Let’s hope this moving cloud Lochjaw will turn out to be a holy grail, or at least an R10 but I haven’t seen the rarity guide updated acknowledging it yet.
  11. I see these save keys for sale here at Atariage for $15 , if I buy one of those would I just plug it into the second controller port while Lochjaw is on and it would store the whole game on it? I don’t know anything about it but if it’s simple I’ll buy one and put the game on it and mail it to you. If there’s some chance of messing the game up trying it and not knowing what I’m doing I don’t wanna try it.
  12. Is a rom dumper something you can buy easily? Does any of this involve taking the cartridge apart because I wouldn’t wanna mess up the labels on mine trying that? I wish I had the box for mine but I only have the game and the manual.
  13. Well you know I’ve got the other moving cloud one. I figured at least a few people who had Lochjaw here would’ve spoke up by now on the matter, seems like a pretty interesting find.
  14. This is a video where Leeza Gibbons did a story on Apollo games back when they hadn't released Lochjaw yet. She sits and interviews Steve Stringfellow and even plays Lochjaw before the shark was programmed to attack and I noticed in that version the trees were swaying and the cloud was moving. it took several rewinds and fastforwards to see what was happening but you can see both. FF up to 2:15 and they start talking about Lochjaw.
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